Harland Doyle is the overarching antagonist of the 2004 video game Far Cry and the tritagonist of its 2005 remake Far Cry Instincts.


Far Cry

Doyle first meets Jack Carver via radio. Jack is initially skeptical but is then reassured by Doyle saying he could have given him up by now if he wanted to. Doyle acts as Jacks guide for most of the game, telling where to go and giving him his objectives. Upon rescuing Val, Jack learns that she was working with Doyle all along. Doyle eventually bombs the mutagen facility, which results in Jack and Val being captured by Dr. Krieger. Jack is kicked off the helicopter but survives and eventually resumes contact with Doyle, later going to confront Krieger, and rescue Val, while he succeeds in killing Krieger, Val is severely infected and desperately in need of an antidote, Doyle betrays them by revealing he had just been using them all along to do his dirty work and that he intends to sell the mutagen on the black market. Jack eventually tracks down and kills Doyle.

Far Cry Instincts

Doyle is mostly the same in this version except he never betrays Jack.

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