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I died. And I came back. Isn't that great?
~ Harold Meachum after his second resurrection.
Ward, I invested my life into you to raise you to be a great man. You've been the biggest disappointment of my life! Joy, I apologize for choosing Ward over you. It was a mistake! Never trust him again!
~ Harold Meachum's last advice to his children.

Harold Meachum was the main antagonist of the first season of the Marvel TV series Iron Fist.

He is the former CEO of Rand Enterprises. After orchestrating the deaths of Wendell and Helen Rand, Harold eventually succumbed to cancer but was resurrected by The Hand. Indebted to The Hand, he was confined to a penthouse suite in New York City and sought a way to get rid of the Hand. This, he eventually found in Danny Rand, the son of Wendell and Helen, who had survived Harold's killing attempt and had returned to New York as the Iron Fist.

He was portrayed by David Wenham, who also portrayed Neil Fletcher in Australia and Scarfield in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.



In his youth, whenever Harold messed something up according to his father, his father whipped him across the back with his belt and forced him to apologize.

Together with his friend Wendell Rand, Harold founded the company Rand Enterprises. At some point, they were approached by Madame Gao who proposed a partnership. As Gao intended to use one of Rand Enterprises facilities to manufacture heroin, Wendell refused. Harold, however, secretly accepted the deal and profited from the partnership. When Wendell began to suspect something and wanted to visit the facility in question, Harold uses poison he obtained from Gao to poison Wendell's pilots. This created a plane crash in which Danny's parents died. Danny was also believed to be dead but survived the plane crash and was taken in by monks.

Eventually, Harold was diagnosed with lung cancer and pancreatic cancer. His wife was already dead at that point and Harold worried what would happen to his children, Ward and Joy, when he died. At that point, Harold was approached by The Hand who claimed to have a cure for his cancer. They did not tell him, however, that he had to die first. When Harold accepted their proposal, it placed him into the debt of The Hand.

Harold fought for three years but succumbed to the sickness. At the age of 41, Harold died of his cancer. He had a big funeral which even the mayor attended. In Harold's testament, he gave explicit orders to his children to continue running Rand Enterprises, adding the clause that they would lose everything should they ever leave the company. Three days after his death, however, Harold was resurrected by The Hand. To prevent the public from finding out, Harold was confined to a luxurious penthouse apartment in New York City.

Danny's Return

Once Danny Rand returns to New York, he enters Rand Enterprises to see Meachum. However, due to his ragged appearance he is thrown out of the building almost immediately. Invading the building once again, Danny fights off the security guards sent to engage him until he eventually reaches the executive floor where he is informed by Meachum's son Ward that Harold Meachum has died of cancer during Danny's absence, twelve years ago. Danny is then escorted off the premises.

Ward later sends some of his security after Rand to assassinate him, but the men are defeated by Danny. After being informed of the men's failure, Ward calls his father and claims that they have a problem that they need to discuss in person. Although Ward claims that it can wait till the next morning, Harold insists to meet immediately and Ward heads to the skyscraper penthouse where his father lives - hidden from the public. Once Ward stands in front of his father, he is chided for having failed to contain the Danny Rand problem. Ward is surprised that his father even knows about it. He then assumes that Harold is behind it all and that it was merely an impostor sent to test Ward, but Harold claims that he is not responsible and adds that he wishes Ward would take things like this more seriously so that Harold doesn't have to see his company destroyed. Ward takes offense at that, claiming that it is hardly Harold's company, as Ward could simply ignore Harold's orders and Harold has no way of preventing that.

Harold annoyedly claims that sometimes, Ward still sounds like an eight year old. He expresses his disappointment in Ward and then states that they have to talk about the real issue, the Danny Rand-threat. When Ward explains to his father that the person supposed to be Danny Rand sounds like a lunatic, Harold realizes that Ward has not really talked to him. Although Ward claims that he won't play Danny's game, Harold tells him that they cannot deal with a threat if they know nothing about it. Harold claims that if the person was truly Danny, they cannot let him go public and that they must also consider that if Danny is alive, his parents might be as well. After realizing the possible danger, Harold claims that they have to handle the situation with utmost priority while also showing finesse while doing so. Harold tells Ward to leave the situation to him and to do exactly what Harold says, displeasing Ward greatly. Ward then leaves the room without another word.

Meeting Danny

Ward listens to Harold's orders and thus, Danny is imprisoned at a mental hospital. After the deed is done, Ward returns to Harold's building where Harold reveals that he had cameras hidden in Danny's cell and all over the hospital. By watching the video footage, Harold has learned that Danny claims to have been rescued by monks after the plane crash, but Harold claims that there are no monastery anywhere close to the place the plane crashed. Furthermore, the Order of the Crane Mother does not exist, according to Harold. Nonetheless, Harold claims that Danny said enough to make him believe that the person in question might actually be Danny Rand - back from the dead.

The Hand contacts Harold.

Ward intends to intervene to prevent the situation from getting worse. However, Harold refuses and claims that they should refrain from any action and just keep listening for now on. He adds that if Ward wants to do something, he can check up Colleen Wing, the only person Danny called from the hospital. Harold sends Ward to find out how much Colleen knows. Meanwhile, Harold continues watching the video feed which more and more leads him to the conclusion that Danny is truly Danny Rand. After watching a violent outburst of Danny in the psychiatric's office and realizing that the psychiatric genuinely seems to want to help Danny, Harold orders his secretary Kyle to bring the car around, as he is ready to leave the penthouse the first time in years.

Harold arrives at the hospital in secret and enters Danny's cell after Danny has been drugged to remain quiet. Harold asks Danny whether he remembers the song Harold sang in the past to annoy Danny. Danny names the song correctly and Harold is now without doubt that Danny is truly Danny. Danny replies that he thought Harold was dead and Harold states that he thought the same of Danny. Harold then asks Danny about the monastery of the Order of the Crane Mother, demanding to know where it is located. However, he does only recieve the information that Danny became a warrior at K'un-Lun. Further questions reveal that Danny became the "Iron Fist" and a sworn enemy of The Hand. Endebted to The Hand, Harold is thrilled when Danny claims that he is the only one who can destroy The Hand. Moments later, Danny succumbs to the sleep drugs he was injected earlier and Harold uses the oppurtunity to leave. Back at his penthouse, Harold sends Kyle to investigate the Iron Fist. However, Harold then notices that the window of his penthouse has a white hand symbol on it. Written above it is the question "Where did you go?" and Harold is disheartened at seeing the message.

Plans for Danny

Harold decides that Danny, whom he now truly believes to be Danny, needs to be removed from the hospital immediately. He calls Ward and Ward is at first delighted that they will get rid off Danny. However, when Harold tells him that they need to keep Danny safe because as an enemy to the hand, he is very valuable to Harold, Ward is annoyed and advises against it. Harold insists and orders Ward to do as he says, claiming that Danny needs to be removed the very night.

While watching the Danny-feed as usual, Harold witnesses Danny using his Iron Fist powers to blast through a solid wall. When Ward later comes to meet his father, he finds Harold sleeping in a coffin-like glass machine. After recognizing his son, Harold emerges from the machine and Ward tells him that the will find Danny within the hour. After that, Harold confronts Ward about his disobedience, revealing that he is aware that after Harold told Ward to move Danny, Ward sent men to have him killed instead. As Ward starts forming an excuse, Harold casually attacks him from behind and hits a certain spot in Ward's body that causes his son extreme pain. Harold tells Ward to follow orders and tells him to have Danny brought to safety once he emerge. Despite his behavior, Harold makes clear that he wants Ward to become a great man and that he loves him, doing everything he does to have something great to pass on to Ward.

Harold orders Danny to be moved.

During a training session in martial arts, Harold's penthouse is infiltrated by Madame Gao who tells him that "they" are disappointed and that his loyalty has been questioned. Harold is shocked and afraid but tries to make sure that he is still loyal to Gao and The Hand. Gao confronts him with the fact that he left the penthouse and he tells her about Danny Rand, claiming that he is an impostor and that he had to deal with the subject himself. Gao reminds him of their agreement and tells him that he has to follow it to the letter, otherwise there will be consequences. After asserting her dominance by forcing him to kneel, Gao leaves the horrified Harold alone.

After Danny has openly challenged the Meachums to get back his company, Ward calls his father and claims they need another plan. He heads to Harold's penthouse to discuss further options, unaware that he is being pursued by Danny. At the penthouse, Ward confronts Harold for having visited Danny at the hospital. Harold claims that he does not need to justify himself before his son, claiming that he does whatever he wants. Ward objects, stating that while Ward does what he wants, Harold is basically a prisoner in his own penthouse. Ward theoretically wonders what would happen if he went to the newspapers revealing that Harold was still alive and Harold replies that in that case, both Ward and Joy would be killed by The Hand in retribution, showing him the scars he obtained during Madame Gao's visit to prove that The Hand is not to be underestimated. Harold then claims that he is indeed trapped and that he needs Ward to keep helping him as he has nobody else.

Revealing himself to Danny

When Ward sees Danny climbing the building, he pushes him out of the window. Danny survives the fall and is carried inside the penthouse where both Ward and Harold confront him. At first, Danny does not believe Harold to be real but when Ward confirms it, Danny realizes that Harold's visit at the hospital wasn't a hallucination. Harold confirms that as well and apologetically claims that he and Ward had to protect themselves and Rand Enterprises. Harold asks Danny whether Danny can forgive him and Danny hugs him, claiming that Harold is all Danny has left.

Harold reveals himself to Danny.

After the three have sat down, Harold reveals to Danny the story about his sickness. Although Ward seems reluctant to trust Danny with the information, Harold claims that Danny needs to know. He tells him about his resurrection and also tells him that The Hand are the ones who brought him back. In addition, Harold states that The Hand has infected Rand Enterprises. Harold mentions that Danny called himself the sworn enemy of The Hand and begs him for help. He also begs Danny to keep the secret of Harold's return from Joy, as knowing the truth would put him into danger. However, despite Harold's pleas Danny claims that he cannot help, as he is in the middle of a court trial to get back into the company. Hearing this, Harold orders Ward to drop everything against Danny so that Danny can get what he is owed as the rightful heir of Wendell Rand. Ward is not pleased at all but Harold tells him that it is not up to debate.

Danny agrees to start working against The Hand and Harold reveals that they only come to his penthouse when they have demands, adding that they recently ordered the purchase of a pier at Red Hook. As Joy was the one to oversee the deal, Harold advises Danny starts talking to her. As Danny turns to leave, he hugs Harold again and Harold claims that they deeply need a fighter like Danny in the family. Danny also claims that he could teach Harold Kung Fu at some time and Harold replies that that would be great indeed.

Going for a Ride

After Danny's first day, Harold calls Ward and congratulates him on handling Danny's introduction with class, claiming that he could not have done it better himself. However, Harold mentions a reporter whom Danny told that he had been confined to the psychiatric hospital. Harold claims that the reporter needs to be dealt with and that doing so would the drug pricing screw-up that day, in which Danny ordered the company to sell a drug for $5 and not $50 like the company intended.

Harold and Gao watch Joy.

The same evening, Gao and a few of her associates enter Harold's penthouse and throw a hood in front of his feet. Ordering him to put it over his head, Gao then tells him that they will go for a ride. They take Harold. Once they have arrived at their destination, Gao has the hood removed from Harold's head. She tells him that he has been a faithful servant and that for his part in securing the pier, he will be rewarded. Henchmen then remove the curtains from a nearby window and Harold realizes that the apartment next to the building they are in is that of Joy. For the first time in twelve years, Harold can see his daughter. However, he then sees that someone had previously hit Joy. Gao reveals that Joy had been attacked by some criminals but that Danny protected her. Nonetheless, Harold is outraged and asks whether Gao will fulfill her "faithful servant" one last wish. The wish is granted and Harold, together with other masked members of The Hand, is permitted to storm the restaurant of the Triads that attacked Joy and personally executes the triad member who struck Joy. After justice has been served, Harold announces that he is now ready to go back home; to captivity.

Murdering The Hand Warriors

When a lawsuit is filed against Rand Enterprises for one of its factories polluting the air and causing cancer, Harold calls Ward but Ward deliberately doesn't pick up the phone.

While in his sleeping apparatus once again, Harold is woken up when a hand signal is slammed on the glass above him. Harold is then dragged out of his machine and brought back to his main penthouse. Two Hand members await him and claim that the rebellious streak he has shown has gotten the Hand quite worried. They also add that Madame Gao was visited by Danny Rand earlier the night and that it seems suspicious that Harold failed to mention that Danny Rand also is the legendary Iron Fist. Harold feigns ignorance, claiming that Danny does not even know that Harold is alive and that Iron Fist sounds like a sex toy. To this, the man replies that maybe Harold truly does not know what he brought into the company with Danny Rand. However, he adds that this makes Harold foolish and that Madame Gao cannot forgive foolishness without punishment. He draws a knife and asks whether Harold needs a reminder, a finger or tongue loss perhaps. Harold swears on his children's life that he has nothing to do with Danny Rand but the very same moment, Danny enters the apartment and exclaims "Harold, we have a problem!".

Harold slits the throat of Danny's attacker.

While the Hand is distracted by Danny's arrival, Harold grabs the knife and rams it into one of the guys. Danny swiftly comes to his help and fights off the other fighter. Harold continues to stab his opponent to death and then also slits the throat of the other one. Danny is shocked that Harold killed the men but Harold claims that he did not have any choice because they would have killed him. He asks Danny whether he met Madame Gao earlier and reveals to him that she was the one to approach him on his deathbed, offering a solution. Danny tells Harold that she mentioned that his father Wendell had no honor and Harold lies to him and states that he did not know of any connection Wendell might have had to The Hand. Danny claims that he needs to investigate his father's business with The Hand and Harold tries to convince him otherwise, claiming that this is exactly what Gao wants and that doing so would play into her hands. He manages to convince Danny and Danny then asks what they should do with the bodies. Harold claims that he will take care of it. To make it seem like the men did their job on Harold and then left, Harold cuts off his finger.

He later calls Ward and orders him to come over. When Ward turns up, Harold is beating up the bodies with a hammer, causing Ward to vomit. Harold casually greets his son and informs him about the dead bodies and that he needs Ward to take care of it. Although he is horrified and disgusted, Ward does what he is told.

Pushing Ward Over the Edge

After Danny has interrogated a Hand associate inside of Rand Enterprises, he uses the information obtained from her and brings it to Harold. After seeing the information, Harold realizes that Danny brought him everythign on the Hand's synthetic heroin operation worldwide. Together, Harold and Danny find out that the warehouse is most likely located in Brooklyn. Danny wants to head there immediately to save the chemist that is forced to produce the heroin. However, Harold advises against it, instead claiming that Danny should use the element of surprise to take down Gao directly.

Ward stabs his father to death.

When Ward, who has had enough of his father, tries to leave the company, he is informed that his bank account has been emptied. He then furiously has his driver turn the car around and confronts Harold at his penthouse. Harold confirms that he emptied the account to prevent Ward from leaving but adds that he did so for Ward's sake. He claims that he is doing Ward a favor because Ward would have regretted it for the rest of his life had he actually run off. Harold claims that Ward should be happy because they are so close to getting rid off The Hand. Ward replies that the last happy day of his life was the day Harold died. This visibly hurts Harold and he smacks Ward in the stomach for it. He then angrily rants that Ward should be thankful because Ward owes everything he has to Harold and that Ward is Harold's creation and belongs to him. He then turns around to show Ward the files Danny got on Gao's business but Ward, now completely pushed over the edge of sanity, instead grabs a knife and brutally stabs Harold to death. After Harold's death, Ward throws the corpse into the same swamp he earlier used to get rid of the Hand warriors.

Confused Return

A few days later, Harold emerges from the pond alive. After seeing the knife in his belly, he rips it out and crawls to the land. He then starts walking back to the city but is in a deeply confused state and has problems forming words. Eventually, Harold walks past Rand Enterprises, recognizes the building and wonders why it isn't his name on the building. Remembering his personal security code, Harold manages to enter the building and arrives at the CEO office. As he arrives in the middle of the night, no one sees him entering. He ventures through his children's offices. When he realizes he does not understand what is happening, he decides that he needs to go home. He calls his secretary Kyle to pick him up and during the drive, Kyle notices that something is off about Harold.

Harold after murdering Kyle.

Harold eventually reaches his penthouse where Ward has been living since he has been ousted from the company. When Ward returns, he is horrified to see his father standing in front of him alive. Harold reveals to Ward that the treatment the Hand gave him allows him to return after his death. Harold then asks whether Ward considers him a monster and Ward states that he does. This reduces Harold to tears and he hugs his son, claiming that he is sorry and that he destroyed everything he had. He begs Ward, who is now even more disturbed, for forgiveness. Harold tries to get a better relationship to Ward but Ward claims the only thing he wants is to leave him and Rand Enterprises behind him. Harold claims that if that is what he wishes, Ward must leave. However, he also states that in this case, Joy would have to take his place. After Ward has left, Harold invites Kyle to dine with him. Remembering a remark Kyle made earlier, Harold has prepared ice cream. However, when Kyle makes an innocent remark, Harold brutally assaults Kyle and murders him. He then sits down next to Kyle, starting to talk. He claims that it is okay and that it is not so bad where Kyle is going. After a brief moment, Harold realizes what he has done.

Harold then heads back into his lair, watching the camera feed. At first, he watches the feed of the psychiatric hospital where in the meantime, Ward has been brought to because Harold framed him and put drugs into his car. However, he then notices something on the feed inside the very building he is in - his daughter is in the foyer. After a short moment of disbelief, Harold activates the elevator to pick up Joy. He removes all obstacles from Joy's way and thus allows her to enter the penthouse. Once she has arrived, he reveals himself to her. After catching up with his daughter, Harold and Joy make plans to get back Rand Enterprises. As Danny is part of this plan, Harold calls him. During the call, he learns that Danny has taken care of Gao.

Plotting against Bakuto

At his penthouse, Harold is eventually confronted by Bakuto who has taken over after Gao's fall. Bakuto reveals that he has taking over from Madame Gao and adds that he is far more easy-going than Gao. Bakuto claims while Gao was ruling only through fear, working Bakuto will allow Harold to gradually get back into public life.

After his meeting with Bakuto, Harold returns to Rand Enterprises at night and confronts Lawrence, the board member who organized Joy and Ward being ousted from the company, with a file detailing every criminal offense the man has commited. Harold mentions the shame, bullying and disgrace Lawrence's children would have to face if evidence of their father's crimes would be made public. Harold tells Lawrence that, in order to avoid the evidence being leaked, Lawrence would have to commit suicide. When Lawrence refuses, Harold shoots him in the head and tells one of his companions to make it seem like a suicide. After the deed is done, Harold and the man leave Rand Enterprises. This action allows Joy and Ward to return to Rand Enterprises. When he later celebrates this victory with Joy, Joy asks whether he is responsible for Lawrence's death. Harold promises her that he is not responsible but adds that they in fact need to destroy someone - Bakuto.

Bakuto threatens to kill Harold.

Together with Danny, Joy and Danny's friend Davos, Harold makes a plan to take down Bakuto. However, he makes no effort to have Ward released from the psychiatric hospital as he has started to rely on Joy.

When Ward is freed by Bakuto, he heads to Harold's penthouse. He claims that he wants to talk to Joy alone. He swiftly learns that Harold has started using Joy the same way Harold used Ward before. However, Joy does not listen to Ward's warnings. Eventually, Ward draws a gun on all of them and forces Joy to come with him, believing that he is freed from Harold's influcence. However, as they are about to leave Bakuto and the Hand turn up. After the Hand shoot Harold's bodyguards, Bakuto takes all Meachum's prisoners and orders Ward to stop the transaction of Bakuto's money. After this is done, Bakuto's men grab Harold and force him on his knees. Harold tells Bakuto that he will return and hunt down Bakuto without mercy but Bakuto claims that Harold will never return as Bakuto intends to behead him - the only way to kill someone revived by the Hand without causing another resurrection. Ward approaches him, asking that Harold is not killed in front of Joy. Bakuto tells Ward to hand over his phone and with Ward's phone, Bakuto calls Danny. He reveals that he has all Meachum's as hostages and shoots Joy in the stomach. He reveals that Joy should be okay if she arrives at a hospital within half an hour but threatens to murder all Meachums should Danny not surrender to him.

Hostage Situation

While they wait for Danny, Bakuto hands Ward a blanket to stabilize Joy's wounds. Eventually, time is up and Danny has not arrived. Bakuto draws his katana, claiming that it has killed kings, emperors, lords and tyrants and that he now has to use it on a businessman. He tells Harold not to move his head as he does not want to have to swing twice. He asks Harold whether he has any last words and Harold speaks to Ward, claiming that he spent his entire life raising Ward to be a great man. He claims that Ward has been the biggest disappointment of his life and apologizes to Joy for trusting Ward over her. Harold then tells Bakuto that he is ready to die and Bakuto raises his blade. However, before he can strike Harold down, Danny arrives. After Danny has surrendered to him, Bakuto lets Harold go who immediately rushes to his daughter's side. When Joy realizes that Danny is sacrificing himself for the Meachum's, she tries to prevent it but Harold coldly tells her to shut up and tells Bakuto to carry on.

Harold and Ward at the hospital.

After the enemies have gone, Harold and Ward rush Joy to a hospital. After Joy has been taken by doctors, Harold and Ward slowly head over to the waiting room. While Ward signs the files, Harold looks around, sees the sick people and tells Ward that he forgot how disgusting people are. He then admits that Ward bringing Bakuto to Harold's home reminded him of Harold's own relationship with his father. He claims that there came the time when Harold had to "topple the king" and admits that it took strength from Ward trying to kill him again. Harold tells Ward that he does not hold it against Ward and that Harold, Ward and Joy are now in charge of Rand Enterprises. Ward inquires about Danny and Harold tells him that whether Danny kills Bakuto or Bakuto kills Danny, Danny has served his purpose.

Harold is then called by Danny who reveals that he has taken care of Bakuto. Harold thanks him for that, claiming that Danny freed him from The Hand and that Harold can never repay him. Danny offers to come to the hospital but Harold claims that they have everything under control. However, he asks where Danny is staying and Danny tells him that he is at Colleen's dojo.

Losing Both Children

With the threat of The Hand removed, Harold prepares to return to public life. His first action is arriving at Rand Enterprises where he meets Ward at his office. When Jeri Hogarth recognizes him and claims that he has been faking his death which is fraud on the highest level, Harold asks Jeri to leave the room for a conversation with his son. After Hogarth is gone, Harold opens a secret safe which Ward was not even aware of. Ward is highly unhappy with Harold jumping into the spotlight like that but Harold makes clear that this is the last chance for Ward, who has lost against Harold repeatedly, to come aboard. Ward asks Harold what his plans for Danny are and Harold replies that Danny is of no use for him anymore.

Furthermore, Harold has made the drug trafficking ring inside Rand Enterprises public and Danny is thus a fugitive from the law. Ward claims that Harold owes Danny because Danny got rid off the Hand and saved Harold's life but Harold coldly dismisses it. Ward asks Harold whether Harold has been manipulating and messing with Danny since he came back but Harold smiles and claims that he has done so since long before then.

Harold is abandoned by Joy.

Eventually, Danny learns the truth about his parents' deaths from Madame Gao. Furious at Harold's treachery and manipulation, Danny intends to kill him. Meanwhile, Joy, who has been released from the hospital, visits Harold at Rand Enterprises. She confronts Harold with Danny's situation, accusing him of having Danny framed for the drug trafficking. Harold denies having anything to do with it but Joy does not believe him. She claims that she saw the file Harold had on The Hand's drug operations and that Danny was not mentioned even once. Harold tries to save himself by claiming that he withheld the documents incriminating Danny in order to not upset Joy. Joy claims that in this case, he could show her the documents now but Harold states that he handed everything over to the DEA. Joy does not believe him and furiously leaves the office.

Moments after Joy has gone, Ward turns up at Rand Enterprises. Now in league with Danny, he intends to help him obtain the data which would prove Danny's innocence. When he sees that Harold has assembled a private militia to protect him, Ward calls Danny and warns him. While he does so, he is attacked by Harold with a golf club and is knocked unconscious.

Last Stand

Harold awaits Danny's attack.

While he is dragging the unconscious Ward into his office, Harold is informed that Danny is on his way. He rounds up his men and tells them that Danny is not bullet proof. He then orders them to aim their guns at the elevator, expecting Danny to come from there. However, Danny instead swings in from the roof, entering the floor through the window. Colleen turns up as well and the two attack Harold's guards. During the struggle, Danny creates a blackout so Harold's men cannot shoot them. Meanwhile, Harold opens his safe and grabs a gun himself, casually threatening to hit Ward again should Ward interfere. Harold then walks out into the darkness, the last standing member of his team. Colleen walks up behind him, intending to kill him, but Harold turns around in the wrong moment. He aims his gun at her but Danny saves Colleen by using his fist to create a small quake that shatters the entire floor. After having been thrown off his feet by the earthquake, Harold intends to flee and heads up to the roof of the tower. Danny follows him and Harold, having anticipated the pursuit, lies in wait and shoots Danny into the hand. While Danny dives for cover, Harold loudly claims that the last time he was on top of the building was together with Danny's father. However, while Harold is talking, Danny attacks him from behind and throws him to the floor, running off again before Harold can open fire.

Although none can see the other, both accuse each other of destroying the other man's family. Harold claims that vengeance is the only thing he has left now and that he will neither eat, sleep or rest until he has killed Danny. Danny ambushes Harold by jumping on him from the top but Harold frees himself and picks up a pipe with which he attacks Danny. Harold drives Danny back to the edge of the roof. There, he knocks Danny to the floor but fueled by his anger, Danny jumps back up and attacks Harold again. Harold loses his balance and stumbles backwards, impaling himself on a antenna. Despite the mortal wound, Harold is amused. He tells Danny to come over to give "Uncle Harold" a hug and orders Danny to finish him off - knowing fully well that he will be resurrected. However, Danny refuses. He states that the battle is won and that he is done with Harold. He tells Harold that Harold will go to prison and that it will not be as nice as the last prison Harold was confined to.

Harold attempts to kill Danny.

Danny then turns around and ignores Harold who is still impaled on the pipe. While Danny walks off, Harold notices his gun lying on the floor nearby. He heaves himself off the antenna and grabs the gun. He fires at Danny but Danny, having finally come to peace with himself, uses his Iron Fist powers to deflect the bullet with his hand. Harold gets up to fire another shot but is shot in the chest himself. Watching behind Danny, he sees that Colleen and Ward have arrived on the roof and that Ward has shot him. Ward shoot again, hitting his father. Harold stumbles backwards and falls over the edge of the building to his death. To prevent further resurrection, Harold is incinerated, with only Danny and Ward in attendance.



  • In Ward's contact list, Harold is saved under Frank N. Stein.


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Season 1: Harold Meachum | The Hand (Madame Gao & Bakuto) | Jim Pierce
Season 2: Steel Serpent | Typhoid Mary | Turk Barrett