Let's see what you're made of, comedy boy.
~ Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarskii taunts Travis Touchdown

Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarskii is a fictional character in the 2007 videogame No More Heroes. He is a Russian assassin and stage magician who gives shows for large audiences and kills his opponents on stage while performing. He is the fourth ranked assassin in the United Assassins Association.


Volodarskii is about the same height as Travis. He has long black hair, wears an extravagant magician outfit that has patterns on his outfit and sparkles falling off the sleeves. He also wears a mask that covers a small part of his face.


When Travis Touchdown was about to confront the forth ranked assassin, he encountered Silvia Christel in a dress. Both Travis and Silvia attend one of Volodarkskii's performances. During his performance some of Volodarkskii's tricks include the Guillotine illusion, and knife to the throat. Harvey evenutally seeked an assisstant from the audience. He selected Travis from the audience to assist him onstage. A brief conversation between the two reveals for the first time during the game that Travis' parents are dead. Harvey's assistants restrain a willing Travis under a large circular saw in an attempt to do Travis in before the fight even starts, but Travis manages to escape the trap. The two assassins fight each other while Harvey was performing his magic act.

Boss Battle

Harvey fights using two beam stakes, as well as several of his magic tricks. Some magic tricks include; summoning a flock of doves, teleporting, literally flipping the stage upside down. His most dangerous "magic trick" however is placing Travis in an exploding box, and if he doesn't excape on time, it's an instant kill. but is ultimately blinded when Travis throws his beam katana across his eyes, and is soon after restrained by his own assisstants, and gets sliced vertically in half by the same large circular saw that he tried to kill Travis with during the start of his performance.


  • It's likely that Harvy has a fear of the dark, or Nyctophobia, because when Travis blinds Harvey with his Beam Kitana, Harvey asks and begs anyone to turn on the lights.
  • Harvey bears a strong resemblance to the magician; Criss Angel.

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