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Crowbars up!
~ Harry to Marv before their robberies
Merry Christmas, little fella. We know that you're in there. And that you're all alone.
~ Harry to Kevin
Yeah, Come on, kid. Open up. It's Santy Claus... and his elf!
~ Marv to Kevin

Harold "Harry" Lyme (also spelled as Lime) and Marvin "Marv" Murchins, also known as the Wet Bandits or the Sticky Bandits, are the main antagonists of the 1990 Christmas comedy film Home Alone and its 1992 sequel Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Marv later returns as one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside his wife, Vera) of Home Alone 4: Taking Back The House.

They are a duo of incompetent burglars who target rich and renovated houses, and later a store called Duncan's Toy Chest. They are the archenemies of Kevin McCallister.

Harry was portrayed by Joe Pesci, who also portrayed Tommy DeVito in Goodfellas, Ronald Grump in Sesame Street All Star 25th Birthday: Stars and Street Forever!, Frankie Monaldi in Once Upon a Time in America, Mr. Big in Moonwalker, Nicky Santoro in Casino and Russell Bufalino in The Irishman.

Marv was portrayed by Daniel Stern in the first two films and by French Stewart in Home Alone 4, the latter of whom also portrayed Richard Stahl.


Harry and Marv are greedy robbers who rob for money and cash, but are also very bad at being criminals as they are continually defeated by Kevin McCallister, who would proceed to cause all manner of cartoonish injury to the hapless duo in defense of his home (at least in the first movie). Despite their incompetence, Harry and Marv display ferocious determination in their pursuit of Kevin, and prove themselves to be extremely dangerous criminals when he is at their mercy, intending to torture him in the first film and outright attempting to murder him in the second. Furthermore, before encountering Kevin, Harry was able to learn which homes in the neighborhood would be empty for the holidays, and managed to correctly predict which homes automatic lights would activate at what time.

Individually, Harry is shown to be the more intelligent, no-nonsense and leader of the duo, but his short temper, overconfidence, the fact that he is unintelligent in his own right, and tendency to underestimate Kevin results in him not thinking things through and falling into Kevin's various traps. Him being the leader, Harry also often keeps Marv in line by stomping on his foot or telling him to "shut up", whenever he risks exposing them. He is more sadistic as shown when he threatens to bite Kevin's fingers off, "burn his head with a blowtorch", and "smack him right in the face with a paint can" after they captured him in the first movie.

However, Harry does show some signs of honor, as he was willing to spare Kevin's life in the second movie as long as he handed the camera over, but he seems to have only been trying to manipulate Kevin in order to get rid of the evidence against them. Harry also has some standards as he refuses to grope women for their looks; this was shown when he witnessed Marv getting slapped in the face by a beautiful lady for trying to hit on her, and he states that Marv deserves it for doing such a stupid thing. He also keeps Marv around despite the latter's lack of common sense hindering him and even shows some signs of caring for him such as when he checked in on him after Kevin threw a brick at him. Overall, Harry remains the more ruthless of the duo since he is more willing to kill others, even kids.

On the other hand, Marv is a rather gullible and cowardly individual, falling for Kevin's tricks and believing that there are people inside the McCallister house, as well as failing to notice Kevin's traps until he has fallen into them. That said, there are moments where he thinks things through better than Harry; often suggesting ideas for their schemes and preventing him from letting his temper cloud his judgment. Marv is also shown to be a bit more reasonable, despite being equally willing to kill Kevin after everything that he has put him through.

Marv is also displayed as more cautious than Harry on occasion, such as when they prepare to kill Kevin in Central Park; upon noticing the number of pigeons in the area, Marv begins to feel uneasy and suggests that they leave, but his words fall on deaf ears resulting in the duo being incapacitated by the Pigeon Lady. Marv also shows that he can be as ruthless as his partner when angered. For example, when confronting Kevin near the end of the first film, he not only supported Harry's decision to "bite all of Kevin's fingers off", but also wanted to "smash his face with an iron", and "shove a nail through his foot". This proves that Marv while not as smart and a bit kinder, can sometimes be as sadistic as his partner.

Eventually, in the fourth film, it is implied that Marv has had enough sticking with Harry due to the latter's abusive behavior before meeting up with Vera, implying that both Harry and Marv split up their partnership on bad terms.


Home Alone[]

Harry and Marv Escaped

Harry and Marv on a wanted poster

In the first film, Harry and Marv target houses around the neighborhood that are vacant. To ensure of this, Harry impersonates a police officer in order to discover which families will be leaving for Christmas. While robbing these houses, Marv tends to leave the water running and block the sinks, leading to the houses being flooded and the real law enforcement officers knowing which houses they've hit. Harry disagrees with Marv's practice, calling it "sick" and reminding Marv that they need to keep a low profile, but Marv claims that they need a calling card as "all the great ones leave their mark". However, the McCallister household, which Harry referred to as the "Silver Tuna", is the largest property in the neighborhood, and their most anticipated target.

However, 8-year-old child Kevin McCallister is home alone on Christmas Eve, having been accidentally left behind while the rest of his family went to Paris. Harry and Marv disguised as air conditioning technicians, and almost accidentally hit Kevin with their car. This is the moment Kevin recognizes Harry's golden tooth, the same fake police officer from earlier. Kevin manages to scare them off multiple times, but they eventually discover that he is alone and they have been tricked the entire time. Despite Marv's protests that they should not rob the house of a child that was left alone, Harry still persists with the robbery, declaring that the McCallister household to be the main reason he chose to rob the neighborhood in the first place.

Kevin overhears Harry and Marv discussing plans for breaking into his home at night, and as a response, sets up numerous cartoon-like booby traps around the house. They try to manipulate Kevin into opening the door for them, but after the first injury in the list below they separately attempt to enter the house and get to him, falling into the traps Kevin planned out for them and suffering many comedic dark injuries:

  • Kevin shoots Harry in the crotch with a BB gun through the dog flap and Marv in the forehead when he peeps his head through the flap.
  • Harry slips on the icy stairs to the front door twice, Marv falls down the icy stairs to the basement.
  • Marv pulls a trigger cord dropping an hot iron on his face, leaving a mark on his forehead, loses his shoes and socks on the tar-covered basement stairs and getting a nail in his foot.
  • Harry touches a red hot doorknob and gets the top of his head set on fire with a blowtorch, both leaving permanent scars seen in the second movie, then getting feathers blown in his entire body.
  • Marv stomping on spiky Christmas ornaments with bare feet and having to walk on them.
  • Both of them slip on toy cars and falling on their backs, then both getting smacked in the head with Kevin's paint cans.
  • Harry trips on a wire upstairs while Kevin puts a tarantula on Marv's face, causing Marv to panic and throw the spider into Harry's chest. Harry gets whacked in the stomach by a crowbar by Marv in a failed attempt to kill the spider, prompting an angry Harry to smack Marv in the left arm with the same crowbar.
  • And finally, both of them get cut down from a zipline and crash front first into the wall of Kevin's house.

Eventually, Harry and Marv manage to ambush and capture Kevin in one of the houses they have already broken into earlier, and decide to inflict the same injuries they have sustained on him in retaliation, but not before Harry gets to bite off each of Kevin's fingers one by one. Fortunately, Harry and Marv are knocked unconscious with a snow shovel by Kevin's elderly next-door neighbor Old Man Marley, whom Kevin had befriended earlier after learning that the rumors about him being a murderer were false. Marley then takes Kevin back home safely while the police (having been contacted by Kevin earlier) arrive and arrest Harry and Marv. With the bandits' plot finally exposed (no thanks to Marv always leaving the water running), the police arrests Harry and Marv on the charges for trespassing, breaking and entering, larceny, and damage. As the criminals are hauled into a police car, Harry glares at Kevin, who sarcastically smiles and waves as the Wet Bandits are driven away to custody. When the McCallisters return home, Kevin decides not to tell them about his encounter with Harry and Marv; however, his father Peter finds Harry's gold tooth on the floor, which had been knocked out the night before, much to his confusion.

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York[]

I never made it to the 6th grade, kid, and it doesn't look like you're gonna either.
~ Harry preparing to shoot Kevin

Harry and Marv return in the sequel, which takes place one year after the first film, breaking out of a prison in Chicago during a riot and traveling to New York City via a fish truck. After Marv renames themselves as the Sticky Bandits, they immediately begin seeking a new target to rob, after which they plan to acquire fake passports and flee the United States. They eventually decide to rob Duncan's Toy Chest, a successful toy shop that intends to donate all of its earnings to a children's hospital.

As fate would have it, Kevin has also made his way to New York, after accidentally boarding the wrong flight while the rest of his family went to Florida for Christmas. Upon encountering him, Harry and Marv pursue Kevin in order to exact revenge for their previous encounter. They eventually succeed in capturing him after Kevin got caught for using a stolen credit card at the Plaza Hotel and is forced to flee, with Marv telling Kevin of their plan, who secretly uses his recorder to record it. Kevin manages to escape from the duo into Central Park, but they refrain from chasing after him, deciding that he won't be able to survive the park at night by himself.

Harry and Marv later hide away inside the toy store to make sure it is left vacant by the staff and customers on the night of Christmas Eve, so that they can steal the money undeterred. Eventually, Kevin sets off the alarm by throwing a brick with a note tied to it in one of the store's windows after taking pictures of them robbing the store. The bandits are enraged at Kevin for doing this, so they pursue him with the money across New York only to end up falling into every one of Kevin's new traps that he set for them at his uncle Rob's renovated house, getting these new comedic injuries:

  • While leaving the store, Marv jumps on a seesaw and accidentally sends Harry flying into the sky and landing on a car, crushing it.
  • Kevin throws four bricks at Marv's face from a five-story building, one at a time.
  • Marv gets shot in the crotch, butt, and nose with a staple gun after he foolishly pulled on the "doorknob" string attached to the front doors too much.
  • Harry slips off the bottom of a ladder that was covered in soap, which even falls in his face.
  • Marv foolishly falls into a large hole in the floor after kicking open the front doors.
  • Harry gets downpoured with tons of handtools falling on him.
  • Marv slips in paint, and gets crushed by a shelf full of much more paint, then gets electrocuted by Kevin.
  • Harry gets his head on fire by a lightbulb trap after several misleading "good" lightbulbs, then dunks his head in the toilet and blows up because of paint thinner (but survives with soot on his face).
  • Marv tugs on a rope, then tugs harder to climb and gets pounded with concrete mix.
  • Harry climbs up a broken ladder, then falls as it cracks from the top.
  • Both of them are crushed in the face by a giant pipe column from Kevin after dodging the paint buckets, and fall really far, even down an extra floor through the giant hole, then get crushed in the face again as Kevin drops it on them from even higher.
  • Both of them get crushed by a door as a giant toolbox barreling down the stairs pushes it on them, breaking their noses briefly before fixing them.
  • As they climb down the rope to finish off their misadventure, Kevin lights the kerosene covered rope on fire, forcing them to drop down several stories, landing on a seesaw that absolutely soaks them in varnish.
Sticky Bandits

Harry and Marv capturing Kevin McCallister

Eventually, they manage to capture Kevin again when he slips on some ice in the pavement after calling the police on a pay phone. Taking the chance to settle their score with Kevin, the bandits take him into Central Park, where Harry seizes the photos before pulling a revolver from his jacket and preparing to kill Kevin. Thankfully, not only does the gun turn out to be jammed after being covered in varnish due to Kevin's booby traps, but the pigeon lady (whom Kevin has made friends with earlier) intervenes and throws bird seed on the bandits; the varnish causes the bird seed to stick onto the Harry and Marv, resulting in the duo being incapacitated by a large flock of pigeons, causing some of their feathers to be stuck onto the varnish. Kevin then takes the chance to light up fireworks in order to mark the bandits' positions to catch the attention of the arriving police.

As the officers handcuff and arrest the criminals after discovering the photos and the cassette tape with a note labled "Bad guys saying they'll kill me" that Kevin used as evidence, Harry angrily kicks Marv for blurting out their plot to the police, and they are soon sent back to prison. The police then return the money to the toy store and inform Mr. Duncan what had happened with Mr. Duncan informing that the money must be sent to the hospital for the sick children as the police tell Mr. Duncan that they'll have it sent immediately, and Mr. Duncan gladly accepts Kevin's note before a truckload of gifts were delivered to the Plaza Hotel to give Kevin as a reward for foiling the robbery on Christmas morning.

Home Alone 4[]

Marv and Vera

Marv and Vera

Marv returns in the fourth film this time as one of the secondary antagonists. This time, he is joined by his wife Vera and mother Molly. They plan to kidnap the prince of a visiting royal family and hold him for ransom. Marv explains that Harry's plans resulted in them being imprisoned twice, so Marv grew tired and decided to sever ties with Harry, implying that that both Harry and Marv separated on bad terms.

However, Kevin ends up crossing paths with Marv again as his dad, who is about to divorce his wife, is dating a rich woman named Natalie, whom the royal family are due to visit. Eventually, Marv is defeated once again, and he, along with his wife and mother, end up being arrested and sent to prison.

Other appearances[]

Daniel Stern unofficially reprised the role of an older Marv in 2015, in response to Macaulay Culkin reprising his role as Kevin McCallister in the web series :DRYVRS. In the episode, an adult Kevin kidnaps and tortures a carjacker, and Marv now feared retribution from his old nemesis. He attempts to make contact with his former partner Harry, warning him that the "kid is back". The video cuts to black and Marv can be heard screaming, implying that Kevin tracked him down. It is unknown what happened to Marv afterwards.


We'd better get out of here before somebody sees us.
~ Harry falling for one of Kevin's tricks.


  • Director Chris Columbus' biggest fear as a kid was burglars. It's part of why he wanted to make this movie.
  • Michael Richards, Jeremy Irons, Tim Robbins and Christopher Lloyd were considered for the role of Marv, but were too busy with other projects and scheduling conflicts at the time.
  • John Heard and Daniel Stern appeared in C.H.U.D. (1984).
  • Joe Pesci and Catherine O'Hara appeared in Betsy's Wedding (1990). That movie featured Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy, who were frequently directed by John Hughes.
  • On the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Daniel Stern said he wished Jack Lemmon would have played Harry because he always wanted to work with Jack, and didn’t have much chemistry with Joe Pesci.
  • Leads Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern each appeared in films inspired by the life of mobster Henry Hill in 1990, the same years as the release of this movie. Daniel Stern appeared in "My Blue Heaven", which is inspired by Hill's life in witness protection while Joe Pesci starred in "Goodfellas", a more direct adaptation of Hill's life.
  • This is the 2nd movie in which Joe Pesci plays a plumber. In the 1983 classic "Easy Money" with Rodney Dangerfield, Pesci plays Nicky Cerone. He was the owner of "Nicky's Royal Flush Plumbing." He had the line, "Who am I? I'm the guy who put the bathrooms in this joint!"
  • The broken Christmas ornaments that Marv stepped on in Home Alone were actually candy. For all his barefoot scenes after Marv lost his footwear on the tar-covered stairs, Daniel Stern wore rubber feet for the outdoor part of those scenes.
  • In Home Alone, Daniel Stern improvised Marv's lines "Why the hell are you dressed like a chicken?" and "Maybe he committed suicide."
  • Daniel Stern originally dropped out of playing Marv after being told by Chris Columbus before shooting began that the production schedule had been extended from six weeks to eight, and that he would not be paid for the additional two weeks. Stern was subsequently replaced by Daniel Roebuck, but after two days of rehersal, Columbus felt that Roebuck lacked chemistry with Joe Pesci and brought Stern back. Roebuck was initally upset at being fired, but would later consider the experience to be "a little blip of unimportance".
  • During shooting of Home Alone, Joe Pesci, who is known for playing short-tempered characters, forgot he was in a family-friendly movie during Harry's tantrums. As a result, he was advised by director Chris Columbus to say "fridge". Ironically, Marv can be heard uttering out "shit" after his shoe falls through the McCallister's dog door.
  • This is one of two movies in which Joe Pesci and John Candy consecutively appeared (in year terms), with John Williams as the composer. The other being JFK (1991). In addition, Pesci also appeared in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992), also composed by Williams.
  • In Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Daniel Stern said that a pigeon flew into his mouth and stated "the taste was revolting".
  • Macaulay Culkin and Joe Pesci were somewhat enemies in real life. During filming of the first Home Alone, Pesci accidentally bit Culkin after getting too serious with his role, leaving a permanent scar. Culkin angrily berated Pesci, saying "I don't care how many OSCARS you have, or whatever, don't go biting a nine-year-old! What the heck's wrong with you!?".[1] It is also said that Pesci intentionally avoided Culkin on set in order to make him genuinely frightened by the sight of him. Their next altercation occurred on the set of Home Alone 2 when Culkin jokingly asked Pesci why he never smiled. Pesci told him to shut up. The feud between Culkin and Pesci has inspired the first "The Joe Pesci Show" skit on Saturday Night Live (where Jim Breuer portrayed Pesci); the skit ended with Pesci hitting Culkin on the head with a paint can (a reference to a scene from Home Alone) and saying that he laughed when Culkin died in a scene from My Girl. However, Culkin and Pesci held some respect for each other, as Pesci (and everyone else) on-set was amazed with how mature and professional Culkin was. He even told Entertainment Weekly, "Mac is not like a nine-year-old. He's an old man already."
  • The 1995 film Bushwhacked (which stars Daniel Stern) was originally going to be a spinoff of Home Alone in which Marv was to reform, only to get set up for a crime that he didn't commit.
  • Daniel Stern, who played Marv in the first two films, was approached to reprise the role of Marv in Home Alone 4, but he declined it after reading the script, calling it "an insult, total garbage." On the other hand, Joe Pesci was never approached to reprise his role as Harry, likely because he had retired from acting by then. Instead, Harry's name is only mentioned.
  • On December 24, 2015, Daniel Stern posted a video on his Facebook and YouTube channel, reprising his role as an older Marv pleading for Harry to help him as Kevin is back and targeting all home invaders in a sadistic manner, recalling the injuries they got when they fell for Kevin's booby traps. Marv then hears someone approaching and the video cuts to black as the sound clip of Marv screaming when Kevin put the tarantula on his face from Home Alone is heard. The video itself is a response to the DRYVRS episode that featured Macaulay Culkin reprising his role as an older Kevin and torturing a home invader (which, in actuality, was a carjacker).


  • The look for Marv and Harry was based on Fagin, the Jewish thief in Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist.
  • Harry and Marv's van is a 1986 Dodge Ram.
  • In Home Alone 4, Marv's appearance (besides a different actor) resembles closely of that to Harry, with a similar hat and clothing.
  • Harry wears a wedding ring throughout this movie. You can see it for the first time when he's dressed as the police officer, and he has it on throughout the rest of the movie, as well. His possible wife is never mentioned during this movie, though so it is implied that he is likely divorced. Ironically, the Harry-like depiction of Marv would be the one who is married in Home Alone 4.
  • The van that Harry (Joe Pesci) drives has "Oh-Kay Plumbing" on the side of it. Pesci is remembered for his character, Leo Getz, saying "OK, OK, OK, OK" in the Lethal Weapon films.
  • The "Oh-Kay Plumbing" van that Harry and Marv drive has a slogan that says "Your flood control experts." This is funny because Marv wants them to call themselves the "Wet Bandits" and leaves the water running after robbing houses.
  • When Marv is about to enter the basement the windows on the door looks like the light is on but when he opens the door the light is off.
  • It's shown in the second movie that Marv is Jewish, since he said to Kevin that "America don't fly to the Promised Land". Later, he declared "Happy Hanukkah" to himself as he robbed Duncan's Toy Chest. His actor Daniel Stern is Jewish in real life.
  • The McCallister doorknob burn on Harry (Joe Pesci) at the beginning of the house raid is an homage to the main poster used to advertise M (1931).
  • Funko released Pop! toys of Kevin McCallister, Harry Lyme, and Murchins from this movie.
  • In the scene where Harry is hit on the stairs and gets hit by the paint can, he lands on Marv who later remarks "You're missing some teeth!". If you listen closely, you can actually hear Harry's gold tooth bounce off the floor after he lands face down on top of Marv.
  • Kevin shooting Marv in the forehead with Buzz's air rifle. The caps were not real, hand-painted and were animated in post-production.
  • The only screen time Harry Lime has with Kevin's family in this movie and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, is at the beginning of this one, when he is at the McCallister house impersonating a police officer. Marv Murchins on the other hand, does not have any screen time with Kevin's family in either movie.
  • The Competent Robbers are minor villains from the Family Guy episode "Christmas Guy". They appear in the fictional movie Home Alone with Competent Robbers. Unlike the comedic and incompetent Harry and Marv, these robbers are deadly serious and good at their job, easily avoiding Kevin's traps and killing him, leaving no witnesses. These versions of the characters were also more evil, as they murdered Kevin ruthlessly and unprovoked.
  • A popular rumor is that in an original screenplay for Home Alone, Harry and Marv were the secondary antagonists, having been hired by Kevin's cheapskate uncle Frank (played by Gerry Bamman in the film), who was jealous of his brother Peter's wealth, to rob Peter's and the other houses in the neighborhood and get Kevin. This rumor has not been confirmed. Additionally, the original screenplay ended with the duo in prison watching Angels with Filthy Souls (the gangster movie Kevin watched and later used to trick a pizza delivery boy and Marv earlier in the film) with their fellow inmates.
  • In a deleted scene from Home Alone, Harry declared that his motivation for robbing houses on Christmas was due to his hatred of the commercialization of the holiday. This scene was deleted as it would have made him and Marv too sympathetic and undeserving of the injuries inflicted upon them after falling into Kevin's traps.
  • Harry is the more violent and vigilant one of the two, whereas Marv's the more cowardly, slightly more compassionate and stupider one.
  • The van that Marv and Vera drove in the fourth film is similar to that of the one that he and Harry drove in the first film.
  • Both of them can be described as superhuman in reality as most of Kevin's traps can deal damages that are great enough to paralyze them in one shot and even outright kill them, especially in Home Alone 2, where Harry is flung into the air and lands on a car roof with enough force to make it to collapse under him, and Marv has several bricks dropped on his head from a three story building.
  • According to the Internet Movie Firearm Database, Harry carried what appeared to be a Smith & Wesson Model 10 Revolver when he was in his cop disguise.[2] In Home Alone 2, Harry appears to use a Colt Police Positive.
  • According to real doctors, the injuries that Harry and Marv sustain would be worse in real life to the point that they would have been crippled if not dead.
    • In the Screen Junkies video Honest Action - Home Alone, it was determined that the injuries sustained in Home Alone and Home Alone 2 would kill Harry eight times over and kill Marv thirteen times over. Harry was the first of the duo to die, his slipping on the frozen front steps the second time potentially resulting in a broken neck.
  • In the video game "Hitman" there is a huge reference to Harry and Marv in Agent 47's targets in the Christmas edition of the Paris level: Harry "Smokey" Bagnoto and Marv "Slick" Gonif.
  • The newspaper at the beginning of Home Alone 2 is the only time their full names are revealed: Harry Lyme and Marv Merchants.
  • There are two hints that Harry is Christian, and Marv is Jewish:
    • Harry refused to enter a Catholic church.
    • Marv tells Kevin about the Promised Land.
    • When they rob Duncan's Toy Chest, Harry wishes himself, "Merry Christmas, Harry," and Marv wishes himself, "Happy Hanukkah, Marv."


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