The Hawk is the secondary antagonist of the 1981 anime film Enchanted Journey. He was presented as a terrifying and relentless bird that terrified and struck fear into the hearts of all chipmunks and would get revenge on those who escape him.


Despite being the main antagonist, his role in the film is small. When a hibernating squirrel offers Glikko and Nono a home, the Hawk snatches him and flies off with him. As Glikko and Nono flee, Nono trips over as her leg starts to become swollen. Glikko finds some berries, but they notice the Hawk flying above them and immediately hide behind a rock. Nono comes up with an idea to keep herself covered as Glikko leads the Hawk away. A chase is ensued between Glikko and the Hawk until Glikko leads the Hawk into a thicket and the Hawk flies away.

After crossing the ocean, Glikko and Nono make it to the snowy mountains, where they get attacked by the Hawk. He pushes them off a cliff, but Glikko leads him away until the Hawk corners him under a pile of rocks. As the Hawk continues to attack him, the Fox intervenes and battles with the Hawk, allowing Glikko to make an escape. While the two predators are fighting, Glikko and Nono escape as the Fox kills the Hawk and looks into the chipmunks' direction.


  • Glikko and Nono's encounter with the Hawk was foreshadowed when Pippo warns Glikko about the dangers of his journey to the forest such as foxes and hawks.
  • Although he's the secondary antagonist, he's still a main enemy to the chipmunks alongside the Fox, although he's not as terrifying as the Fox.
  • Despite being the secondary antagonist, he only had 4 minutes of screen-time.