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Harry Warden is the overarching antagonist of the 2009 remake of the 1981 slasher film My Bloody Valentine. This Harry shares a similar backstory to the original, but is far more evil and brutal.

He was portrayed by Richard John Walters.


Harry Warden worked as a miner for the Hanniger Mining Company in the town of Valentine Bluffs. As an experienced miner, Warden butted heads with the rookie son of his boss, Tom Hanniger. One night, Tom forgot to bleed the lines, and Harry and five of his co-workers were trapped underground. In order to conserve oxygen for himself, Harry ends up killing the other miners with his pickaxe, but eventually fell into a coma. He was rescued months later and put into a hospital. Although, after finding out that Harry killed his co-workers on purpose out of selfishness, the police hoped he would not wake up. However, he did wake up a year later and murdered twenty-two people in his pursuit of vengeance. Dressed in his mining gear, Harry went back to the Hanniger Mine where Tom and his friends were having a party. He showed up and started killing people, eventually ending when he confronts and attempts to kill Tom. Before he can, two police officers show up and shoot him in the chest. Though wounded, Harry manages to make it out of the mines, out one of the escape hatches, but collapses from his injuries. The cops find him and execute him, afterwards secretly burying his body.

Ten years later, Harry's attack traumatized Tom Hanniger into developing a split personality based off of Harry's miner persona.


  • 1-5: Nameless miners - Killed with pickaxe, off-screen.
  • 6: Hospital Patient - Killed off-screen.
  • 7: Nurse - Killed off-screen, heart cut out and placed into candy box.
  • 8-22: Nameless people - Killed off-screen.
  • 22-23: Partygoers - Killed off-screen.
  • 24: Teenage Guy - Killed off-screen with pickaxe, heart cut out.
  • 25: Jason - Impaled in the back of the skull with pickaxe.
  • 26: Michael - Killed with pickaxe.
  • 27: Teenage Girl - Face split with shovel.


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