Harris Ryland is a major antagonist in the 2012 revival series of Dallas and is the ex-husband of Bobby Ewing's wife Ann.

He is portrayed by Mitch Pileggi, who played Samuel Campbell in Supernatural and Norman Hill in Criminal Minds.


Harris Ryland is a big Texas transportation executive. During the first season his ex-wife Ann convinces him to pull trucks from Southfork to prevent oil being pumped by Bobby's brother JR. He later sends her a necklace and Bobby punches him, but has to apologize as Harris plans on pressing charges. He attempted to blackmail Sue Ellen and wanted her to launder money through her campaign, after finding out she tried to get her son off a hook of a murder he hadn't committed. But Ann records a confession of Harris and blackmails him to lay off Sue Ellen or she will ruin him.

In the second season it is revealed Harris and Ann had a daughter during their first marriage called Emma, who was apparently kidnapped as a small child when under Ann's care. He tells her he knows her whereabouts but wants the tape with his confession. When Ann does go to see Emma, she is hostile towards her. Its revealed that Harris and his mother kidnapped Emma and took her to England but never told Ann and put lies into her head that Ann was evil. Ann later confronts Harris and after discovering the truth, shoots him.

Harris survives and tells the police Bobby tried to kill him. But Ann confesses, but is later found not guilty due to the courts finding out about Harris' manipulation. Emma later realizes her father's nasty intentions and leaves to join the Ewings, much to Harris' frustration.

After the death of J.R Ewing, he teams up with J.R and the Ewing's rival Cliff Barnes to take them down. After an argument with his mother when she threatens to leave the country and remove Harris from power, she accidently causes her to fall down the stairs, but she survives and he pays doctors to take her away and keep her sedated so he can have full control of the trucking company.

In the season finale, the Ewings full fill a masterpiece of J.R's that he had planned which was to bring down Cliff Barnes and Harris Ryland. Harris is exposed for trafficking drugs and working for a cartel. Emma gets hold of a book with his deals and Harris is arrested and taken into custody. Shortly after, Cliff is arrested in Mexico after being set up for the murder of J.R.

Harris was later released after making a deal with the CIA in order to take down the Mexican Drug Cartel.


  • Mitch Pileggi had previously played Morrisey in the original series of Dallas.
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