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Who dares disturb my prayer? Impious fools! I am the High Priest Hargon! Knowest thou not my name?
~ Hargon
If that is so, then there will be no forgiveness! You will soon realize your stupidity!
~ Hargon
Man, monster or god, no one can escape their fate.
~ Hargon's catchphrase.

Hargon is a corrupt cleric, the one responsible for the destruction of the Kingdom of Moonbrooke, the resurgence of monsters in the world, and the main antagonist of Dragon Quest II (previously known as Dragon Warrior II). He reprises his role as the main antagonist in Dragon Quest Builders 2, serving as the enforcer of the hegemonic sect known as the Children of Hargon.


Dragon Quest II

Seeking to summon Malroth, Hargon has sent his minions to siege various settlements. His minions attack the Kingdom of Moonbrooke, where the King attempts to save his daughter but ends killed along with everyone. The Princess of Moonbrooke; a descendant of The Legendary Hero, Erdrick, manages to escape the assault but ends up cursed into a dog form. An injured knight manages to escape the burning castle and deliver the news to the King of Midenhall before perishing, so the King sends his son, also a descendant of Erdrick, to go after Hargon and stop his plans.

The Prince of Midenhall joins forces with the Prince of Cannock (also a descendant of Roto), and the two break the curse upon the Princess of Moonbrooke, who also joins them. The trio travels the world and defeat all of Hargon's minions, eventually confronting Hargon himself in his castle at the Rendarak (Rhone in the NES version) region. Upon being defeated, Hargon offers his own life as sacrifice to Malroth, which is finally resurrected as Hargon dies.

Dragon Quest Monsters series

In Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, can be obtained by synthesizing a Dierantula and a Dhuran.

Dragon Quest Battle Road Victory

Hargon appears as a boss in Dragon Quest Battle Road Victory in the Dragon Quest II story arc.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Taking place after the events of Dragon Quest II, Hargon's Illusory World that he created to trick the Scions of Edrick was separated from Torland instead of being dispelled. Now a ghost, Hargon was surprised that the Illusory World still existed after his demise. Wanting revenge on the Scions of Edrick and Torland, Hargon began his plan to resurrect Malroth in the Illusory World without being noticed. In order to succeed in bringing the Master of Destruction back to life, Hargon brought both Malroth, now as an amnesiac humanoid and the Builder into the Illusion, intending to strengthen Malroth's desire of destruction by letting the Builders built.

Hargon's soul, now residing in Malroth's body, would frequently speak with Malroth in his head, manipulating Malroth into following the paths of destruction. Eventually, as the Builder continues to build and create things, Malroth's power swell to the point that he could no longer control himself. He then revealed himself to the habitants of the Isle of Awakening, telling them that they and the entire world itself are nothing but illusions. The Hairy Hermit then showed up to attack Hargon, only to be seemingly killed easily. Hargon later would brought Malroth into illusions, tricking Malroth into believing that he killed his friends and the Builder, finally causing Malroth to break down and lead to his desire of destruction taking over his mind. With the Master of Destruction's returns, Hargon brought Malroth to Malhalla, the "promised land" of the monsters, as he watches Malroth destroy Malhalla piece by piece.

However, the Builder, wanting to save Malroth, followed Hargon to Malhalla. aAfter building an ark to help the monsters to escape, the Builder stomped Hargon's castle and confronted Hargon, who summoned Malroth to kill the Builder. However, due to Malroth's human memories' intervening, the Builder was able to defeat Malroth, much to Hargon's disbelief. Later, after high-fiving with the Builder, the humanoid Malroth was completely separated from the side of Malroth that desired destruction. The destruction-seeking Malroth then destroyed Hargon's Castle, leaving the Builder and humanoid Malroth to perish in it while he and Hargon left to continue their journey of destruction. Despite of this, the Builder and humanoid Malroth chased them down. At first, the Master of Destruction has the upper hand, and Hargon keep taunting them about how they don't stand a chance against the destruction-seeking Malroth. However, the humanoid Malroth pointed out that Hargon and the Builder were not so different, as he admitted that he enjoyed the Illusory World and said that the reason why Hargon wanted to destroy the world is to recreate the world according to his own image. Hargon initially denies, only for humanoid Malroth to finish Hargon off with his club, In his final moments, Hargon told the Builder and humanoid Malroth that if they were able to defeat the Master of Destruction, he would have accepted their ideals before finally dying for good.



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