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Heh heh heh...Marth, sweet and naive as ever. Why do you think I attacked Altea? Because I utterly despised you. In the last war, just because you were Anri's descendant... Nyna entrusted you with the Fire Emblem, and made you the League's commander. "The Prince of Light"... More like "insolent brat"! Without my help, you would have died long, long ago. So don't act so high and mighty!! I have always despised you since then. I put up with you for Nyna's sake, but I knew we'd have to settle things sooner or later. It has nothing to do with the orb!
~ Hardin
Petty jealousy, you say...? Heh heh... Say what you will. This world is rotten to its core. Swarming with insignificant insects that you call humans. What worth is left in it? Perhaps it would be better if it were all destroyed.
~ Emperor Hardin responding to Midia's accusation that his actions were committed out of petty jealousy.
Hmph... That's why you're still just a boy. Marth! Come to me. I'll shove this lance through your heart!! There's only enough room in this continent for one hero, and that hero is ME!
~ Emperor Hardin responding to Marth's shock at his deep loathing.

Hardin, also known as Coyote and later the Dark Emperor, is a major character in the Archanea Series of Fire Emblem. The younger Prince of Aurelis, Hardin was a devoted friend and ally of Prince Marth during the War of However, after becoming the Emperor of Archanea, he was corrupted by Gharnef's influence due to his loveless marriage to Princess Nyna, becoming a tyrant and destroying his relationship with Marth.

Prince Hardin served a supporting protagonist in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, its remakes Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem (Book 1) and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, the prequel BS Fire Emblem, and its remake, the New Archanea War Chronicles DLC for Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. The fallen Emperor Hardin served as a secondary antagonist of Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem (Book 2) and Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem, Book 2's remake.

He was voiced by Hori Hideyuki in the original Japanese version of BS Fire Emblem, who also voiced Medeus. From Fire Emblem Heroes onward, he was voiced by Kazuhiro Nakaya in the Japanese version. In English versions, he was voiced by Richard Epcar, who also voices Jedah, Oliver, and Walhart.



At the dawn of the War of Shadows, the Dolhr Empire turned towards the conquest of Aurelis. As the younger brother of the country's ailing king, Hardin led the Aurelian defense, but despite his best efforts, Aurelis slowly lost its territory to Dolhr's ally, Macedon. Eventually, Hardin and the king abandoned their palace for the Northern Fortress; en route, Hardin freed enslaved citizens Wolf, Roshea, Vyland, and Sedgar. All four would become knights and assist Hardin in a guerrilla campaign against Macedon.

At some point in this campaign, Hardin encountered a group of deserting Macedonian soldiers who were pillaging Aurelian villages and using an abandoned fortress as a base of operations. While battling the band, he encountered Macedon's Princess Minerva. Careful to avoid exposing himself as a rebel army leader, and thus her enemy, Hardin suggested that they join forces to capture the fortress and defeat the deserters' leader Ruben. Upon successful completion of this mission, Hardin quickly departed, and it was only much later that Minerva learned of his true identity.

Later, Hardin learned of a plan by the leader of the Grustian Sable Knights, Camus, to bring the captive Princess Nyna of the Holy Kingdom of Archanea to Aurelius for her safety. This plan was in defiance of Dolhr's ruler, the tyrannical Emperor Medeus, and Hardin's squad arrived in time to help Camus' Knights fend off a Dolhr task force. In the end, Hardin's forces successfully escorted Nyna to safety, but Camus and his subordinates were captured and imprisoned for treason. While Hardin's forces continued to campaign against Macedon, while Nyna issued a call to arms for warriors to free the continent from Dohlr. This call would go unanswered for several months.

War of Shadows

Nyna and Hardin later joined Altea's Prince Marth to form the Archanean League, and Hardin fought as one of Marth's most trusted allies in their battle to end the Dolhr Empire's reign.

Following the War of Shadow's end, Hardin was married to Nyna and became the king of Archanea. Under his guidance, the battered nation experienced a swift recovery, culminating in Hardin restyling it the Empire of Archanea, with himself as its first emperor.

War of Heroes

However, after discovering Nyna's true feelings towards him, Hardin broke down and was consumed by depression. As a result, he fell under the corrupting influence of Gharnef, who used the Darksphere to brainwash Hardin into a vicious dictator. The corrupted Hardin's repressive rule led the people to give him a new moniker: "Dark Emperor". In this state, Hardin sought to destroy his former friend Marth, plotting an invasion of Altea that ultimately sparked the War of Heroes.

In his final confrontation against Marth, Hardin threw verbal abuse at him, admitting jealousy he felt towards him for having been entrusted the Fire Emblem during the War of Shadows. At this point, Marth discovered the full extent of the Darksphere's amplification of Hardin's darkest emotions. With Lightsphere in Hand, Marth pierced the Darksphere's protection and struck down his former best friend. The Lightsphere's power also, released Hardin from the Darksphere's corruption. With his last breath, Hardin expressed gratitude towards Marth for freeing him from the shackles of the Darksphere. Deeply regretful, Hardin asked Marth's forgiveness for all the suffering that he wrought upon Archanea, and begged Marth to save Nyna from the dark fate his actions had set up for her, before finally passing away.


With all due respect, Dame Minerva, a battle cannot be won alone. As we share the same contempt towards the enemy, it would benefit both of us to join forces against them.
~ Prince Hardin convincing Princess Minerva to join forces with him against rouge Macedonian soldiers.
I've left Princess Nyna someplace safe for now. We need to decide who will command here. I was hoping it would be you.
~ Prince Hardin assigning Marth command of the Archanean League.
Tsk, Princess Nyna would not be pleased to hear us nitpicking over who will be listed in the history books. Take command, so we can oust this Macedonian scum and be done with it.
~ Prince Hardin responding to Marth's claim that he is a more capable army leader.
May our friendship be a long one.
~ Hardin to Marth
Nyna? That woman betrayed me. All I wanted to do was destroy Grust. That woman had the audacity to give the emblem to that boy... And so I punished her. I will kill all who oppose me. That includes you, Midia!!
~ Emperor Hardin justifying to Midia why he gave Empress Nyna to Gharnef.
The rebel army... Have you come to die?! Taste the might of Gradivus!!
~ Emperor Hardin while battling Marth's army.
So you've come, Marth!! I'll run you through, just as you wish!
~ Emperor Hardin while fighting Marth.
I've no quarrel with you. Bring Marth to me!
~ Hardin fighting against Kris.
Prince... Marth... I feel as though... I've finally awoken... from a long, long nightmare... Marth... Forgive me... I tried to fight the demon inside me. ...But I wasn't strong enough. I fought so hard, but... I just couldn't beat it... I wanted to die by your hand... And now I'm finally saved... Marth... Please... Nyna... Save Nyna... Please... ...Tell her... Tell her for me... Till... till the very end... I ...loved her... always... Tell her... to please...forgive me...
~ Hardin's last words.


  • Hardin is one of the recurring characters in the Archanea Series, appearing more times than even Marth and Caeda, with three major roles and appearances in several remakes. The only characters who have had more appearances than him are Camus and the Whitewings (Palla, Catria, and Est).
  • In addition to BS Fire Emblem's Hardin and Medeus, Hori Hideyuki provides the Japanese voice of Fire Emblem hero Castor.


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