Hati was a tertiary class pallasite. He is not a human. As a pallasite, his time control and another powers, depends of his weapon (dagger) and with out it, the distortions made by him disappears.


Hati search for Kouga in Japan with his super-hearing, to kill him. Kouga kills Abzu, when Hati kill him, he will get a promotion to secondary class. He hears Haruto conversation with Kouga and Subaru about leaves the office of the saint and dedicates only to the Rock. So, Hati wants to kill Haruto to get a promotion, and Subaru and Kouga leaves his show to fight against Hati, but with his super hearing, he hears the moves of bones of the two opponents, and predicts his moves. Just after, Haruto leaves his own show, to help Kouga and Subaru, and to forces Haruto to fight seriously, Hati freeze the time of the people in Haruto's show.... Haruto decides fight against him, and with a howl, Haruto deafens Hati, and Kouga attacks him, but Rhea saves Hati. How Hati gets away, the people frozen continued frozen, and Haruto comprises he need to fight and leaves the rock, to the world have people to hear his rock.

n the base of Steal Saints, Hati try to again kill Kouga, and freezes the time of steel saints there, but Erna resists the time freeze; Subaru, with no cloth, can't fight. With his dagger, Hati kill Eruna, and Subaru uses his cloth to defeat Hati again. He gets hatred by Kouga, to stop his promotion, because Kouga were not killed by him.

Together Thebe, Hati goes to invade Pallaestra and fights after Aegir's defeat, but gets away after Seiya acts.

In Pallasbelda, again with Thebe, does a scheme: Thebe will distract Eden and other saints out of hiding places (where refugees hides, and has a road to Pallas Castle) to Hati destroy the road to Pallas Castle and kill the citizens there. But, Celeris saves the citizens, defeating Hati, and he swears revenge; Hati gets away of the hiding place, because Thebe invoked a meteor that will kill everybody there.

After, Hati's tries avenges on Celeris, and goes to underground tries kill him. But, Celeris defeats Hati and die just after.

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