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Harleen Quinzel (also known as Harley Quinn in her villain identity) is one of the antagonists in the 2019 Cartoon Network series DC Superhero girls. She was Barbara Gordon's best friend, who used to live in Gotham. 

She was voiced by Tara Strong.                                 


Harley Quinn possessed above-average agility and fighting skills.


Harley Quinn is eccentric and extravagant, and usually commits crimes with a sadistic glee and hyperactive energy.


Harleen first appears near the end of episode 3 where she contacts Barbara.

In #Gothamcon, Barbara Visits Harleen to go to gothamcon.

In #Frenemies,

In #Soul Sisters Part 1, her soul was taken by Katana, she was later at Barbara's house to hide her.

In #Soul Sisters part 2, Harley revives when Katana frees her soul.

In #Beeline, She tries to blow up the bridge so Mr. Johnson doesn't give her math test.



Sweet Justice part 3:

  • Babsssssy!
  • Status Update Please:come back to Gotham i miss you
  • Oh that bad huh? oh Bably Boo i hate being apart. if i had to do it all over, i have did none to keep ya hear. Best friends there worth fighting for yah know?
  • Listen kid i gotta run Gotham Suff.
  • Mwahhh love babsa dabsa doo.


Frenemies Part 1 & 2:

Lost & Found:


  • Despite being a supervillain, she helps Babs no matter what.
  • It is unknown if she & Barbara will figure out both there true identitys despite them being enemies while being hero & villain.



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