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Harvey Gaskell is a major antagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street. He serves as the secondary antagonist in 2021.

He was portrayed by Will Mellor.


Harvey Gaskell is a ruthless drug lord from Weatherfield whose first storyline saw him deal with his henchman Jacob Hay for attempting to double cross him. He then confronts Jacob's associate Simon Barlow in Weatherfield and forces him to repay Jacob's debt to him, otherwise he would hunt him down.

At somepoint, Simon informs his mother Leanne Battersby about the situation and she is forced to help Harvey with his demands. Later on she entraps Harvey to the police and he is arrested. Then he begins a manhunt on Leanne and Simon, which forces them along with Leanne's lover Nick Tilsley to go into witness protection program so they can hide from Harvey and his wrath. Growing impatient with the events, Harvey summons his aunt Sharon Bentley to the street and demands that she help him out.

Sharon soon comes across Nick's young son Sam Blakeman and decides to use him in Harvey's plan. She does have a change of heart, but Harvey forces her to continue with his plans after threatening to kill her if she didn't do as she was told. Sam ends up getting kidnapped by Harvey's goons, but is rescued by local businessman Gary Windass before she herself flees on her own. Sharon later betrays Harvey by collaborating with Leanne's testimony against him, and he is found guilty before being sentenced to a lengthy prison stint off-screen.

Four months later, Harvey broke his hand in prison which got him onto a prison van that crashed into the Alahans' car. When Kevin Webster showed up to the scene, Harvey knocked him out and used his phone to tell his dodgy mates to not let the plan leave without him. He then breaks Kevin's phone, steals his pickup truck and leaves to Weatherfield to kill Leanne. When he gets there, he confronts her with a wrench. He then uses her phone to make a group chat with Simon and Toyah Battersby and tells them to go to the Bistro. Harvey then ties up Leanne and holds her hostage. She manages to escape but he runs after her. She tries to get help but everyone laughs thinking it's part of Horrornation Street. Harvey catches up with her and says that he "waited a long time for this". As he swings the wrench, he falls into a sinkhole. Simon, Toyah and the police find Leanne. After this, Leanne is scared and on edge. She goes to the flat to find Nick but before she does, Natasha Blakeman, who was wearing the same costume as Leanne, goes to the flat. Before that, Harvey wakes up, finds a gun, points it at a random biker and steals his bike and his phone. He calls his pal and says he is running late but he will get on that flight. He goes to the flat and breaks down the door, he couldn't see anyone but in the corner of his eye, he sees Natasha. While thinking it's Leanne, he shoots her and leaves the flat. Nick and Leanne find her and as Nick tries to stop the bleeding, Leanne got in her car to get help but Harvey was in the car and threats to shoot her if she doesn't drive him to where his friend's plane is. Before she drives, he admits he meant to shoot her but does not care that he shot someone else. After driving for a bit, she tells Harvey she is not scared of him and knowing there is no airbag where he is sitting. She speeds up in the car and crashes it. The day after, during Natasha's surgery, they could not stop the bleeding which led to her dying. This made everyone including Nick and Sam really sad.

Roy Cropper implied that Harvey is okay and they put him back in prison. It is very likely that they also charged him with escaping and murder.



  • He made a total of 27 appearances throughout his duration on the show.