Harold "Harry" Heck is a minor antagonist from the 2004 film The Punisher.

He was portrayed by Mark Collie.


Harry Heck is a professional killer, hired by Howard Saint  to kill Frank Castle. When Heck finds him, as a signature, he sings a song for him in a mariachi style, leaving him immediately after.  When Castle is aboard in his car, Heck follows him and manages to throw him out of the road after a long car chase pursuit. When he was about to kill Castle with his gun, the Punisher extracts his knife.  Believing it to be a normal knife, Harry Heck lowers his guard, but what he did not know that Castle has modified it into a ballistic knife, Castle pushes the button, the blade flies up and it stabs him in his throat, thus killing him.

Character Traits

Harry Heck is a cold and pitiless killer, who believes in a personal sense of honor, as a sort of reward (and as a personal signature) towards his victim-to-be, he writes a song for him and sings it moments before the killings.

Harry Heck is a skillful car driver, able to overcome the Punisher on the road, he is a capable gunman. He is also shown to be a quite skilled musician.


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