Havershaw is the secondary antagonist in Disney's 1968 live action film The Love Bug. He is Peter Thorndyke's right-hand man.

He was portrayed by the late Joe Flynn, who later played Mr. Snoops in Disney's The Rescuers.


Havershaw and the other henchmen are gotten by Thorndyke to tow Herbie back into his shop so that they can dismantle it for its parts. However, Herbie escapes from the shop, making Thorndyke and his men realize that it was sentient all the time. After a brief rampage in Chinatown, Herbie reunited with Jim, who formed a deal with Chinese businessman Tang Wu: since Wu's store was damaged by Herbie's rampage, Jim will give Wu the winning prize money to pay for the damages if he lets him use Herbie to win the El Dorado Race and that Wu will have to sell Herbie back to Jim for a dollar. Being a fan of Herbie and its racing techniques, Wu happily accepted the proposal and becomes Jim's sponsor.

Upon learning of this and being on the end of his wits, Thorndyke entered into a wager with Wu on the outcome of the race: if Thorndyke wins, he will gain ownership of Herbie and have it dismantled; but if Jim wins, Thorndyke will have to sell his dealership to Wu. Needless to say, Jim (with the help from Carole and Tennessee) managed to drive Herbie into winning the final race, leaving Thorndyke and his men in utter defeat.

Due to the victory of Jim and Herbie, Thorndyke is forced to sell his dealership to Wu while being demoted as a low-life mechanic alongside his other men as punishment for their actions. Havershaw berates Thorndyke for entering into the wager with Wu in the first place, but an angry Thorndyke sprays oil on him, resulting an angry Havershaw to spray more oil on Thorndyke in retaliation.


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