Harvey: Verne, I really don't like it when you tease the dogs.
Vernon: What are you, some kind of animal lover?
~ Harvey and Vernon

Harvey and Vernon are Dr. Herman Varnick's henchmen and the secondary antagonists in the 1992 family comedy Beethoven.

Harvey was portrayed by Oliver Platt, who also portrayed Carl Anheuser in 2012, Apollo in Gods Behaving Badly, and High Priest in Year One, and Vernon was portrayed by Stanley Tucci, who also portrayed Frank in Jury DutyGeorge Harvey in The Lovely Bones, Lord Roderick in Jack the Giant Slayer, Mr. Jefferson Jasper Rene Berk in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl and Berand Joshua Joyce in Transformers: Age of Extinction.


Harvey and Vernon are first seen in the opening in Dr. Herman Varnick's lab, carrying a cage. Harvey and Vernon then proceed stealing puppies from The Pet shop but stop short when Harvey accidentally steps in the beam forcing the two to run for it. One of the puppies, a St. Bernard puppy outwits them and escapes their van and finds the Newton family.

Later, Harvey and Vernon capture Sparky the Jackrussel terrier who helped Beethoven escape their van.

Once Varnick gets a hold of Beethoven, he had Harvey and Vernon take the St. Bernard to the testing area. Later before the climax, Varnick orders them to bring Beethoven for the ammo test and "bring me a little one for this chemical test." Vernon decides to use Sparky the Jack Russell for the chemical test. After subduing Beethoven, Varnick prepares to shoot at him but George smashes into the area. When Varnick is sedated by Ted driving the van into the wall, Vernon and Harvey try to Make a run for it. Ted orders the dogs to "sic them" and the chase is on. with the two men desperately trying to get away knocking people and objects over in their haste. Eventually, Harvey and Vernon reach a junkyard gate and climb over it, taunting Beethoven and the other dogs. However, much to their horror, they made a near-fatal mistake when they discover four vicious dobermans on the other side guarding the junkyard and they both scream with terror as the dobermans attack them.

Harvey and Vernon are last seen in bandages as they are being arrested along with their boss.


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