Spirit of universe has slaughtered my happiness and so I must slaughter too. All who disrupt my garden of peace shall die!
~ Zhi's declaration
Why have you forsaken me? I get fired. My wife leaves me for a guy who sells refrigerators. My kids, grow up to be disrespectful brats. Now this... a Goddamn zombie outbreak? Seriously? Screw you, You piece of crap!
~ Last words before Harry "Zhi" Wong's Death

Harry "Zhi" Wong, is one of the psychopaths that Nick encounters in the video game; Dead Rising 3.

Zhi is one of the most unusual psychopaths. He is an old man who resides in a peaceful Chinese garden. However, it is quickly shown that Zhi is not as peaceful as his monk attire and mannerisms initially suggest. With the seven Psychopaths that embody the Seven Deadly Sins, Zhi embodies Wrath.

Dead Rising 3

Nick investigates the Chinese garden and is immediately welcomed by Zhi as the elder stands atop a pillar. Zhi states that he is a man who will take his wrath out on an uncaring universe and its inhabitants if anyone should disturb his peaceful meditation. Nick sees several zombies around, but also notices the corpses of innocent people who had the misfortune of wandering into the garden and were killed for "disturbing Zhi's peace". When a zombie runs into one of the gongs throughout the garden, Zhi is angered into attacking Nick, declaring that he will kill Nick for disturbing his peace as well.

When defeated, Zhi bemoans his loss and notes it as yet another failure in his life. He sadly notes how he was fired from his job, his wife left him for a refrigerator salesman, and his children grew up to be disrespectful brats. Zhi finally caves in from the pressure and, deciding it will be a good way to spite the universe for forsaking him once more, commits suicide via decapitation.


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