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Hawk's Eye, present!
~ Hawk's Eye
I knew all along we were doomed. That's why I wasn't all pumped up about our mission. But once I found out there was a way for us to be real humans, I was determined to find Pegasus for all of us.
~ Hawk's Eye's last words before sacrificing himself.

Hawk's Eye is an antagonist in Sailor Moon. Once a normal hawk, he is one of the Amazon Trio who serve Zirconia.

In Japanese, he was voiced by Toshio Furukawa in Sailor Moon Super S and Toshiyuki Toyonaga in Sailor Moon Eternal. In English, he was voiced by Michael Yurchak in most dubs, with Benji Plener voicing him in CWi's dub of Sailor Moon Super S.


He attacks by blowing fire from a torch. Unlike Tiger's Eye, who targets younger girls, Hawk's Eye goes after older women to search their dreams for Pegasus (the exception was when both Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye targeted Minako Aino, and competed over her). He makes five attempts to search for Pegasus.

When Zirconia came to suspect Usagi was the holder of Pegasus, he sent Hawk's Eye after her. Fish Eye tried to stop him, when suddenly Para Para's monster Mr. Magic Pierrot came and attacked them, sent by Zirconia to kill them. He destroyed Usagi's dream mirror and aimed a spade attack at Fisheye, but Hawk's Eye jumped in front of him and took the hit. Before dying, he gave Tiger's Eye and Fisheye the orb containing the power that made them human.

The orb was destroyed by Tiger's Eye and Fisheye to rebuild Usagi's dream mirror, and after the deaths of Tiger's Eye and Fisheye, they all turned back into their original forms. Pegasus revived them in their human forms, gave them dream mirrors, and sent them to live in Elysion.



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