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You got that look in your eye, the kind that says you're trouble, and I only like trouble when I'm the one causing it. You got a good reason why I should trust ya? Cos I sure as hell can't see one. After all, you're a squeaky clean-favored son of Gotham. How am I supposed to believe you won't run to the cops the first chance you get?
~ Harley Quinn to Bruce Wayne.
Now buck up, we're all smiles on this crew!
~ Harley Quinn
Uh-huh, sure. You gonna tell me ya love me, Wayne? (Bruce: Excuse me?) I like a little romance when I'm gettin' screwed!
~ Harley refuses to believe Bruce about the virus. (determinant)

Dr. Harleen Quinzel, also known as Harley Quinn, is the main antagonist of Telltale Games' Batman: The Enemy Within. A former professional psychiatrist who worked at Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Prison, she would eventually turn to a life of crime after her mentally-ill father committed suicide despite all her help, and sought to find a cure for her father's mental illness after fearing she might have inherited it. She is Telltale Games' adaptation of the DC supervillain of the same name.

She is voiced by Laura Post, who also voiced Queen Azshara and Ragyo Kiryuin.



Harleen Quinzel was a former doctor at Blackgate Prison and at Arkham Asylum, where she was a psychiatrist for the criminally insane. She was described as devoted and successful. When Harleen was already grown up, her father committed suicide after struggling with mental illness for years. The trauma of being unable to save her father caused Harleen to snap. She adopted the persona of Harley Quinn and swiftly became a psychopathic monster. Quinn eventually teamed up with a group of supervillains known as "The Pact".

Episode One: The Enigma

After the Riddler is killed by an unknown assassin (later revealed to be Tiffany Fox) on the Lady of Dublin following his final showdown with Batman, Amanda Waller speaks with the latter about the complications Riddler's death could have, and that there is a much larger threat out there, with Harley being one of Riddler's friends and a part of that major threat, as Waller revealed when she shows a profile picture of her psychiatrist identity to Batman, claiming that when the Agency searched Riddler's lair in the abandoned water tower at the abandoned East End of Gotham City, they found an email sent by her to the enigmatic criminal mastermind on his computer.

Episode Two: The Pact

Meeting Bruce Wayne

Moments later, Harley and her allies strike a coordinated attack on Gotham. During the attack, Harley storms the Gotham Brokerage House where she steals ten millions in diamonds and empties certain safety deposit boxes. Despite storming the building alone, Harley kills over a dozen people and wounds even more. During the heist, Harley kills most with a gun but also smashes several heads in with a mallet.

To investigate and infiltrate Harley and her organization, Bruce Wayne contacts John Doe, a questionable ally and presumed to be a member of the pact. Doe invites Wayne to meet up at a bar. When Bruce accepts John's invitation to meet with Doe's "friends", they head in a sidealley where a car is parked. Before they enter the car, Doe asks Bruce for a favor, implying that he is in love with Harleen and begs him to make him look good in front of her. The two then enter the car and Bruce sits down in the passenger seat. Moments later, Harley enter the back of the car, throws her mallet on the sit next to her and immediately aims a gun at Bruce's head. She claims that Bruce has her attention and that he should give her a good reason not to shoot him in the head immediately. She then claims that she is just joking and that there was not even a bullet in the chamber, a statement that is proven to be a lie immediately after. Harley only laughs at that and then turns on the car's radio.

Harley then wants to know from Bruce why Bruce would associate with her and her allies. After Bruce has given his answer, John Doe backs him up by referring to their mutual time in Arkham. Harley then sends John to get her a slushie, leaving her alone in the car with Bruce. Once John has gone, Harley claims that John is searching for his real identity but just doesn't know who he is yet. Claiming that John thinks highly of Bruce, Harley wants to know why Bruce associates with him. She also loudly wonders why she should trust Bruce. When John returns, they trio drives off. While they are driving, Harley reveals that they are driving towards Wayne Enterprises and that she wants Bruce to get her a hacking device known as a Phalanx Key from within to prove that he is truly an ally.

Infiltrating Wayne Enterprises

Although Bruce enters alone, he hears noise behind him and realizes that Harley and John have entered the building as well. Harley takes out the night guard by hitting him in the head with her mallet. Bruce can either ignore if the man is alive or try to get out of the elevator to check whether the man is still alive which results Harley holds him back and forces him to stay within the elevator.

The trio meets Regina.

While inside the elevator, Harley reminds or warns Bruce that she is in charge and that he better does whatever she tells him, else she will finish the job on the night guard and everybody else who gets in their way. If Bruce ignored the unconscious guard and pressed the elevator button, then the trio will have a conversation about Wayne Enterprises. Suddenly, the elevator stops and Regina Zellerbach, the chairwoman of Wayne Enterprises, gets into the elevator. Regina is disturbed to see Wayne with Harley and John and asks Bruce what is happening. Disliking her attitude, Harley harasses Regina and Bruce is forced to step in. If he tells Regina to apologize, Harley will be glad. If he holds her off until the frightened Regina leaves the elevator, Harley allows it and does not serve any retribution. During the elevator ride, Harley also flirts with Bruce, much to the dislike of John.

When the trio arrives in Wayne's office, Bruce attempts to convince Harley and John to stay outside. However, Harley ignores the request and storms into the office, also explaining that the Penguin told her about the R&D lab when he was an inmate at Blackgate Prison, where Harley used to work. Harley then forces Bruce to open the elevator to his secret laboratory. After Bruce has opened the vault, he suddenly finds Tiffany Fox inside the room, who has infiltrated the company to get answers for the death of her father. To prevent Harley from finding Tiffany, Bruce swiftly hands the Phalanx Key to John who in turn vows to keep quiet about Tiffany's presence, but if he doesn't successfully convince her, then she will nearly be killed by Harley while trying to escape, though Bruce manages to convince Harley to let Tiffany go unharmed. Before leaving Wayne Enterprises, Harley tells John to also take an EMP device with them, with Bruce reluctantly allowing it.

Meeting with Bruce again

Bruce meets up with Amanda Waller, who plans an ambush on Harley and the entire pact. She orders Batman to find a way and lure the Pact out into the open. When Bruce tries to meet up with the Pact again, however, he is abducted by two henchmen.

When he regains consciousness, he finds himself in an abandoned subway station together with Harley, John Doe, and other henchmen. Bane is there as well and claims that Harley had promised to kill Wayne when they got what they needed. Harley simply states that she changed her mind. Bane then snaps at Harley, claiming that she has only brought them a worthless aristocrat while Bane brought them the weapons they require for their plan. He calls Wayne worthless but Harley replies that Wayne already got them the Phalanx key and an EMP device. Realizing that he cannot convince Harley or Doe, Bane turns toward Wayne and mentions that he neither wants to needs Bruce here.

Harley argues with Bane.

During the conversation, John Doe activates the EMP device they got from Wayne Enterprises, causing it to blast EMP pulses throughout the headquarters. As Doe has no idea how to deactivate the device, Harley uncuffs Bruce and tells him to deactivate the device. After he has done so, Harley invites him up to her office. There, she claims that she wants to clear the air and apologizes for harassing and beating his employees at Wayne Enterprises. After a brief conversation, Harley reveals that they are planning something big for the night and she invites Bruce to be part it. She claims that his knowledge about the EMP device will prove useful. However, she also reminds Bruce that in the Pact, a majority is needed for every big operation. Accordingly, Bruce has to convince Bane and Mr. Freeze to let him come along. She advises Bruce to use Mr. Freeze's love for his wife Nora and Bane's respect for strength and loyalty in order to convince both.

After Bruce has talked to both Mr. Freeze and Bane, Harley comes down from her office and tells the Pact that the "package" is on the way. The henchmen prepare to leave and Bruce wants to join them but Harley reminds him that he is not in the pact until the leaders have voted. After both Bane and Mr. Freeze agree that Bruce should join the pact if he successfully convinced them, John Doe and Harley agree as well, though if they weren't convinced, Bruce still becomes a member regardless. Harley allows Bruce to come with them and together, the pact sets out to get the package.

Although Harley keeps in the background while the Pact secures the package, she eventually joins the action when the agents guarding the package fight back. Carrying both her gun and mallet, Harley attacks as many agents as she possibly can, taking them down and killing them. As Bane is attacking different agents at the same time, Bruce has to choose between heading off Bane or Harley.

The Pact returns with the "package".

If Bruce decides to head off Harley, he follows Harley, who is about to attack an agent inside a car. She swings herself onto the car and smashes the windshield with her mallet, closely missing the agent. Bruce rips the agent out of the car and either knocks him out or tells him to stay down before Harley can seriously harm him. When more agents turn up, Harley and most of the Pact jump into their escape vehicles, but Bane attacks the arriving agents instead. Realizing that Bane won't return as he is too focused on the battle, Harley drives off without him.
Returning to their headquarters, Harley compliments Bruce on his performance during the ambush. Harley then invites Bruce to open the box, which Bruce does reluctantly. As the box opens, Bruce is appalled to find the frozen corpse of the Riddler. Harley comments that they needed the Riddler for their plans and that he is putting them through a lot of trouble with his death. Suddenly, Catwoman enters the room, claiming that she has what the Pact needs - for the right price.

Harley is abandoned by the Pact.

If Bruce decides to head off Bane, he prevents him from killing several agents. This leaves Harley free to keep fighting. When more agents suddenly turn up, Harley engages them in battle while the rest of the Pact flee to their escape vehicles. In a state of pure hate, Harley engages the agents without noticing that the other members are fleeing and Bane is beckoning her to come to the escape vehicle. When Harley is shot by several bullets, she furiously keeps fighting. Realizing that Harley cannot be reached right now, Bane drives off without her. Turning around, Harley sees the escape van driving off and realizes what is happening. Shocked and enraged, Harley lets out a frustrated scream, much to the terror of John.
Returning their headquarters, Bane compliments Bruce on his performance during the ambush, while John is still shocked that they left Harley behind and claims that they need to go back for her immediately. Bane replies that this won't be possible, as she is either dead or in jail. Doe replies that they have to bust her out of prison then but Bane asks Doe what he will do if Harley is dead. Despite Doe's pleas, Bane claims that they have no time to waste on Harley. Bitterly announcing that Bane will regret this, Doe then storms into his house. Following this, Bane tells Bruce to open the Package, revealing that it's contents were none other than the Riddler's corpse, and declares that the "thief" holds the final piece, and soon after, Catwoman makes her shock entrance, promising she has what they need - for the right price.

Episode Three: Fractured Mask


Episode Four: What Ails You

The Pact heads out to the Bodhi Spa where they plan to obtain the LOTUS Virus. Bruce and Harley first head in alone to deal with the security guard, disguised as a receptionist. Harley wants to take him out but Bruce volunteers to deal with the man non-lethally. After the security guard is either taken out by Bruce or killed by Harley, the latter calls in the rest of the group. Mr. Freeze, Bane and John arrive at the spa as well. They head in deeper into the building where Harley uses the goggles that has the layer of Riddler's eyes built into it. With it, Harley can bypass a retinal scan elevator that brings the team down into the SANCTUS Research Facility.
While they ride the elevator, Harley reminds the team that they have only come for the virus and will retreat once they have it. The moment the elevator stops, the team is seen by a security guard. Harley pulls her sledgehammer to take him down but Bruce interferes once more and takes the guard out non-lethally if he chooses to, as he will be killed if he chooses to not intervene. While they head down deeper into the lab, John Doe speaks to Bruce and reveals that he is afraid that the group will break apart once they have the virus, primarily fearing that Harley will abandon them. After the Pact activated a console which opens a door, a scientist and another security guard suddenly appear. Bane and Mr. Freeze move to kill their respective targets while Harley and John stand back. Bruce can only save one of them from dying or simply do nothing and watch them both get killed.
Afterwards, a turret suddenly emerges from the ceiling and starts firing at Harley. Bruce tackles her to save her and together, they manage to take down the turret, as Bruce draws its fire and Harley hurls her sledgehammer into it. After the turret is taken down, Harley tells the team to move on.

Harley glees before entering the lab.

Eventually, they reach the laboratory where the LOTUS Virus is contained in several flasks which are stored in a column in the middle of the lab. However, a shutdown is suddenly initiated and heavy steel doors lock the entrance corridor. With Bruce being the only one who managed to get into the lab, Harley orders him to get the virus while they try to open the door.

Harley realizes that Bruce is a traitor.

However, Bruce finally reveals his true colors to the pact by using a console to activate the incineration protocol for the vial column. Realizing what Bruce is up to, Harley desperately orders Bane to smash in the door before Bruce can destroy every sample of the LOTUS Virus. However, once Bane has breached the door, the vial column goes up in flames.

Harley flees with the virus.

Realizing that everything the pact has been working for is at risk, Harley screams at Bruce that he has just signed his own death warrant. She orders Bane to kill Bruce while Mr. Freeze tries to stop the incineration protocol before all of the samples are gone. Bruce, with John's assistance, is able to defeat Bane, while Mr. Freeze actually manages to obtain three vials of the LOTUS Virus and tries to run off with them, but is stopped by Bruce. During the fight between the two, Harley suddenly smashes her hammer into Mr. Freeze's back, causing him to drop to the floor and shatter all but one sample. Harley grabs the remaining sample and jumps out of the room just as more steel doors close. While Mr. Freeze screams at Harley that he is now infected and that she still needs him, Harley replies that she does not need him anymore. Having grabbed a sample of the virus herself, Harley escapes in the elevator while John screams at her to wait for him. As the elevator doors close, Harley only winks and arrogantly holds up the virus. Waller and the Agency arrive and apprehend Bane after incapacitating him with their stun pistols, while John flees, with Bruce watching as the Agency moves throughout the facility, securing it and arresting all SANCTUS personnel.

The Pact heads to the spa on their own with Catwoman at their side after Bruce is thrown into one of Mr. Freeze's cryo-chambers to be frozen to death after the former outed himself as the mole and blew his cover to protect Catwoman. Although Bruce frees himself and heads to the spa after them as Batman, he finds only the destruction the Pact has wrought while storming the building, including several dead employees and security guards.
After heading down into the SANCTUS Research Facility, Batman finds several dead SANCTUS scientists and security guards, and that the Pact are searching for the LOTUS Virus. He encounters Catwoman, who gives him intel on what has happened in the facility and reveals to him that Harley encouraged Bane and Mr. Freeze to slaughter the guards and scientists. With Mr. Freeze's technical knowledge, the Pact launches the sequence to extract phials of the virus from the vial column in the lab, but Batman arrives and attacks three goons providing security for the gang. The Pact are surprised by Batman's sudden arrival. Harley will either disappointed that Catwoman switched sides if Batman asked for her help or will be upset that Catwoman didn't prevent Batman from entering the lab if he told Catwoman he can handle the Pact alone and without her help.

Batman (and optionally Catwoman) confronts the Pact.

Harley then wants to know why Batman could possibly think to take down Bane, Mr. Freeze and herself all at once. She orders Mr. Freeze and Bane to attack but Batman strikes first by hurling Batarangs at all three. After Batman has temporarily taken out Bane and is fighting Mr. Freeze, Harley attempts to shoot him with her pistol but either Batman blocks the shot and incapacitates Harley as she lunges at him or Catwoman disarms and engages her. Although Batman (and Catwoman, if he asked her for her help) seems to be losing the battle, John enters the fight on his side as well.

Harley orders the Pact to attack Batman (and optionally Catwoman).

Eventually, the virus extraction sequence is completed, though Batman destroys the virus column by either tossing Bane against it or with a sticky bomb with the explosion wave knocking out Bane, Mr. Freeze manages to obtain three extracted samples and quickly attempts to flee. While he makes does run for it, Harley knocks Mr. Freeze to the ground, who falls onto the vials he was carrying, shattering them and infecting him with the LOTUS Virus.

Harley escapes with the virus.

While Mr. Freeze screams at Harley that he is now infected and that she still needs him, Harley replies that she does not need him anymore. Having grabbed the sample of the virus that didn't shatter herself, Harley escapes in the elevator while John screams at her to wait for him as Batman (and Catwoman, if she was in the fight to support Batman) attempts to go after her. As the elevator doors close, Harley only winks at them and looks at the virus. Waller and the Agency arrives, causing John (and Catwoman; if she helped Batman) to flee. Batman watches as the Agency moves throughout the facility to secure it and apprehend any surviving SANCTUS personnel.

From the captured Mr. Freeze, Bruce (or Batman) learns that the LOTUS Virus can also be used to heal instead of kill. To do so, one would need Riddler's blood - this is why the Pact stole Riddler's body in the first place. As the body is still stored at the subway, they expect that Harley will be there. Together with Special Agent Iman Avesta, Bruce heads to the subway to stop Harley. During the car ride, Bruce learns from Avesta that the sickness from which Harley's father suffered and that eventually drove him to suicide is hereditary. Avesta believes that Harley means to use the LOTUS Virus to cure herself from it so that she will not go insane and suicidal as well. Arriving at the station, they find no trace of Harley. However, the vials of Riddler's blood are gone and Riddler's corpse is destroyed.

To find Harley, Bruce uses John Doe's newly-developed hate for Harley in order to have him track Harley down. Meanwhile, Bruce returns to the Batcave where it is revealed that both Harley's belief and Mr. Freeze's calculations in which Riddler's blood can turn the virus into a healing serum is wrong. Although the healing serum actually can do as intended, it also turns its users insane - a fact the Pact are not aware of. John eventually sends Bruce a message that Harley is located at an old carnival in the outskirts of Gotham, and Bruce heads there to confront her. However, once there Bruce finds that the place is the new hideout of John, who has now completely lost it and has turned the park into a sick parody of an amusement park, and has also murdered three Agency operatives who have shown up in search for Harley.

John reveals to Bruce, whose identity as Batman he has deduced, and that Harley actually took a truck and is headed to Gotham Bridge. He offers to help Bruce stop Harley and clean the city of criminals, an offer Bruce can either accept or refuse.

Harley threatens to blow up the bridge.

If Bruce agrees to work with John and believes he killed the agents in self-defense, the two drive to Gotham Bridge together where they find that Harley has taken two civilians hostage and is threatening to blow up the hostages, the virus and herself with mannequin bombs along with the bridge. She demands that Waller delivers Riddler's blood to her but she reveals that this is not an option; the blood has been destroyed. When Bruce and John arrive, Waller tells them that Harley's detonator is on a dead man's switch and that the bomb will blow up the moment Harley lets go of the trigger.
Bruce goes to negotiate with Harley, who is surprised to see him. Harley states that she should have guessed Bruce was working with Waller and once more reveals that she wants Riddler's blood. She promises to leave town once she has the blood but Bruce tells her that the LOTUS Virus won't do what she thinks it does. He also tries to tell her that the virus will make her go insane, but Harley does not believe it. When Bruce mentions her motivations and father, Harley gets visibly angry and John heads onto the bridge himself to calm her down. Bruce hands the situation to John, believing that he will be able to deal with Harley.

The Agency captures Harley.

Although neither Waller nor Bruce can hear what John and Harley are saying, John's words seem to have an effect on her. While Waller and Bruce argue on whether to interfere if he stops her (as allowing her to move in will cause him to feel betrayed and detonate the explosives himself, destroying parts of the bridge and killing several GCPD officers, Agency operatives, and civilians; before he and Harley escape with the LOTUS Virus), John suddenly disarms Harley and throws her to the ground before taking the virus and detonator from her. Harley is immediately taken into custody by the Agency, and while she is dragged away by two agents, she still cannot comprehend that John betrayed her. John replies that Bruce showed her to be good in a way Harley never could. However, when John has a falling out with the Agency moments later after Waller tries to kill him for not handing over the virus, John detonates Harley's explosives nonetheless, killing several Agency operatives. John then proclaims that he and Batman are going to bring the Agency to justice before he escapes by jumping off the bridge.

John kisses Harley.

If Bruce refuses to work with John in addition believing he is lying and that he didn't kill the agents in self-defense, John is angered by this perceived betrayal and reveals that Harley warned him about Bruce and that she now needs his help. John claims that Harley was right and that he belongs by her side. John then flees from the amusement park and manages to shake off Bruce.
Bruce heads to Gotham Bridge as Batman where he finds that Harley is in her truck of mannequin bombs and is threatening to blow up the virus and herself along with the bridge. She demands that Waller deliver Riddler's blood to her, but she reveals that this is not an option; the blood has been destroyed. Batman immediately takes a strategic view on the situation and realizes that Harley is cornered, which makes her even more dangerous. Batman either glides down to Harley's truck to startle her out and then tackle her and pin her against her truck or glides down stealthily only to be ambushed by Harley when she suddenly appears behind him and attacks with her sledgehammer but Batman dodges the blow and pins Harley against her truck. Batman tells her to stand down because Waller's agents have the order to kill her if she does not surrender soon. However, Harley reveals that she has rigged the explosives in her truck to a dead man's switch and that the bombs will blow up the entire bridge if her finger lets go of the trigger. She orders Batman to make Waller surrender Riddler's blood or else she will blow up the bridge.

John and Harley jump off the bridge to escape.

Suddenly, Waller herself arrives with several agents. She compliments Batman on locating Quinn and claims that the Agency will deal with the situation from now on. Harley once again repeats her threat of blowing up the bridge. Waller tries to explain that Riddler's blood has been destroyed but in her desperate situation, Harley does not believe it. Before Batman can get either the LOTUS Virus or the detonator with his grapple gun, a truck suddenly crashes the scene form behind, steered by John Doe. John states that he has come for Harley and takes the dead man's switch from her. Surprised, Harley asks what he is doing and warns him that the Agency will kill him. However, John states that he will instead kill them and to the surprise of everyone nearby, he and Harley let go of the detonator together, blowing up many cars on the bridge, parts of it, and killing several GCPD officers, Agency operatives, and civilians. The surprised Harley claims that it was beautiful to see this and that she always knew that John was destined to do great things. John kisses Harley and, laughing, the two jump off the bridge and evade being captured by Batman.

Episode Five: Same Stitch

Two weeks later, in order to stop John, who has turned into the vigilante Joker and even amassed several followers, Waller uses the members of the Pact to stop Batman and Joker. She equips Harley, Bane and Catwoman with special collars. These collars allow the Agency to punish them with electroshocks if they do not cooperate. In addition, it can be used to blow up their entire heads as a last resort.

Waller's special task force.

Eventually, Batman meets with Waller on the GCPD rooftop to blackmail him into giving up Joker and the LOTUS Virus. Although he already destroyed the virus, Batman refuses to give up Joker and as a result, Waller calls in Harley, Bane and Catwoman. When Batman uses blackmail himself to get Waller and the Agency out of Gotham, Waller is ready to accept a stalemate (Batman can request Waller to either let Avesta leave the Agency peacefully and without prosecution, remove Catwoman from her special task force due to not being like the rest of the Pact, have Harley and Bane released from her special task force but then have the pair incarcerated at Blackgate Prison for their crimes, or don't make a request; regardless of either choice in which Waller will agree to if he agrees to hand over Joker to which Batman can either agree to or refuse to do so, but regardless she will still agree to his chosen request) and leave but suddenly, Joker interrupts because he is either not willing to let her go this easily or refuses to let Batman turn him in. Hearing Joker's voice, Harley calls him to show himself, wanting revenge for his betrayal on the bridge.
Due to Joker's interference, Waller orders Bane and Harley to kill Joker while she is holding back Catwoman for the moment. While Batman stops Bane first, Harley reaches Joker and is able to hit him with her hammer, but Batman arrives in time to allow Joker to escape. When Batman tries to stop Harley by grabbing her hammer, Harley electrocutes it - and Batman - and gleefully reveals that the Agency gave her "an upgrade". The two fight but Batman wins by slamming Harley into the Bat-Signal with her own hammer, taking her out temporarily. Batman leaves her to deal with Bane and Catwoman as well as stop Joker from killing Waller, but eventually, Harley gets back up again. Together with Waller, Bane, Catwoman, and other Agency operatives corner Batman and Joker. The battle is only resolved when Joker triggers two mannequin bombs, one of which blasts a large hole into the GCPD rooftop. Batman is wounded and forced to retreat, while Joker flees with Waller as his hostage.

Harley battles Batman.

When Batman, Tiffany Fox and James Gordon analyze an active crime scene at the late Riddler's abandoned lair where Joker and his crew set up an ambush on the Agency to find a way to track down Joker, Harley suddenly appears after they track him to the abandoned Ace Chemicals plant. She states to have come on Agency business and that she is asking them to turn over any evidence they have found in the name of the law, but all three refuse. Angry, Harley calls in an Agency helicopter for backup that opens fire at Batman and the other two. While the GCPD show up, a furious Harley states that she will be the one to bring in Joker. Once more, she uses her walkie-talkie to contact the helicopter, but before she can give further orders, Gordon shoots it out of her hand. Batman then either uses his grapple gun or himself to bring Harley down. Although Harley attacks Batman, Tiffany slows her down by hacking her collar. Batman then easily defeats her in battle and Harley is arrested by Gordon, who plans to send her to Blackgate Prison.
Outraged, Harley states that she is an Agency asset and that the Agency will not let her rot in prison but Batman either easily shatter her confidence when he reveals that if the Agency truly bothers to save her she will be their puppet for the rest of her life, he will bring her to justice, or sarcastically wish her luck, before leaving to stop Joker and save Waller. Afterwards, if Batman requested Waller to have her and Bane released from her special task force but incarcerated at Blackgate for their crimes as part of their stalemate, then that will happen. However, if Batman didn't make that request, then the Agency will be able to release Harley from GCPD custody and leave Gotham with the villainess remaining under their authority as an asset.

Three weeks after their escape, John and Harley leave a mocking voice mail on Bruce Wayne's phone. They remind Bruce that they still have the LOTUS Virus and claim that it is far too much fun than to keep it just to themselves. In that same night, they attack GCPD Detective Harvey Bullock and leave him maimed as a threat and message for the police.

Harley shoots and kills a security guard.

During a board meeting at Wayne Enterprises, Harley and several thugs in clown masks storm the conference room. As they storm in, Harley shoots a security guard in the head. Although Bruce wants to fight her, Harley threatens the lives of Regina and the other board members. If Bruce moves, Harley actually shoots one board member - wounding her severely, but if he stands down, she will back off. Regardless, Bruce wants to know what Harley wants. Claiming that in her search for the serum, she was forced to think outside the box, Harley and the clown henchmen introduce John - now fully having embraced his role as the Joker - who then enters the room as well. While Bruce and Joker talk, Harley and her thugs suddenly put on gas masks and Harley brings a gas canister, revealing that they found a way of producing more of the LOTUS Virus, and in gaseous form. Although Bruce tries to stop them, Harley and Joker unleash the gas, and all the other board members are instantly killed except for Bruce, who Joker provided with a mask. Harley kills Regina with her sledgehammer and then broadcasts a live feed into Gotham.
She reveals the danger of the LOTUS Virus she just unleashed at Wayne Enterprises, and claims that there are hundreds more bombs hidden throughout Gotham. She activates two more to set another example, and then makes a list of demands to the GCPD and the Agency, effectively blackmailing the city. Her demands include portraits of her and Joker painted on City Hall, the brain of Riddler's killer, all Agency operatives except Amanda Waller - who will be shot out of a cannon at midnight - will have 24 hours to leave leave the city and that Batman's head on a pike in Gotham Square is the most important one of them all. She states that the city has 24 hours to fulfill their demands. After the broadcast is done, Harley pulls the mask off of one of her own henchmen just for fun and then knocks out Bruce with her hammer. When Bruce regains consciousness and leaves the conference room, he realizes that not only the room but the entire building has been doused with the virus and that everybody inside has been killed by Joker's and Harley's bombs.

Harley and Joker welcome their guests.

During their escape, Harley triggers several more of the bombs, using the attacks to cover their escape. By triggering several bombs on Gotham Bridge and all the docks, Harley and Joker have also effectively destroyed every way out of the city. Another target is Mercy Street Station, with Gotham General Hospital at the center, and everybody inside the hospital is killed as well. While assessing all of this in the R&D lab, Bruce realizes that Joker has not told Harley that he is Batman - at least not yet. Batman eventually tracks Joker down to the abandoned Ace Chemicals plant with James Gordon's help after disarming a bomb at Divinity Church with Avesta and Tiffany's support. It is at Ace Chemicals where Joker has been producing the LOTUS Virus in gaseous form. After Batman is captured, however, Joker actually hands Gordon a map with the locations of all the bombs and lets him go but not before shooting him in the kneecaps and habing two of his goons drag him to his car, despite knowing full well that Harley wanted the entire city to be doused in LOTUS gas so that someone would survive it - like Riddler - and she would finally get her serum. He warns Batman not to tell Harley about the map, so that she will not activate the bombs prematurely.
Bruce is stripped of his Batsuit in secret, and after partaking a short yet twisted psychological game with Selina Kyle and Tiffany involved as well (in which it is revealed that Tiffany was the one who killed Riddler), the trio are eventually led to a "dinner party" organized by Harley and Joker. Due to Selina's former captivity by Waller, she is still wearing an explosive collar and Harley has the remote for it. She threatens to blow up Selina's head if Bruce does not play along. Once the hostages sit down, Bruce and Selina are tied to their chairs. Harley sits down next to Bruce and, after stating that she knows that it is impolite to start the dinner without every guest present, offers Bruce a piece of meat. If Bruce decides to eat it, it is revealed that a razorblade was hidden in the meat. Delighted by Bruce's pain, Joker and Harley laugh at this while Selina and Tiffany are horrified at this. The villainous couple then passionately make out with each other until the last guest - Alfred - is led into the room. Alfred is carrying some scones - a Bat-Stunner is baked into one of them.

Harley wants to gas the captives.

Things get serious when Harley slams one of her gas bombs onto the table. While Joker has a conversation with Bruce, Joker's goons suddenly deliver gas masks and Harley is ready to detonate the bomb. However, Joker holds her back because he still wants to play a little longer with his captives. Despite her disappointment, Harley agrees to hold back for now. After all have sat down again, Joker introduces a game that they are about to begin participating in, and all people in the room are forced to play along, including Harley. However, Harley is, of course, exempt from the punishment dealt to the players. In the second round, Harley also partakes in the punishment dealing, punching Selina. During the game, Tiffany suddenly starts provoking Harley and Joker. This greatly outrages Harley, but the distraction allows Bruce to pick up the knife pierced into his leg by Joker unnoticed with his free hand, allowing him to break free of his bonds.
Eventually, Harley ends the game and throws a gas mask to Joker, and tells him that she is done waiting. She moves to activate the bomb in the room but Bruce stalls her by when he either reveals that Gotham is safe because Joker gave Gordon a map to the bombs or pleads with John to save her from Harley. Harley will either figure out Bruce told the truth from Joker's reaction and accuse him of choosing Bruce over her or get angry at John because he still doesn't want to kill Bruce. Outraged, Harley strangles Joker with her bare hands. However, Bruce uses the distraction to cut the wire of the bomb. Once Harley realizes Bruce is free, she slams the trigger of the bomb but sees that it has been defused. Fueled by her anger, she draws her sledgehammer and attacks Bruce with it.

Harley and Joker engage Bruce in a fight.

When Joker joins the battle and tells Harley he's sorry and wants to make up, Bruce is forced to fend off Harley and him at the same time, which eventually succeeds. Bruce frees Selina, and she tries to fight but is incapacitated by her shock collar. Bruce temporarily knocks out Harley but she swings her hammer again just before Bruce can defeat Joker. Eventually, Bruce grabs the remote for Selina's shock collar and disables it, allowing her to join the fight as well. Harley realizes that this is a problem but is thrown down by Selina before she can react. While Tiffany and Alfred make for their escape to notify the GCPD and the Agency of their current whereabouts, Harley jumps back up once more, attacking Bruce and screaming that she should have killed him the moment she met him. Ultimately, the battle results in Bruce and Selina teaming up to defeat Joker and Harley. During the fight, Bruce manages to disarm Harley and hand her sledgehammer to Selina, who in turn attacks Harley with it and knocks her down. Realizing the battle is lost, Joker runs off and leaves Harley behind. Shocked, Harley vows that she will kill him, but while Bruce pursues Joker, Selina lunges herself at Harley and throws her to the ground before beating her into unconsciousness. Following the battle, Harley is apprehended by the GCPD and the Agency, and is incarcerated at Blackgate.



  • In contrast to most versions, where Doctor Quinzel is manipulated into becoming Harley Quinn by the Joker, this version of Harleen has turned violent before the Joker emerges in Gotham. This darker take on the character is reflected in the difference in voice, as where most versions of Harley have a very high-pitched, bubbly voice that's evocative of a girl, this Harley's voice sounds darker and hardened.
  • The aforementioned dissimilarity goes a step further, whereas in most versions the Joker is the dominant force in his and Quinn's relationship, in the Telltale canon Harley is definitely the dominant member of her relationship with John Doe.
    • That being said, if John becomes Villain Joker, it seems as if Harley does grow to truly love him, kissing him when he arrives to save her on the bridge (which gives him the iconic red Joker lips) in Episode 4 and passionately making out with him at the dinner table in Episode 5.
    • However, it's clear that even in the Villain Joker path, Harley is still using him as a pawn to get what she wants, as if Bruce doesn't do anything to stop Harley from releasing the LOTUS virus in the carnival, she will still release it despite the fact that John Doe isn't wearing a gas mask, meaning she was willing to kill him as he was no longer useful. This makes her a hypocrite, seeing as she blames John for choosing Bruce over her if the latter reveals that John gave Gordon the map to all the bombs, even though she doesn't care about him and is only out for herself.
  • Harley's primary weapon is a large hammer conforming to her traditionally using a mallet in the DCAU and her assorted comic book appearances, although her other famous weapon, a baseball bat was seen on the desk in her office when she talks to Bruce.


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