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Ah, Mai Shiranui. Didn't you expect to be a beautiful girl like you? Well, I can kiss you just now.
~ Hauer Blitzer in the Cloverway dub, speaking to Mai before turning her head towards him.
(laughs maliciously) Enjoy being with Andy! Fools.
~ Hauer Blitzer in the Cloverway dub, calling out to Mai before disappearing.

Hauer Blitzer is one of the supporting antagonists in Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture. He is one of Magaki's sworn enemies and one of the love interests of Rose Bernstein. He is also the oldest of the Blitzer family.

In Japanese, he was voiced by Shô Hayami. In English, he was voiced by Paul Dobson and John Eric Bentley.


Jamin, Hauer, Panni were servants of the Gaudeamus family of Rhodos Island, and each of them had special powers relating to the elements. When Laocorn decided to search for the six pieces of the Armor of Mars and be the owner of its divine power, the three followed him, even though Jamin and Panni secretly disagreed with their master's new ways. Together, they found two pieces of the armor before retrieving another one from Cheng Sinzan, who they made wear a special mind controlling mask and used him to find Laocorn's sister, Sulia.

When Sulia recruited the help of Terry and Andy, Joe and Mai to find the pieces of the armor before Laocorn, the three of them were sent to follow Sulia and her partners. Hauer followed Andy and Mai, and was eventually revealed by Billy Kane in Duck King's nightclub. Enraged by Mai saying Andy is more handsome than him, Hauer threatened Andy and left in a gust of wind. Hauer followed Andy and Mai to the Hebei Province, in China, and easily defeated them, tooking away a piece of the armor which Andy had retrieved. After Laocorn acquired the breastplate of the Armor, only the mask was left missing, so he sent Jamin, Hauer and Panni to Jerusalem, Israel where Sulia discovered it to be the location of the last piece.

The three of them confronted Mai and Andy, while Hauer was able to make Joe and Terry pass out, but Hauer and Panni were defeated while Jamin took Sulia to Laocorn. It's not clear what happened to him after this. The last time we see him, he is lying on the ground after being vanquished by a vicious slap from Andy, coughing up blood while Mai asks if he’s dead.

The Legendary Love of Destiny

Hauer's past is told by himself: he is born in Brazil to Jimmy, who is a motorcycle driver, and Bonnie, who is a dedicated housewife. At the age of five, they move to Lisbon, Portugal. On his way to his first day of elementary school, he found the white armor and touches it, this suits him forever. He also has a youngest sister, Julia, who is a ballerina, his younger brother, Noah, who is a soccer player, and his younger sister, Layla, who is a photographer and lacrosse player. He also has a dog called Rookie.

At the age of seventeen, Hauer's family, including Rookie, are killed in a car accident, but Hauer survives, this leads to the crash creating a golden mask. Now he has to move in Hanzo Shiranui's house to take care and raise Mai himself.

He is invited to "The King of Dancing" show, but misses it, when he discovers that Billy prepares to face Andy, he is angry to discover that their fight has caused Mai to stop dancing. Instead, Hauer seduces her by telling her his history and by taking off his mask, only to reveal a handsome face. But Mai says that Andy is more handsome than him. Enraged, he leaves in a strong gust of wind, which destroys the nightclub in accident.

Hauer then arrives at Hebei the next day, and confronts Mai from behind, demanding her to give the piece to his master. The two then fight, with Mai defeating him in the first round, strikes a pose and opens her fan - saying that she is Number One. But he gets up and defeats her, until Andy arrives. Andy is not happy to see him because Hauer holds Mai prisoner. He then launches a Slashing Ghost Fist attack to defeat Hauer and save Mai, but Hauer stops him by blocking his elbow and sends him backwards. They are ready for an upcoming battlefield.

Hauer then turns around and looks at Mai, and says that she is a really beautiful young girl. He then turns Mai's head towards him, when Mai opens her eyes, she sees that it wasn't Andy, but Hauer. He almost kisses her, but Mai, getting frightened, refuses - this makes Andy very angry and tries to defeat him, but Hauer defeats him and releases Mai from his grasp, then laughs and departs with the armor.

After a disaster, Hauer is defeated by a vicious slap from Andy, when Mai arrives. Hauer tells her that when she was a baby, he raises her as his own. He warns them that there are two villains on the loose and won't be defeated by such a thing, and dies.


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