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Wanna be in a movie?
~ Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein is a one-time villain from the Netflix original series, Paradise P.D., only appearing in the episode "Paradise Found". He is a fictionalized version of the real life famous yet discredited film producer and sex offender, who was initially hired by Thester to work for the Legion of Dooooom before Fitz said that he was too disgusting for even them to have on their team, leading to Weinstein's swift termination.

He was voiced by Roger Black.


In "Paradise Found", Thester showed Fitz his new evil plan, wherein he assembled all of the worst evildoers around Paradise and got them together to join at team called The Legion of Dooooom, which he was destined to lead. The pivotal figures of The Legion of Dooooom were Frank Flipperfist, Jerry Flipperfist, Pedro Pooptooth, Edna Dorsaldigits, Puffy the Cigarette, Pat Robertson, and Harvey Weinstein, who was seen in the corner of the room, having sex with a decorative potted plant. Fitz was appalled by the presence of Harvey Weinstein and told Thester that he took things too far by including him on the team. Thester didn't understand Fitz's anger, as he believed that they were villains, who wanted to do evil. Fitz said that while that may have been true, endorsing a sexual offender was too low down, even for them and demanded that Weinstein be fired on the spot. The episode ended with Harvey Weinstein asking the ficus tree if it wanted to be in a movie, which got him slapped across the face by one of its branches.


Harvey Weinstein is a fat, hairy, creepy, gross-looking Caucasian man with extremely pale skin that looks almost completely white. He has thinning grayish-brown hair, pale flushed lips, a droopy pear-shaped face with a double chin, wrinkles on his forehead, and crows feet by his eyes. Harvey Weinstein is obese, flabby and covered from his chest to his genitals in unkempt and unshaven hair. He also has very thick and of course, hairy legs. Harvey Weinstein wears a light blue bathrobe that's open at the front and he has nothing else, meaning that his dick is exposed to the public.


Harvey Weinstein is a disgusting, perverted, sex-obsessed old man, who has a long history of sexually assaulting women, mainly his co-workers. He uses his power as a famous filmmaker as a way to excuse himself for every one of his crimes and misdemeanors and even as a way of helping him with his wrongdoings. Harvey Weinstein harasses women and tells them that he can give them roles in his movies in exchange for sexual favors, that they'd normally never consent to. Obviously, he is misogynistic, rude to women, and people of the female sex despise and dread even going near him, as he makes them feel very uncomfortable and highly unsafe. Harvey Weinstein is a nymphomaniac, who can't keep his hands to himself and in the absence of any decent women, he would even go as far as to have sex with a ficus plant, as seen in his brief appearance in the show.


  • The fact that Harvey Weinstein is portrayed as a perverted sexual predator who got fired from his job is a reference to the fact that in real life, Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted over ninety women, which eventually got him canceled by the #MeToo movement on October 8, 2017.
  • Harvey Weinstein holds the record for shortest runtime as a member of The Legion of Dooooom, having been fired from his job, mere minutes after the team was first established.


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