Harriet Hill

Harriet Hill

Harriet Hill is a minor character in the webcomic series Sandra and Woo.


Harriet was a strict, religious fanatic who appeared in the recent May 2014 story arc in which her son, Landon, was dating a girl named Larisa. Larisa had a very precocious personality, and she's also known as being a pyromaniac.


When Larisa first arrived at her house, she immediately found herself in conflict with Landon's mother regarding her wild nature. Harriet goes so far as to call up the Catholic Church in order to ask if they still did stake burning, and to her dismay, she found out that they didn't. After she commanded for Larisa to return to her home, she noticed that her son had a painting that Larisa had made for him in his room. She ordered him to throw the painting away and threatened bodily harm on him if he so much as tried to disobey her order. 

Later on, Landon met back up with Larisa, and they shared a kiss with each other. Michelle, one of the local bullies of the webcomic, notices this and calls Landon's mother about the situation. Instead of making the situation worse for Larisa and Landon, she instead lied to Harriet by saying that her son was expressing signs that he might be gay and that Larisa was keeping him on a straight path by dating him. It's implied that this lie will inspire Harriet into allowing her son to date Larisa in order to prevent him from becoming a homosexual. 



  • Harriet is currently one of the most hated characters in the webcomic because she embodies everything people hate about Christian fundamentalism.
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