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Harold "Harry" Garner, otherwise known as The Monster, is the main antagonist of the Chick Tract entitled "Fairy Tales".

Fairy Tales

The Chick Tracts begins at a local prison. Harry was scheduled to be executed for a killing spree. Many people, Christians, and non-Christians alike all come to state their opinions on the crazed mass murderer. His parents were also there and they were wondering where they had gone wrong when they were raising him. 

We are then taken to see Harry as a young child. When he was younger, one of his baby teeth fell out, and his mother tells him to put it under his pillow so that the Tooth Fairy could get to it, and leave money in its place. Later on, Harry's father informs him that Santa Claus was coming to town next week. As a result, Harry gets his toys, and he was pleased. He later stated that he would never stop believing in Santa Claus, and this troubles his parents. They try to contemplate on whether or not they should tell their young son the truth or just let him find out on his own. Three months later, Harry meets with a man dressed up in an Easter Bunny costume. That day would change Harry forever.

Two bullies come up and tell Harry that Santa is never real and that his parents lied to him. Refusing to accept what they are saying as a fact, Harry attacks the bullies, and murders one of them. He is then taken to the nurse's office, and he is tied down to the bed for the other's protection. He then tries to ask his parents if Santa was real, and they reply to him that they made everything up, and Harry is angered even more than his own parents lied to him, and he vowed to not listen to anything they said to him anymore. Harry was then moved to a juvenile home after he had strangled his inmate to death. While he was on death row, a friend of his was trying to convince him about Jesus' purpose in coming to the Earth to save a sinner like himself. Harry refuses to listen to what his former friend had to say, whereas his inmate Jamal considered his friend's words and was released three years later.   

10 years later, Jamal becomes a chaplain and tries to convince Harry one last time that God would forgive him for his sins. Harry refuses for the last time, and he is executed 4 hours later. He is later thrown into eternal hellfire.  


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