The Hashmal is a Mobile Armor left over from the Calamity War and an antagonist in Mobile Suit Gundam: IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.


Hashmal has a streamed-lined, bird like appearance, with a metallic gray body with red highlights. The head of Hashmal is long, having a piece of red armor that covers its beam cannon with two spikes on the back of its head. Its wings are short and blocky. Its giant legs are equipped with sharp talons, ready to tear apart any Mobile Suits. On its back, the Hashmal has a tail with a sharp harpoon-like spike.


During the Calamity War, the Hashmal was one of the Mobile Armors that killed a quarter of humanity. Eventually, it was trapped and buried in a large field of half-metal on Mars, causing it to went dormancy.

When the Tekkadan was mining for half-metal on the Mars, they discovered the Hashmal and reported it to McGillis Fareed, who instantly send a group to investigate and had Tekkadan to evacuate the crew in the half-metal mine. During McGillis's investigation, Iok Kujan suspected McGillis trying to earn an Order of Seven Stars by destroying the Hashmal. Iok then ignored McGillis's warning and protest, thus getting too close to Hashmal, awakening it. The Hashmal and its Plumas easily wiped out Iok's squad, forcing him to retreat.

Then, the Hashmal had the Plumas to collect fuel and materials by attacking site rich in them. Soon, the Hashmal had enough fuel and materials and started moving towards to the city Chryse, attempting to slaughter the population in it. The Tekkadan set up a trap to bury the Hashmal. However, Iok, who wanted to avenge the men who sacrificed themselves to save him, fired at Hashmal, thus distracting it, causing it to move towards an Agricultural Center. Ride Mass used his Shiden to block the Hashmal's beam,but the beam was diffused by Shiden's armor, thus the beam still ended up striking the Agricultural Center, killing its civilians. Ride was also nearly killed by the Plumas, however, he was saved by Mikazuki.

Mikazuki then battled Hashmal with his Gundam Barbatos Lupus, the two entered a furious battle, heavily damaging each other. In the end, the Gundam Barbatos Lupus grabbed the Valkyrja Buster Sword of Helmwige Reincar and used it to land a strike to the core control unit of Hashmal, ultimately destroying the Hashmal and disabling the Plumas for good. The tail of the Hashmal was then scavenged and transplanted on the Gundam, upgrading it to Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex.

Powers and Abilities

The Hashmal is a Mobile Armour, which is controlled by its own artificial intelligence. It is independent and has a meant of killing humans. The Hashmal is a ground type Mobile Armour that is capable of creating small unmanned units called Plumas, which can repair the Hashmal. It has a beam cannon, which can easily destroy a city, its claws and the sharp tail can also easily destroy any Mobile Suits. The Hashmal is controlled by its core control unit, which is the Hashmal's weak point.



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