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Harry (sometimes known as Uncle Harry) is the main antagonist in Alvin and the Chipmunks animated television series. He was an anthropomorphic chipmunk who loved to take advantage of others and con them in order to make himself rich, even going as far as playing on emotions to get what he wants: such as when he managed to convince the Chipmunks he was their real uncle. Wwhen they found out the truth they returned to Dave and from that moment on their relationship was antagonistic.

In recent media, Harry no longer exists (at least not as of yet), and his role as one of the Chipmunks' main antagonists has instead been passed on to Ian Hawke, who has many of the same negative traits as Harry.


Harry is mean, greedy, dishonest and manipulative as he likes to act nicely to defraud people and steal their money. He is a con-artist that can't be trusted. Harry is a very narcissistic chipmunk who cares about nobody but himself and is loyal to only himself and his greedy dreams.



  • Harry is the first and so far the only villainous chipmunk in the series.
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