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You know, D. I know Harleen is an acquired taste, but before I met you guys, she was my only real friend, my best friend. So you can see why I'd be reluctant to discontinue our relationship without a little more to go on.
~ Batgirl

Harleen Quinzel (also known as Harley Quinn) is one of the six recurring antagonists in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is a student at Metropolis High School, a member of the Super Villain Girls and is also Barbara Gordon's best friend and Batgirl's (former) archenemy.

She is voiced by Tara Strong, who voiced Cheetah, Ursa and She-Bat in the same series.

Powers and Abilities

Harley Quinn possessed above-average agility and reflexes, hammer proficiency, gadgetry and fighting skills.


Harleen Quinzel has long blonde hair in two pigtails with red and blue highlights, light tan/pale skin, blue eyes and wears red lipstick, a split red/blue long-sleeve jacket, shorts, and long boots. As Harley Quinn she wears a tight-fitting, red and black court jester jumpsuit, a red and black jester hat with two bells and wears a white makeup and a black mask.


Harleen Quinzel is a mischievous, eccentric and extravagant girl who likes doing jokes and pranks. She can kind of insufferable, for example, when the other Super Hero Girls and Super Villains Girls met her. As Harley Quinn, she's an deranged trickster who commits crimes with a sadistic glee and hyperactive energy. Despite her nasty attitude, alongside her bestie, Babs, she's loyal, caring, affectionate and kind; they had been best friends since second grade, and despite her villain double-life, she genuinely loves and cares for her.


Season 1

  • "#Sweet Justice: Harleen Quinzel first appears near the end of the third part of the first episode of the series, in a video call to Babs. Harley tells Babs that she misses her, that she'd have done more to keep Babs in Gotham, and that best friends are worth fighting for, which inspires Babs to fight so that Diana can stay in Metropolis. Harley ends the call with a police siren and flashing lights in the background, saying she's "gotta run" because of "Gotham stuff."
  • "#Beeline: She tries to blow up the bridge so Mr. Johnson doesn't give her math test, but Bumblebee foils her plot.
  • "#Beasts in Show: Harley Quinn is seen at the Metropolis Zoo while taking her hyenas Lucy and Ethel for a walk, but they escape her, until they are stopped by Ace and Krypto, who wrap the hyenas and throw out of the dog show, where they land back at the zoo and are hugged by Harley.
  • "#Gotham Con: Barbara travels to Gotham City to attend the Annual Convention of Gotham City Enthusiasts with Harleen Quinzel, her best friend from her time living there. The event's special guest turns out to be Robin, who ruthlessly mocks Barbara for her admiration of Batman, and Harleen sneaks out to suit up as Harley Quinn and attack him. Barbara suits up as Batgirl and fights Harley all day long to keep Robin safe, neither girl aware of the other's civilian identity. Barbara's joy at seeing Robin still alive after apparently being crushed by a steamroller, despite his bad treatment of her, reminds Harleen that she (as Harley) has planted a bomb under his chair at the judges' table in the cosplay contest. Batgirl and Harley team up to extinguish the bomb and save Robin; afterward, as Barbara heads back to Metropolis, Harleen gives her an autographed picture of him, obtained by cornering him in an alley.
  • "#Frenemies: Batgirl learns that Harleen Quinzel is moving to Metropolis from Gotham City. The other five find Harleen's pranks and behaviour to be insufferably annoying on their first meeting, but struggle to put up with her antics for their friend's sake. Barbara finally learns their opinions by using Diana's Lasso of Truth on them and tearfully storms away, ready to give up on their friendship. Meanwhile, Harleen befriends Selina Kyle, Pamela, Carol, Doris, and Leslie, and the five prepare for a spree of vandalism. Barbara is disappointed that Harleen wants to hang out with them instead of her; after she leaves, the six assume their villain identities (with Selina becoming Catwoman) and begin committing crimes all over Metropolis. The other five hero girls rush to stop them, but Harley Quinn's antics distract them so the villains can gain the upper hand. A talk with Barry Allen at the Sweet Justice ice cream shop makes Barbara realize that she and Harleen can have separate circles of friends and still remain on good terms with each other. She calls Harley to explain the situation, distracting her long enough for Barbara to suit up as Batgirl and join the fight. The villains flee the scene as the police arrive, and the six heroes apologize to one another and promise to stick together against these threats. Later, Barbara and Harleen notice each other's fresh injuries (sustained in the fight), but quickly dismiss their suspicions in favor of hanging out at a comic shop.
  • "#Soul Sisters: In Part 1 her soul was taken by Katana, she was later at Barbara's house to hide her. In Part 2 she revives when Katana frees her soul.
  • "#Scrambled Eggs: Harleen and Kara have to team up to pass an egg care assignment, otherwise they'd miss the entire summer. The next day at the Metropolis mall, Kara and Harleen purchase packaging supplies to keep their egg safe, not knowing they left the egg back at the store, where it fell into a box and was shipped off. So Kara and Harleen arrived back at the supply store when they realize that they left the egg and can't find it. Fearing that without the egg they'll lose their summer vacation, Harleen comes up with an idea; to steal one of the other team's eggs so they can pass the class and not go to summer school. They first try to steal Garth and Barbara's egg at night, but it disappears due to Barbara as Batgirl taking the egg to patrol, only for it to smash in the process. Kara and Harleen then plan to steal Zee and Oliver's egg, but they pass because they overhear them arguing at each other about the egg, resulting in them to go after Hal's and Carol's egg instead. Unfortunately when they arrived, they saw Hal accidentally placed the egg in the blender as he created a protein shake. And as for Oliver and Zee's egg, it was cooked and cut; and this also ruined Kara's and Harleen's last chance to get out of summer school. Outside Sweet Justice, the teens are now bummed out that not one of them could handle an egg and accepted that they failed Home EC. Kara and Harleen are especially depressed as now they will have to spend their summer together at school. As both girls held each other crying, a delivery truck passed by them, dropping a package revealing Kara's and Harleen's missing egg. With one egg left, the teens all started to chase after it from down the street to the pier. As everybody continues to fight over it, the egg rolls over to Pam, who decides make it into a egg sandwich and eats it in school the next morning at class, with the other students looking on in disgust, horror and anger. Just then their Home EC teacher returns and discovered the assignment and is annoyed that Chapin would assign an "outdated" task and told the students that no one will be graded by this assignment, making Kara and Harleen relieved that they are not going to summer school.
  • "#Emperor Penguin: Harleen is seen in the cafeteria eating a sandwich while Babs sees Hal depressed and he wants to get some new shoes to replace his stinky lucky socks. Harleen suggested that Babs should get help with one of her connections, who turns out to be The Penguin.
  • "#Crash Course: Harley Quinn is seen with Catwoman and Livewire in a car that she stole herself. Wonder Woman chases them during their test of conscience while Catwoman goes full speed breaking traffic laws.

Season 2

  • "#Sirens Conch: Although Harleen did not appear, a ventriloquist doll made by Babs based on her friend does appear. And it's also mentioned by Jessica and Karen as they thought Babs was really referring to Harleen.
  • "#The Warrior and the Jester: Harleen accompanies Babs on Sweet Justice, and accidentally ruins Diana's ice cream. And as Diana leaves to where Harleen is out of the way, Babs reveals to Jessica and Kara that Harleen gave her a Batman ear, which was cut off by the Joker during his battle with the Caped Crusader and sold to one of Harleen's connections. As Diana sharpened her sword in anger, Jessica arrives and while almost trying to defend her, is shocked to learn that Diana has destroyed Babs' Batman ear (which she mistook for a whetstone since both look kind of the same). Diana attempts to tell Babs the truth, but Jessica (who was at first liked the idea) told her she can't as Babs loved the ear and upon realizing that if she knew the truth, she will lose her mentality, and Jessica tells Diana she needs to get a new one by tomorrow, which would involve her going to Gotham City to get the ear, which means that the only person who can help her is Harleen, to which Harleen replies that if she does it, Diana will owe her for it. Upon arriving at Gotham City, Harleen takes Diana on a quick detour on their way to Sprang Station. During her tour of the city, Harleen wants to share her some of the Gotham culture, like the Ace Chemical Plant where the Joker was born, and Crime Alley. When the two girls arrive at Spang Station, Harleen reveals that the plan is to spray graffiti on a wall. Then as Batman arrives, Harleen's connection will cut the ear off for her. Diana refuses to do it and would rather tell Babs the truth about the ear. However Harleen starts implanting the graffiti and Diana tries to clean it up, only for Batman to arrive to see what Diana's doing. As Diana tries to explain what happened, Harley Quinn arrives and tries to cut Batman's ears with a giant pair of scissors, only for Batman to stop her with a Batarang. As Diana tells Batman that she hoped that the day she met him wasn't in a situation like this, both she and Batman notice that Harley has escaped. After that, Diana returns to Sweet Justice, where she confesses the truth to a saddened Babs, only for Harleen to arrive and tell Babs that she was the one who took the ear, but only because she got her something even better: a used-in-combat Batarang from Batman, which Babs gets super giddy about and she shows it to the other customers in the restaurant. As Diana is thankful for Harleen's help saving Babs' feelings, she's also wondering how exactly Harleen managed to get a Batarang on such short notice. Hearing that the Batarang had stucco on it, (which Harley said was on the wall from earlier) Diana realizes that Harleen Quinzel is Harley Quinn, and before she can reveal that, Harleen tells Diana not to tell anyone, especially Babs for the sake of her mentality.
  • "#Nightmare in Gotham: Barbara and Harleen go trick-or-treating to Gotham dressed as Wonder Woman. Diana, knowing the identity of the latter and that her friendship is at stake, persuades the other girls to go as well so she can secretly keep watch on Harleen. During the outing, Barbara gets a call from Batman alerting her to the Joker's plans to make this Halloween the scariest one ever; at the same time, Harleen receives a call from the Joker asking for her help. The girls suit up and split into pairs to investigate three targets mentioned in Batman's call; Wonder Woman tries in vain to persuade Batgirl to break off her friendship with Harleen, without revealing the secret only for Harley Quinn and the Joker to show up and set the Clown's plan in motion. As the Joker and Harley lure She-Bat, Gentleman Ghost and Solomon Grundy to them, Wonder Woman tells Batgirl that Harleen is Harley. Batgirl refuses to believe her at first, but later accepts the truth after seeing one of her cellphone photos taken on the day Harleen gave her the battle-worn batarang. Shortly after reconciling with Wonder Woman, Batgirl goes and confronts Harley Quinn. The Joker and Harley capture Batgirl and Wonder Woman, and the Joker reveals his plan to destroy Gotham with a bomb that Harley is to detonate, much to Harley's hidden horror. Batgirl persuades Harley not to help complete Joker's plan. She, somewhat skeptical, asks him how she knows; and Batgirl replies that she knows more than she thinks, and she unmasks herself as Barbara in front of Harley. The two confess to loving each other as friends, only for Harley pushes the detonator anyway and flees with the Joker. Batgirl then throws a batarang in an attempt to defuse the bomb and the bomb doesn't explode. After saving Gotham, the rest of the Super Hero Girls wonder about Harleen, to which Wonder Woman tells them that she's gone home. And as they leave, Wonder Woman gives her condolences to Batgirl, who grieves for her friend; until she realizes she missed the shot at her, and she also discovers that Harley had secretly disarmed the detonator. This makes Batgirl happy and gives her hope that Harleen can redeem herself and turn from evil.

Super Shorts

  • "#Hashtag Frowny Face: She is mentioned by Poison Ivy when Harleen sends an emoji-filled message that she doesn't understand.
  • "#Remote Uncontrolled: Harleen goes to Pam's house, who she watches a documentary in which Harleen quickly gets bored and changes the channel to get a better look at a wrestling match. However, the preferences of both Harleen and Pam lead to a fight for control until they break it and the last thing they see is the reality show channel Make It Wayne. And since they both hate Bruce Wayne, they throw Pam's TV out the window.
  • "#Big Screen Bully: Harleen is seen in the cinema while laughing obnoxiously. And Bumblebee decides to sting her the same way she did Doris.
  • "#Lost And Found: Harley Quinn took Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth and causes mayhem throughout Metropolis by forcing people to tell the truth, including Barbi Minerva, Karen, Garth, and Giganta. Later, she robs a bank and wraps the Lasso around her waist, planing use it as a bungee cord to land safely on the ground, only to discover that the lasso has an unlimited length, making it impossible to be a bungee and instead fell into a tree. Wonder Woman and Supergirl find Harley and before they have her arrested, Supergirl decides to have her tell a few truths of her own, as payback for what she has done.
  • "#Booked: Harleen is seen in the library getting into mischief by throwing various books. She is seen by Kara who uses her X-Ray vision to detect her, and then uses her super breath to stun her and throw several books on top of Harleen.
  • "#Comic Gone: Harleen and Babs are at the Comic Shop where they are looking at one last limited edition copy of Clowns vs. Bats #187, and attempt to get it, but seeing how the other one wants it, both Babs and Harleen try to give each other the comic with both refusing to take it; the Comic Shop employee suddenly tells them it is closing time, with both girls agreeing not to take the comic. Later that night, Harleen (as Harley Quinn) breaks into the comic shop only to spot Babs (as Batgirl) already reading the comic. The two then play a game of cat and mouse with the prize being the comic. After a few wacky moments, Harley manages to knock out Batgirl and decides to end it by throwing a bomb at her. However, the bomb misses and instead lands on the comic, causing the shop to explode. Batgirl emerges from the rubble with the comic, only for it to turn to dust. Harley laughs after realizing the title of the comic, causing Batgirl to punch her.
  • "#Soul Taken: Harley Quinn steals Katana's sword, the Soul Taker, and has fun with it at the Metropolis Pier fair while Katana chases after her to get it back. Katana tells her to give her it back, as it is much too powerful for her. They fight again on the tracks, but they notice the Roller Coaster. They then ride on the Roller Coaster, and then start fighting in the car, but Katana takes a mallet from someone and uses it to fight Harley. She then, takes the mallet and compliments it. The Roller Coaster stops, and Katana grabs her sword back.
  • "#Booth Boot: Harley Quinn wreaks chaos around town while Barbara tries to get three elderly women vacate the seat leading to the Lair. Once the seat is vacated, Barbara goes to the Lair, and she as Batgirl pulls out her new grabbling-hook. But then Harley is finally apprehended by the police after being defeated by by the elderly women, who cane tripped her and stop the chaos.

Graphic Novels

  • "At Metropolis High:"TBA
  • "Midterms:"TBA




  • According to Lauren Faust, each of the Super Villain Girls is based on a deadly motivation in a similar vein to the seven deadly sins, with Harley Quinn's being chaos.
  • Harleen's civilian appearance is possibly based off Margot Robbie's portrayal in Suicide Squad.
  • This version of Harley Quinn has two hyenas named Ethel & Lucy instead of Bud & Lou.
  • Unlike most of her incarnations, this version of Harley is not romantically involved with Poison Ivy. And regarding the Joker, Harley idolizes him and even the episode #The Warrior and the Jester, it is revealed that she also has a crush on him.
  • In "#GothamCon" in the scene where Harleen attempt to get rid of a Bomb and throws it in a safe (only to see it was the same safe Joker had) she breaks the fourth wall watching to the camera and saying "Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb," which is a reference to the 1966 Batman movie where Batman (played by Adam West) tries to get rid of a bomb on a pier, only to see people in the way.
  • Unlike most of her incarnations, this version of Harley Quinn is not a psychiatrist, even due her young age.
  • She's the second member of The Super Villains Girls to redeem herself, the first is Star Sapphire.
    • However, the difference is that Star Sapphire probably hasn't totally reformed, while with Harley Quinn, Batgirl still has hope that she will reform.
  • This is the first version of Harley that show her as the best friend of Barbara Gordon/Batgirl instead of Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy.
    • Curiously, it seems that Babs is the only one to be not subjected to Harley's pranks.
    • Ironically enough, they used to be archenemies just like their idols Batman and Joker despite they're besties.



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