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Harry is a recurring antagonist of the Garfield franchise.


In most of his appearances, Harry is shown as an antagonist, but on some occasions, he is portrayed as an anti-hero. One instance is when he warns Garfield about Angel.

Harry loves to eat birds, and on two occasions Garfield had to save some bluebirds from being eaten by Harry. He has also been able to get jobs on occasion (e.g. working at Eddie Gourmand's Cheese Land).

Whilst Harry is usually portrayed as an alley cat, in the episode "Home for the Holidays", when he says that he wants to have some of the food, Arlene tells him that they will have food when they get home, implying that he lives with Arlene.

Harry has a job to become a teen cat for Dr. Whipple's behavior show when he revealed that he is actually pretending to be behave.


He is a stray alley cat with black fur and two different colored eyes, one green and one orange.


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