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~ Harald

Harald is a supporting antagonist of the 2012 thriller film The 107 Patriots, which is part of the 1999 Swedish thriller series Johan Falk.

He is a member of the titular 107 Patriots, and the only real member of the group who is shown to be truly evil (other than Valter, although he was redeemed later on, ultimately showing that he wasn't even close to being evil). He can arguably be seen as the right-hand of the leader of the group, Dan Hammar, although it is also possible that he is just another mook.

He was portrayed by Victor Trägård.


Harald is first seen when Dan and his mooks are searching for an African street gang who they want to kill, but instead find two women in the house. Also African, they are equally as cruel to the women despite being completely innocent and just happening to be there. Valter puts one of the women at gunpoint and continually terrorize her, with Valter forcefully putting a pillow, and then shooting, saying "the next bullet will be in your forehead". Harald has the other woman at gunpoint, and he screams at both of them and demand their information despite very obviously not having any. However, the police come midway through, and they are forced to escape by jumping from balcony to balcony, and from there on walk down. Harald manages to come out alive, and sits in the car. Dan screams "HELL SEGER" with him, and they scream it multiple times as a way of honoring those in the group who were left in the building to either get arrested or die.

Harald returns at the end of the film, where the Rydell gang have discovered that Valter is in fact a police informant, which makes everyone furious. While Dan is too shocked that one of his own "brothers", as he calls them, is now a police informant, Harald is not and continually mocks and terrorizes Valter, wanting to kill him. Seth manages to convince Dan to kill Valter, and Harald shows no emotion at all for what just happened and just continues on. However, the police come and interrupt once again, and it's unknown what happened to Harald after this.


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