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"You bi-ch!".
~ Harry's last words to his niece Kat before he leaves Walford, after it had transpired that he sexually molested Kat and got her pregnant with Zoe at the age of 13.

Harry Slater is a major antagonist of EastEnders who appeared in 2001 from 3 May to 4 October. He is the younger brother of Charlie Slater and the rapist of his niece Kat Slater. In doing so Harry got Kat pregnant with two children, Kat's apparent young sister Zoe Slater and her twin brother Dermott Dolan.

He is played by Michael Elphick.


Harry Slater first came to Walford in 3 May 2001 to visit his older brother Charlie Slater. Most of the family welcomed Harry in his visit, but Charlie's daughter Kat storms out after seeing him.

It soon becomes apparent that whenever Harry and Kat cross paths, Kat frequently acts hostile towards Harry while Harry always tries to spark a friendship with Kat. This continues as Harry befriends Charlie's friend Peggy Mitchell. They eventually plan to get married in October 2001.

On the night before the wedding, Harry and Peggy each have their own stag parties to celebrate the preparations for their seemingly-happy upcoming future. But while Harry is having fun at his party, Peggy's party gets out of control when Kat learns that her sister Zoe plans to go to Spain with Harry and refuses to let her go. The two sisters end up arguing outside the street. When Zoe tells Kat that she can't tell her what to do because she ain't her mother, Kat blurts out that she is her mother.

Kat then explains to Zoe the truth about Harry; he raped Kat when she was 13 and got her pregnant with Zoe as the baby. Charlie has never known the truth about this and ended up raising Zoe as his daughter and Kat's sister. When Charlie hears about Kat's disagreement with Zoe and confronts them about it, he learns the truth and is incensed when Kat admits that Harry raped her and is the father of Zoe. Charlie then storms over to punch Charlie and continues attacking him until he gets restrained. Charlie then leaves after warning Harry that he'll kill him if he ever sees him again.

This causes Harry to realize that Kat told Charlie the truth about what he did to her. Harry later goes over to Charlie's house to explain his actions. Charlie disowns Harry and throws him out of the house. He also advises Harry to write Peggy a letter and claim that he has broken up with her to avoid the ordeal from escalating any further. Harry agrees and goes to shake Charlie's hand. But Charlie spits in Harry's face and calls him a monster.

Harry then leaves and encounters Kat. She confronts him for the way how she had to endure the impact of his sexual abuse and it led to him getting her pregnant. This surprises Harry, as he too wasn't aware that he got Kat pregnant and doesn't even know about Zoe being his daughter. Kat confirms this to him and tells Harry that she told Zoe about what he did and she hates him for it. Harry calls Kat a bitch and Kat continues to rebuff Harry as he leaves Walford in a taxi.

It is later revealed months later that Harry has died of a heart attack. He leaves money in his will to Kat and Zoe, but they reject it after still feeling disgusted at the way how he was towards Kat. It was by then that the truth about what Harry did to Kat came out in Walford and Peggy was shocked to learn about what kind of a person her fiance was. Kat also finds out that Harry abused other girls at the time when she was still a teenager. She then discovers that Zoe has a twin brother, thereby meaning that Harry had not knowingly obtained two children with Kat.



  • The impact of Kat's rape storyline with Harry received critical acclaim and led to EastEnders being nominated (and winning) some awards at the 2002 British Soap Awards.
  • Harry is similar to fellow EastEnders villain Archie Mitchell;
    • Both were wealthy businessmen.
    • Both were involved in a relationship and got engaged with Peggy Mitchell. The difference in the end was Archie married Peggy, while Harry didn't marry her.
      • Archie was also Peggy's brother-in-law since she previously married his brother Eric Mitchell.
    • Both committed incestuous rape back when their victims were just 13; Archie raped his own daughter Ronnie Mitchell, and Harry raped his own niece Kat Slater. The difference was that Harry got Kat pregnant as a result of her rape ordeal, while Archie never got Ronnie pregnant in the end.
    • Both were permanently ostracized from their family when the truth about their incestuous crimes came to light.
    • Both were rapists; Archie raped Stacey Slater before his rape of Ronnie was exposed, while Harry was revealed to have sexually abused multiple girls after it transpired that he molested Kat Slater.
    • Both are dead; the difference was that Harry died of a heart attack while Archie got murdered by Stacey Slater.