Harrison Post

Harrison Post is the main antagonist of the Fillmore! episode "Cry, The Beloved Mascot". He was a student reporter for the X Middle School Examiner until his dismissal.

He was voiced by Gary Leroi Gray.


Harrison Post started off as a local reporter working for editor-in-chief Verne Natoma. He is also shown to have made reports on the local school psychic Alistair Greystone, believing him to be a fake in general.

However, this was not the case when the school's pet lobster Lobstee was kidnapped during the game between the Bocce team (representing X Middle) and the Gilby team (representing another middle school), and when the word gets out, the Bocce team starts to lose hope. Natoma was thought to be the culprit as Alistair found a can of lobster treats inside Natoma's drawer, resulting Natoma to take a leave of absence while Harrison takes over as the new editor-in-chief.

Eventually, Fillmore and Third soon learned that Natoma was on surveillance footage when the word of the kidnapping reached out to the school, realizing that Natoma couldn't have done the deed. They suspected that Alistair is the culprit and took him into custody, but he confessed that the predictions that he got came from emails from an anonymous source detailing the clues about the kidnapping and that he was blackmailed into framing Natoma otherwise Alistair would be exposed as a fraud. Fillmore and Third soon learned that Harrison had the most to gain from both Natoma and Alistair's misfortunes, making them realize that he is the anonymous sender and true culprit behind the lobster kidnapping as he intends to exploit the loss of morale of the Bocce team for his own ambitions.

With this evidence, Fillmore, Third and Alistair confronted Harrison for his actions, but Harrison used an air horn to escape. While Alistair managed to track down Lobstee at the school's wet dock, Fillmore and Third tracked down Harrison, who explained that he made it his lifelong dream to become a better news reporter and that he wanted to become better than Natoma and Alistair in general. However, the duo pointed out that stealing an animal mascot for personal gain is not worth achieving such a dream and trapped Harrison in a lunar bounce cage.

With Lobstee returned to the school, the Bocce team's hopes are raised, allowing them to win the games against the Gilby team. It can be implied that Harrison will be dismissed from his job and given either detention or suspension for his villains actions.


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