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You're doing well. Your brother would have shot himself by now.
~ Harrison Love, to Alejandro, during their climatic duel

Harrison Love is the central antagonist of The Mask of Zorro.

He is a sadistic American US Cavalry captain who serves as Don Rafael Montero's right-hand man. When he kills Joaquín Murrieta, his brother Alejandro decides to team up with Don Diego de la Vega, the former Zorro and who was a personal vendetta against Don Rafael. He is the arch-nemesis of Alejandro Murrieta/Zorro.

He was portrayed by Matt Letscher, who also played Eobard Thawne in the Arrowverse and Vincent Shyer in Criminal Minds.


Captain Love killed Alejandro's brother and took his head for his "drink". After this, he joined Don Rafael as the don arrived in California. Together they planned to buy California on the gold mined from its own land in their gold mine. However, Alejandro, seeking revenge, met Zorro, Diego de la Vega, whose main enemy was Don Rafael, as the don had stole his daughter, Elena when she was a baby. Diego trained Alejandro to be his replacement, and together they planned to have revenge on Love and Montero, and to find out what their evil plan was.

When the two Zorros, after many weeks of training and spying, discovered the gold mine, Love told Montero that, as they already had mined all the gold to buy California, they shall need to blow up the mine with the miners, as the mine and the workers would be evidence that they had bought California on it's own gold. So Love and Montero prepared to blow up the mine with many barrels of gunpowder, but suddenly the two Zorros appeared and attacked the evil pair. Love fought with Alejandro, but his enemy eventually overcame him, revealed his identity, and finally impaled Love with his sword. As the dying captain fell to the ground, the huge cart of gold, pushed down from a higher level of the mine by Diego, fell over the higher level's edge and onto a screaming Love, crushing and gruesomely killing the evil captain.


Captain Love is a sadistic, ruthless and sick man, as he drank from pots in which the body parts of his killed enemies were kept (like Alejandro's brother). It is even implied he eats some of his trophies, as his monologue about the Peruvians suggests. His sadism is proven when he takes pleasure taunting Alejandro about his dead brother. And yet, in spite of his cruelty and sadism, he also can have a very charming, polite and even noble demeanor at times. For instance, when taking down Alejandro's brother, he says to him, "I want you to know I consider this an honor." Later, during a meeting with the Dons, Captain Love makes the observation that "I've always found heroism is something to aspire to, not sneer at." However, under this facade, he is a cold and psychopathic man completely without empathy about the suffering he causes. Captain Love has a taste for violence, hence why he became a mercenary and a assassin for Don Rafael. He has also a bad sense of humor, as the only things that can make him laugh are about violence and killing he himself causes. While he displays concern and attention to Elena, it is only because he is infatuated to her and not because of any genuine love, as he has no qualms risking her life in order to shoot Zorro.



  • Though Don Rafael Montero was the main antagonist of the film, Harrison Love served as Alejandro Murrieta's nemesis.


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