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Harpooned Bear is a minor antagonist from Ginga Nagareboshi Gin. Despite lasting in only one episode, this particular bear has served major plot points in regards to the dogs' boat shelter and their way to Gajou, Akakabuto's fortress.


Harpooned Bear is a large dark brown bear with three broken harpoons stuck in his back.


Several years ago, a fishing boat was passing by Hokkaido where a lone bear had swam into it. Then he began to kill and devour 25 fishermen, not before being speared in the back with three harpoons, which didn't inflict him.

As the ship was stranded in Aomori, two officers had investigated the ship's remains while the fishermen's loved ones remained outside. The officers were then killed by the bear, before coming in contact with the people. He then killed four people and then injured 11 people. Since then, the ship was abandoned and was used as a temporary shelter for Gin and the Ou Soldiers.

Upon moving into Ou, the bear has heard news about Akakabuto and then sought to enact his plan. The Harpooned Bear came across Kesagake, Akakabuto's highest lieutenant who was stronger and smarter than Madara and Mosa. Despite Kesagake's efforts, he was soundly killed by the Harpooned Bear, thus taking his spot.

The Ou Dogs who've been observing this event, attempted to take him down, but his solid steel-like muscles from swimming many kilometers prevented them from leaving a scratch on him. Several dogs were killed in the process afterwards. Just as he was about to kill Gin with one swipe, he had taken the opportunity to begin his plan. The bear's plan was to gather all of the Ou Soldiers together and bring them all to Gajou as his audience. As he was about to claim victory with defeating Akakabuto, he cowered in fear after finding out of how ginormous he was. He changed his mind and tried to join in Akakabuto's clan, but was killed with only one swipe after being refused.

Due to his involvement, this led to the Ou Soldiers' victory over Akakabuto's clan and taking over Futago Pass.


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