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Hawk is a minor character in The Loud House. He made his debut in The Loudest Yard. He and his partner in crime Hank serve a more prominent role in Trick or Treachery.


As is Hank, Hawk is a bully. He shows almost no remorse for his actions, until he and Hank are attacked by a Haunted House the Loud family created to gain revenge for what the bullies did.

Physical Appearance

Hawk is big and has fair skin. He is missing one of his teeth. His hair is brown and spiked. He wears a dark green t-shirt, blue jean shorts, and white shoes with cyan stripes.


In their debut appearance, Hank and Hawk are introduced on a team that is a rival team to the Royal Woods Roosters.

Hank and Hawk have a more prominent role in their next appearance, Trick or Treachery, which sees them as the main antagonists, stealing their victims's candy to whet their appetite. They are later defeated when they stumble upon a House of Horror that the Louds set up. So frightened are the bullies that they run off, never to be seen again, while Luna plays You Got Tricked.

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