I told you... not to come... any... closer...
~ Harbour Princess, Introduction Line, Attacking Line (In 4-5 Final 1st Season)
You don't understand... anything... at all...
~ Harbour Princess, Attacking Line ( In 4-5 Final 1st Season), Under Attack Line ( In 4-5 2nd Season), Sunk Line ( In 4-5 Final)
Obstinate girls...
~ Harbour Princess, Attacking Line (In 4-5 Final)
Someday... we too.. can come back...
~ Harbour Princess, Sunk Line

Harbour Princess is an antagonist of the Kantai Collection series who first appeared as the E-3 Boss of the Spring 2014 Event and would later appear in the Spring 2015 Event, Summer 2015 Event and Fall 2015 Event. She is one of the minions of the Abyssal Fleet.

She was voiced by Ogura Yui.


Harbour Princess was a humanoid who generally appeared as a large young woman with white skin and hair, a worried facial expression, wearing a white sweater that covered her arms reaching to her wrists and that fit her hips. One of her most noticeable features was her size: she was a giant, she had large hips and breasts but a small waist and shoulders and she is believed to be character with the second largest bust size out of the Abyssal Fleet, with the Harbour Water Demon seeming to be the largest. Aside from those features was her hand that showcased her large and powerful claws. She has very long white hair which reaches slightly below her knees, one demon horn on her forehead which has a black fade all the way through, appearing to lower down to where there is two white circular lines spread apart with a glowing red around it, and finally, grey. She also wore white boots reaching below her knees stylized which had the same lined pattern as her sweater and they had black outsoles.

In her basic form, she was seen sitting down on her knees, making it difficult to see her actual height and size. She was equipped with an Abyssal Fighter Mark.III, Abyssal Dive Bomber Mark.II and two Abyssal Torpedo Bomber Mark.II in this same form. However, in her second basic form, she was standing up slightly enough to view her proportions and had her mouth slightly open and an even greater face of worry. She was equipped with two 15inch Coastal Artillery, a Deterioration Armor Piercing Shell and a Abyssal Revenge Torpedo Bomber in this same form.


Harbour Princess is typically seen as a motherly figure towards Airfield Princess and Northern Princess by the Kancolle fanbase. She is portrayed as gentle and kind to her allies, despite her gigantic nature. She is also depicted as rather innocent and shy.



  • Harbour Princess is a reference to the Darwin Harbour.
  • She doesn't use her claws to fight.
    • This leads her to being seen as a rather 'honorable fighter', given that her claws have the power to destroy but she doesn't use them.
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