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I know of you, Reclaimer, but hear this... You are not the future. (...) The Forerunner's lies are at an end. I am the Harbinger of the truth. The Endless will be found. They will ascend. The Reformation begins...
~ The Harbinger speaking to Master Chief.

The Harbinger is the overarching antagonist of the Halo franchise's Reclaimer Saga, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist of Halo 4, Halo 5: Guardians, Halo Wars 2, Halo: Shadows of Reach, and Halo: Divine Wind; before making her first appearance as the main antagonist of Halo Infinite.

She is is a mysterious entity lurking within Installation 07 and the representative of the Endless, a mysterious species deemed by the Forerunners to be even more dangerous than The Flood and imprisoned within Installation 07. She allies with Escharum and his Banished forces sometime around when they arrive at the Halo in order to enlist their help in unsealing them.

She is voiced by Debra Wilson.


Past Life

Very little is known about the Harbinger's early life, other than that she, along with the other Endless, survived the firing of the Halo Array - a feat which surprised and alarmed the remaining Forerunners. In 97,368 BCE, she and the rest of her species were imprisoned on Installation 07 by order of the Grand Edict.

Halo Infinite

The Harbinger encountered the Banished during their campaign to seize the Halo from the Created and the UNSC forces stationed there. After Cortana blew up a section of the Halo to keep the Banished from using it, the Harbinger offered her services to Escharum in exchange for the Banished's assistance in freeing her masters.

The Harbinger observed Master Chief's progress as he made his way through the Halo, but did not encounter him directly until after he had killed Escharum. Master Chief went on to find her attempting to unseal the Endless and tried to stop her, at which point the Harbinger summoned Escharum's remaining Banished forces into the room and rallied them to avenge Escharum and Atriox by killing Master Chief. Despite this, Master Chief was able to defeat her, though not before she set in motion the release of the Endless.


The Harbinger is a very eloquent and straightforward individual. While little is known about her, she appears to have been alive when the Endless were sealed by the Forerunners, something she believes they did unjustly so. Because of this, the Harbinger's main objective is to free her people, though her goals beyond that are unknown. She displays little issue in working with other species, allying with The Banished and assisting them in repairing Zeta Halo in exchange for their help in freeing the Endless.


The Harbinger is a tall, slender female Xalanyn who has two legs with backward pointing feet, and two arms, with four fingers on each hand. Her skin is light blue, her eyes are large, round and reddish-purple, and her mouth is surrounded by a pair of flipper-like tentacles. The Harbinger wears a regal-looking crimson headdress and a matching set of armor with a trio of thrusters on her back which she uses to hover in the air due to her unusable feet. Golden light shines out of a cavity in her armored chestplate.


  • It is alluded to that the Harbinger may have been involved with Cortana's turn, as she was shown to also be seeking out the Endless on Installation 07.
  • The Harbinger was originally going to be called the Inquisitor.


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