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Villain Overview

This is just the beginning, Ladybug. You and Cat Noir may have won this battle, but I will win the war. I will get your Miraculouses. I will get the absolute power! And then my secret dream will come true!
~ Hawk Moth.
People of Paris! Ladybug had promised to protect you? Well, she lied to you! Behold, her defeat! I took all the Miraculous from her! Now I'm more powerful than ever! From now on, I will be attacking you relentlessly! I will be everywhere, probing your thoughts, stealing your dreams, harnessing your deepest fears! Whatever damage I can cause, I will not stop! Unless... someone brings me Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous!
~ Hawk Moth announcing his acquisition of the Miraculous and victory over Ladybug.
Fly away, my little Akuma, and evilize him/her.
~ Hawk Moth sending an Akuma to corrupt someone.
Nooroo, dark wings, rise!
~ Gabriel transforming into Hawk Moth.

Gabriel Agreste, or better known as Hawk Moth (Le Papillon in the French version, which translates to "The Butterfly"), is the main antagonist of the Miraculous franchise, serving as the main antagonist of the popular French-Japanese-Korean-Italian superhero cartoon series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, the central antagonist of the specials Miraculous World: New York – United HeroeZ and Miraculous World: Shanghai – The Legend of Ladydragon, and the main antagonist of the upcoming musical film Ladybug & Cat Noir Awakening.

He is a fashion designer, the father of Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir and a supervillain who desires to take Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses and gain the power to change reality, with the ultimate goal of saving his wife Emilie by creating a new world for them to live in. He creates and leads the Akumas, white butterflies corrupted with evil who can transform normal people into supervillains under his control. In Season 4, he becomes Shadow Moth/Shadow Butterfly (Papillombre in the French version) after unifying the Butterfly Miraculous with the Peacock Miraculous. He is the arch-nemesis of both Ladybug and Cat Noir.

He is voiced by Antoine Tomé in the French (who also voiced Mizo in Jak X and Gleeman Vox in Ratchet and Clank: Deadlocked) and Keith Silverstein in English (who also voiced Captain Gantu in the Stitch! anime, Hammerhead in Marvel's Spider-Man, Dr. Wily in Mega Man 11, Hisoka Morow in Hunter X Hunter, Masayoshi Shido in Persona 5, HUNK in the Resident Evil series, Chairman Rose in Pokémon: Twilight Wings, and the Cat Mask Seller in A Whisker Away).


As Gabriel Agreste

Gabriel transforming.

Gabriel is tall and possesses combed-back light blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears black-framed silver glasses. He has a white dress shirt underneath a silver vest with red buttons and a cream dress jacket, along with a red-and-white striped tie. He also wears red dress pants and white shoes with red laces. On the middle finger of his left hand, he has a silver band ring.

As Hawk Moth

While Hawk Moth, he wears a dark purple dress shirt with a black butterfly-shaped lapel and black dress pants. He also wears a gray mask that covers most of his face and neck. The Moth Miraculous brooch is pinned to his chest. Whenever he is controlling someone with an Akuma, a bright pink butterfly-shaped outline appears in front of his face and around his eyes.

In "Catalyst (Heroes' Day - Part 1)", while he is Scarlet Moth, his entire outfit becomes burgundy-red due to Catalyst's enhancement.

As Collector

Collector's skin is a pale purple shade. His white hair sticks up in a point and bears black vertical stripes, the back of his head and his neck also being the same tone of black. He wears a black dress suit with a white lapel and pants of the same color, stiff shoulders, and black and red downward-bent stripes on the front. Each lower sleeve has a white stripe, and the Collector's hands have white gloves. His high heel boots are connected to his bodysuit, and they are black with black and white striped heels.

As Shadow Moth

Shadow Moth wears the same suit as Hawk Moth, but it has a moderate blue-violet tailcoat that resembles a peacock's tailfeathers, which has a large collar on the lapel that widens at the back. He also wears a moderate blue-violet tear-shaped cocktail mask resembling a peacock's feather with a dark purple mark in the center over the right side of his face, with a brilliant crimson transculent eyehole.

As Shadow Noir

Shadow Noir wears a black bodysuit with gray lines, which has cat ears on the top of his mask and a black belt hanging off of the rear, resembling a cat's tail. The forehead of his suit has a dark purple peacock feather-shaped symbol with a white symbol near the top. The irises and sclera of his eyes are a bright purple.


Gabriel amused by Ladybug's claim that she and Cat Noir must keep their identities secret.

Even while not using his villainous persona, Gabriel comes off as strict, cold, and harsh towards those around him, particularly towards his son Adrien, whom he has seemed to put at a distance for much of his life. He is highly possessive and protective of his son, practically controlling his life and sheltering him from the outside world, not letting him attend public school or have many friends up until the events of "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)". His domination over Adrien's life extends to the point where he is very quick to make any sort of conclusive judgement about his interaction with the world and his friends, forbidding Nino from ever coming to his home again in "The Bubbler" due to thinking him a bad influence on his son and placing the latter back in homeschool for taking and losing the Miraculous Spellbook in "The Collector". He also hates incompetence or disobedience of any kind, along with being told what to do, like in "Simon Says", where he refuses to listen to Cat Noir's instructions before he lashes out at him.

Despite his flaws, Gabriel is normally polite and orderly when dealing with others, such as Marinette and Audrey Bourgeois, and knows when to act professionally. He very genuinely cares for his son, regarding him as "perfect" in "Simon Says" and wants nothing to harm him. His affections also extend out to his wife Emilie, whom he loves and misses greatly, having become a changed man ever since losing her. As such, he has become fixated with gaining Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses in order to use them to erase the past incident which resulted in her condition and thus bring her back, leading to him becoming Hawk Moth. Furthermore, according to Thomas Astruc, he is fully aware that any wish he makes using the Miraculouses could have consequences as to retain balance in the universe, yet this knowledge does not seem to affect him, showing the depth of his obsession.

Hawk Moth persuading Xavier Ramier to become Mr. Pigeon.

Under his supervillain persona, he is even colder and more ruthless than before, caring very little for the destruction he causes so long as he is able to achieve his goal. He is extremely skilled at picking out and manipulating his victims when they are weak and desperate and pretends to be a friend to them in order to turn them into his minions. While normally overconfident to a fault, he can be very clever in his approaches and gives his minions specific instructions on how to overcome his enemies on various occasions, like having Frightningale hinder Ladybug and Cat Noir by forcing them to rhyme and dance or by having Reverser endanger people in order to distract Ladybug and make her vulnerable. His tolerance for mistakes and ineptitude also becomes even shorter, with him being willing to hurt or threaten to de-Akumatize anyone who tries to disobey his orders. In spite of his calm and collected demeanor, he becomes extremely aggravated whenever he is beaten by Ladybug and Cat Noir and always swears to get back at them one day.

Although his main goal has remained consistent throughout the series, Hawk Moth has seemed to develop a hunger for power whether it suits his main objective or not. In "Syren", he shows a desire to acquire the means to gain more abilities for himself. In "Sandboy", he reveals that he not only wants to steal Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses but all the Miraculouses in general in order to have a virtually unlimited variety of powers. However, in spite of his lust for power and desire to restore his wife, Hawk Moth still has his limits as to how far he's willing to go to achieve his goals, specifically when he might end up harming his son.

In "Riposte", he instructs Riposte not to hurt Adrien and instead wait for Ladybug and Cat Noir to save him, and in "Gorizilla", he deliberately has Gorizilla loosen his hold on Ladybug so that she can save his son—in fact, after Style Queen's failure and attack on Adrien in "Style Queen (Queen's Fight - Part 1)", Gabriel almost decides to quit being Hawk Moth forever, not wanting to keep hurting his son and reluctantly deciding that he'll never be able to acquire Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses. However, despite being unwilling to see Adrien harmed in earlier episodes, in "Cat Blanc" he is willing to destroy Adrien's romantic relationship with Marinette so that he can Akumatize the latter, and later unhesitatingly Akumatizes Adrien himself as Cat Noir after finding out his secret identity.

In spite of what restrictions he possesses, Hawk Moth is far from truly being limited by his morality, as he is not above using dirty and/or unfair tactics to get what he wants. In the "Heroes' Day" episodes, he resorts to overwhelming Ladybug and Cat Noir with an army of Akumatized villains, and specifically uses Dark Cupid to generate enough negative emotions from his past victims to allow him to simply re-Akumatize them as many times as he wants, even turning their own allies against them using this tactic. In the same episode, he shows how utterly merciless he is when he knows he has nothing left to lose, defeating Ladybug and Cat Noir with ease when they corner him before taunting them for their youth and inexperience with using their Miraculouses.

Overall, Hawk Moth is an immeasurably persistent, sadistic, and power-hungry villain who still proves to have many areas in which he is not totally cold-hearted.


Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Gabriel declares Marinette the winner of his contest.

Though Gabriel doesn't know her too well, he finds her to be a skilled hat maker and is impressed with the derby hat she designed for the contest he was holding, declaring her the winner. He even comments on Marinette's talent to Audrey Bourgeois and seems happy for her when Audrey offers her a chance to become a famous fashion designer. He treats her coldly when she returns the Miraculous Spellbook to him and lies that she had stolen it, yet he accepts her apology and grants her request to let his son go back to school.

While liking Marinette to some degree, he doesn't appear to care much for her personally, given that he doesn't seem to mind when his Akumatized villains target her and has no problem with trying to Akumatize her in "Zombizou" and "Chameleon". So far, two of his plans have hinged upon causing strife for her: in "Cat Blanc", during the alternate timeline where Adrien figured out Ladybug's secret identity, he deliberately sabotages Marinette's relationship with his son in order to make her extremely vulnerable to Akumatization, and later in "Ladybug", he allows Lila to get her expelled from school in order to realize his own goals, using the negative emotions caused by her downfall in an attempt to Akumatize her and her friends.

Scarlet Moth tries to sneak up on Ladybug.

Contrasting to his more neutral relationship with Marinette, Gabriel outwardly despises Ladybug and wants to get his hands on her Miraculous at any cost. Due to her being the one to capture his akumas and repair the damage caused by his schemes, he seems to have far more resentment towards her than Cat Noir, consistently vowing revenge against her almost every time he is defeated; and, whenever he feels that she has slipped up and given him a piece of information or an idea which can help him to further his own goals, he reverts to taunting her for her mistakes. Much like with Cat Noir, he is quick to taunt her about her youth and inexperience whenever they have personally met one another, and always shows confidence in being able to destroy her once and for all, even in the face of all the times which he has lost.

His drive to defeat Ladybug and claim her Miraculous frequently results in him putting together more complex schemes, such as creating an army of Akumatized villains, attempting to manipulate her allies into turning against her, and even imbuing the citizens of Paris with reckless behavior in the hopes that she will take a risk that will lead to her defeat. He is constantly pursuing a way to discover her secret identity, putting together a scheme to find out where she lives in "Optigami", and creating villains such as Truth and Wishmaker for this specific purpose. On the occasions where he has discovered her identity, he is completely ecstatic; shouting out in glee in "Wishmaker" and happily taunting her in "Ephemeral", although these events are ultimately erased from history. Despite his determination, constantly losing battles to Ladybug is shown to wear upon him, driving him to believe that she "never makes mistakes" and fall into incredible rage and despair. More than once, he has considered giving up after being defeated by her, before being made to reconsider.

Even with his incredible hatred for her, Gabriel still manages to put on the public façade that he, like almost everyone in Paris, respects her heroism and good deeds. However, this is usually only in the pursuit of his own goals, like in "Catalyst (Heroes' Day - Part 1)", where he announces that he is producing a Ladybug film entirely for the sake of his grand plan.

Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir

Hawk Moth showing concern for Adrien when he is falling.

Gabriel cares deeply for his son, but he is very distant and overcontrolling of his life. He is also extremely overprotective, as he doesn't let him go out without his bodyguard and sometimes won't let him go out at all.

Gabriel is unaware that Adrien is Cat Noir. However, he despises the hero and wants to take his Miraculous from him. He does briefly suspect that Adrien might be Cat Noir, but after Adrien makes it look like he and Cat Noir are at the same place at the same time, Gabriel is fooled by this trick and is relieved that his son isn't Cat Noir.

In "Cat Blanc", a version of Gabriel from a different timeline finds out the identity of his timeline's Cat Noir, but despite his shock, he lets his obsession with obtaining his goal overtake him and enthusiastically decides to use his own son against Ladybug, despite his previous despair in earlier episodes at realizing his son could potentially be Cat Noir. Since this timeline is a bit father in the future then the current present in the current timeline, this implies Gabriel’s obsession with obtaining the Miraculouses has begun to overcome him as he continues his abuse of power. When Hawk Moth faces the superheroes personally and explains to Car Noir his motive of wanting to revive Emilie, Adrien realizes Hawk Moth's identity as his own father. He only continues to hurt and confuse Adrien emotionally by using his morality, and separate loves for both Marinette/Ladybug and his mother against him, not even caring as he severely effected his son with this revelation. Gabriel then unhesitatingly Akumatizes his son into Cat Blanc to have him take Ladybug's Miraculous for him, but Cat Blanc turns on him and destroys him with his powers. He also finds out Adrien's identity in another alternate timeline shown in "Ephemeral" and Akumatizes him into the titular villain without hesitation like in "Cat Blanc". Because these were technically different versions of him from a different timeline, it is unknown if the current Gabriel is or will at least become willing to stoop to such lengths to achieve his goal.

Nathalie Sancoeur/Mayura

Gabriel talking to Nathalie about his motives.

Gabriel trusts his assistant Nathalie, not only with taking care of his son but also with the fact that he's Hawk Moth. However, he does not appreciate it when she messes up. When he Akumatizes her into Catalyst, he says that she has always been loyal to him. When she uses the damaged Peacock Miraculous to aid him, Gabriel expresses concern and fear for her yet still accepts her help and later on thanks her for everything she's done.

Throughout Season 3, despite his previous concerns, he relies on her a number of times to help in his plans, acknowledging that he has a better chance of stealing Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses with her help rather than without. However, in "Ladybug", Gabriel forbids her from using the Peacock Miraculous again and takes it away from her, feeling that the damage caused by its use is becoming too much for her. It is also implied that he is at least partially aware of her romantic affections for him, but he doesn’t reciprocate them.


Gabriel yells at Nooroo.

As opposed to other Miraculous holders, Gabriel has little regard for his kwami Nooroo and views him as nothing more than his slave. During their first meeting in "Ladybug and Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)”, he refuses to listen to Nooroo's claims that the Miraculous should never be used for evil purposes and is quick to both remind him that he is his master now and demand his obedience. He is also willing to interrogate and try to force information out of him if he can, doing such in "Syren" when trying to figure out how to acquire new powers for himself.

As revealed in "Sandboy", he doesn't allow Nooroo to be more than a few feet away from him or to communicate with anyone else, and even removes his mouth as a "joke" when it seems like he is disobeying his rules. In the same episode, he taunts Nooroo over his fellow kwamis' attempt to communicate with him and promises to use the information he has gained about their location to capture them and their Miraculouses to further his own goals. Before Gabriel could put this plan into action however, Master Fu erased his own memoirs of his time as a guardian to protect Ladybug (Whom Fu choose as his successor as guardian) and Cat Noir thus sparing Nooroo's fellow Kwamis from any danger.

Lila Rossi

Gabriel allies with Lila.

Ever since her first Akumatization in "Volpina", Gabriel is shown to have a great admiration for Lila's desire for revenge on Ladybug and her talent for lying to and manipulating those around her, as he sees these traits as well-suited towards achieving his goals; making note of the fact that she has yet to give up her anger in the aforementioned episode and that Ladybug has yet to see the last of her. Later in the "Heroes' Day" special, he shows this by weaving Lila into a crucial role in his plan, playing on her hatred of Ladybug in order to Akumatize her back into Volpina to both dishearten Paris and later fool Ladybug and Cat Noir with an illusion of him so they can be Akumatized. In "Chameleon", he encounters Lila again and willingly gives her powers again once she offers to defeat Ladybug for him, recognizing again once she is de-Akumatized that she will help him achieve his goals since she still has yet to give up wanting revenge on Ladybug.

However, even though he views her as being useful to him, he doesn't actually like Lila personally, being angered when she is allowed into his home while also wanting to keep her away from Adrien in "Oni-Chan" knowing how deceitful she is; even Akumatizing Kagami into the titular villain for this purpose. Despite this, upon realizing just how dedicated she is to getting rid of Ladybug by being willing to give up Adrien in exchange for having her destroyed, he decides against keeping her away and instead allies himself with her, meeting with her on a regular basis in order to get information on Adrien's school life while secretly manipulating her into helping his plans. In "Ladybug", as a reward for her efforts, he allows her to participate in a photoshoot with Adrien.

Chloé Bourgeois/Queen Bee

Though she was the only friend he allowed Adrien to have for many years, Gabriel doesn't care much for Chloé overall, but he is aware that she is necessary to him since her unkind and spoiled attitude is often the direct cause of many of his Akumatized villains. In "Despair Bear", he even sends an Akuma to her party ahead of time, knowing that she will inevitably make somebody there vulnerable to being Akumatized; causing him to become annoyed when she is prompted by Butler Jean into being kinder. Later, in "Queen Wasp (Queen's Battle - Part 2)", he regains his desire to continue being Hawk Moth upon seeing her take up her Queen Bee identity, believing that her selfish desire to be viewed as a hero will inevitably lead to disaster and thus make her vulnerable to Akumatization.

Furthermore, as he is aware of her secret identity as Queen Bee, he is more than willing to use this to his advantage, Akumatizing her family in "Mayura (Heroes' Day - Part 2)", in order to use them against her. As of "Miraculer", he has developed a desire to make Chloé lose faith in Ladybug and convert her over to his side, believing that she would make a powerful ally; even using Lila and Mayura to try and manipulate her into joining them. Though his plan fails, he remains confident that she'll change her mind, which she eventually does in "Heart Hunter" after he gives her the Bee Miraculous upon stealing it from Master Fu while manipulating her into believing that Ladybug will never trust her to use it, with Chloé even willingly allowing him to Akumatize her. In the end, however, he still abandons her once his plan fails regardless, while also proudly remarking that she has become a villain like him and Mayura through her own will.

Master Wang Fu/Jade Turtle

Hawk Moth constantly seeks after Fu, since, as the Guardian of the Miraculous, he not only possesses all the Miraculouses but information that will help him to accomplish his goals. In "Sapotis", he first learns that the Guardian lives in Paris, and in "Syren", he decides that he must find the Guardian in order to decipher the Miraculous spellbook and gain new abilities like Ladybug and Cat Noir did (ironically unaware that he had let Fu, using his alias Mr. Chan, into his house previously). In "Backwarder", after Akumatizing Marianne Lenoir, he is amazed to learn that she knows Fu, learning his real name in the process, and is delighted that by having her reverse and follow Ladybug he will be able to get his hands on him.

During the events of "Feast", Hawk Moth finally sees Fu's real face, and is amused to see that he is a "decrepit old man", while later plotting to put his acquired knowledge to use. Finally, in "Heart Hunter (Battle of the Miraculous - Part 1)", he follows Ladybug to Fu and confronts him, arrogantly referring to him as a "crazy old man" while trying to threaten him into giving up Ladybug and Cat Noir's secret identities. In "Miracle Queen (Battle of the Miraculous - Part 2)", he and Mayura have Jade Turtle captured and try to break down his Shell-ter using the Butterfly Sentimonster in order to force him to give up his knowledge and Ladybug and Cat Noir's identities. However, he is ultimately foiled when Fu decides to give up his status as the Guardian to Ladybug, thus losing all of his memories as a result, leaving him disappointed.


When Shadow Moth steals the Cat Miraculous from Adrien in an alternate timeline in "Ephemeral", Plagg immediately tries to use Cataclysm on Shadow Moth to kill him upon emerging from the Miraculous, but Shadow Moth, now wielding his Miraculous, stops him and tells him he is Plagg's master now, merging him with Nooroo and Duusu to become Shadow Noir. This encounter is erased from reality after Sass uses Second Chance to rewind time.

Powers and Abilities

As Hawk Moth

Hawk Moth transforming a butterfly into an Akuma.

  • Superhuman Physique: Like all Miraculous, the Butterfly Miraculous grants Hawk Moth incredible physical abilities, including superhuman strength, speed, agility, and near-invulnerability. Although Hawk Moth rarely ever fights directly, he is shown being fast enough to battle his lair's defense system in "Robostus", and strong enough to overpower both Ladybug and Cat Noir in "Mayura (Heroes' Day - Part 2)".
  • Akumatization: As stated before, Hawk Moth has the ability to turn anybody with potent negative emotions (human or otherwise) into a supervillain through the use of his Akumas. Once an Akuma has infected an item belonging to his victims, he can transform them into an Akumatized villain to do his bidding. The powers distributed by his Akumas vary, but they often directly relate to the source of his victims' negative emotions (ex: Max Kanté lost the chance to play in a video game competition and gained the ability to play as the game's robot character in real life; Chloé Bourgeois pretended Sabrina Raincomprix was invisible, causing her to gain the powers of invisibility, etc); as a result, he can transform his past victims into different supervillains if the source of their negativity is different, or transform them into the same villain if their circumstances are similar. In "Dearest Family", he is able to empower his Akumatization and begins creating "Megakumas"; larger and more powerful Akumas able to destroy Ladybug's Magical Charms.
    • As Scarlet Moth, his Akumatization powers become even stronger, allowing him to create an army of Scarlet Akumas capable of instantly re-Akumatizing his previous victims so long as they are being affected by negative emotions.
  • Control Over Akumatized Villains: Hawk Moth can cause pain to anyone he Akumatizes to force them into obedience. He also has the ability to remove the powers of his victims and purify their Akumas, which he generally threatens to do should they not stay on task and get him Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses. In "Félix", it is shown that, much like how Fox and Peacock Miraculous holders can speak through their illusions and Sentimonsters respectively, Hawk Moth has the ability to speak directly through his Akumatized villains, as he does so through Lady Wifi, Princess Fragrance and Reflekta when addressing the titular character.
  • Negative Emotion Sensing: Hawk Moth can psychically scan Paris in search of people who are perfect for his Akumatization. Furthermore, even when his Miraculous is inactive, it can sense and alert him to powerful negative emotions within Paris.
    • Partial-Omniscience: As shown in episodes such as "Simon Says" and "Despair Bear", Hawk Moth is somehow aware of particular events, like the competitions in The Challenge and Chloé Bourgeois's party, if they involve so much as the potential to generate negative emotions, implying that he may have the ability to watch over the entirety of Paris all at once.
  • Telepathy: When the Akuma possesses something belonging to the victim, they become telepathically connected to Hawk Moth, forming a moth-shaped emblem around the faces of himself and his minion, which is how he instructs them to help him complete his goal.
  • Hologram Projection: Hawk Moth can pull the Akuma out of any villain he creates, putting them into a coma-like state, and multiply it to create a hologram of himself that he can use to communicate with a large group of people.
  • Miraculous tool: Like all other Miraculous holders, Hawk Moth wields a special tool; in his case, a cane. The cane acts as Hawk Moth's primary weapon in battle, and acts as a swordstick, containing a hidden blade; he is shown to be incredibly skilled using both the sword and the cane itself in battle, fighting off his own security system in "Robostus" and dueling with Ladybug and Cat Noir on multiple occasions. The stone on the cane can also store a butterfly/akuma for when Hawk Moth needs to use it. Like other Miraculous tools, it also acts as a communication device, containing a phone underneath the stone.
    • As shown in "Cat Blanc", unlike other Miraculous holders seen thus far, Hawk Moth has the additional ability to summon his cane to him when he is disarmed.
  • High Combat Proficiency: As shown in "Mayura (Heroes' Day - Part 2)", Hawk Moth is a highly skilled fighter, given that he successfully managed to overpower and defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir with nothing but his bare hands.

As The Collector

  • High Combat Proficiency: Collector is a very skilled fighter, being able to keep up with both Ladybug and Cat Noir for an extended period of time.
  • Sketch Book: Collector can throw his Sketch Book like a boomerang, and whatever it's pages touch will be trapped inside of it. The Collector can also erase the sketches in his book if he feels the need to, supposedly destroying the objects entirely if he does so. However, the book has a limited number of pages that can be overtaxed.

As Shadow Moth

  • Amokization: As a result of unifying with the repaired Peacock Miraculous, Shadow Moth can manifest Sentimonsters (creatures born from his victims' emotions) alongside Akumatized villains. He can shape these Sentimonsters in any way he pleases, giving them specific powers, or molding them into exact duplicates of other people. By extension, he can create Sentimonsters for himself and directly speak through them.

As Shadow Noir

  • Staff Wielding: Shadow Noir wields an infinitely expanding and indestructible metal staff as a weapon.
  • Cataclysm: Shadow Noir can infuse his hand with a dark, destructive energy, allowing him to instantly destroy anything or anyone he touches with that hand.


  • Miraculous: Although it provides all of his powers, Hawk Moth's Miraculous is also his greatest weakness; much like with other Miraculouses, if it were to be removed from him, he would be forced to de-transform, rendering him powerless. It can also be assumed that, much like Ladybug and Cat Noir, Hawk Moth can only use his powers for a limited time before Nooroo needs to come out of the brooch and refuel himself, although this has yet to be shown. However, it is later implied in "Mayura (Heroes' Day - Part 2)" and fully revealed in "Timetagger" that adult Miraculous holders like him do not have the same transformation limitations as younger, more inexperienced ones, thus preventing this from being a problem.
  • Akumatized villains: While a great help towards his goals, Hawk Moth's minions are also the greatest problem with almost all of his plans. In most instances (typically in the case of the teenagers or younger children he Akumatizes) his minions will often directly disobey his orders in order to pursue their own goals, often preventing the Miraculouses from being taken (as is the case with Timebreaker and Reflekta) or even trying to outright kill Ladybug and Cat Noir without taking their Miraculouses (as was the case with Bubbler). On occasion, the minions he creates may be able to successfully betray him and pursue their own goals, such as with Robustus—who took control of the technology in his lair and turned it against him—or they may not listen to him at all no matter what, such as with Gigantitan, who almost never seems to be able to follow his orders or stay on task due to his infancy.
  • Akumatization limitations: Due to the limitations of his powers, Hawk Moth can only create a single Akuma at a time, which prevents him from taking control of as many victims as he wants; although it is unknown if there is a given amount of time he must wait before creating another one, or if he only waits for the perfect victims to arise. Furthermore, as shown in the aforementioned "Gigantitan", Hawk Moth cannot control his Akumas if they decide to go after a different victim than he originally intended, and he is powerless to stop his victims from losing the negative emotions that made them vulnerable in the first place. As seen in "Startrain", Hawk Moth has an undefined limit for how far his Akumas can travel (which appears to be to the edge of Paris), as, should they exceed this limit, he will be unable to sense where they are and cannot control/communicate with any villain they create.
    • Also, despite it's consistent record of success, it has been shown on different occasions that it is actually possible for a person to resist being Akumatized if their will is strong enough. In "Zombizou", Miss Bustier tries to reject Hawk Moth's offer for powers, yet she ultimately gives in after Hawk Moth persuades her to believe that he seeks to spread love just like she does. In "Miraculer", Chloé blows off Hawk Moth's offer completely, even tossing away her Akumatized object (a photo of her and Ladybug), claiming that she is a superhero and won't give into him. In "Gang of Secrets" and several subsequent episodes, it is revealed that a victim with a strong enough will can reject his influence completely even after they've been transformed, de-Akumatizing themselves.
  • Physical limitations: Hawk Moth, when expending himself over a long period of time, can become extremely exhausted.
  • Adrien Agreste: Hawk Moth is highly protective of his son and will adjust his schemes to avoid him getting hurt, best shown in "Gorizilla" when he allowed Gorizilla to release Ladybug so she could save Adrien, despite having a perfect opportunity to steal her Miraculous. Hawk Moth briefly gave up pursuing the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses in "Queen Wasp", as he couldn't risk putting his son in further danger.
    • However in alternate timelines where Adrien/Cat Noir's secret identity is exposed, Hawk Moth no longer seems to have this moral limitation given the fact that, upon discovering his son's identity as Cat Noir, he was willing to not only attack him but deliberately make him emotionally vulnerable in order to Akumatize him.

Akumatized villains

Season 1

  • The Bubbler/Nino Lahiffe: Able to fly short distances and create semi-indestructible bubbles with varying effects.
  • Mr. Pigeon/Xavier Ramier: Can control/communicate with pigeons.
    • He is possibly the most frequent of Hawk Moth's victims due to his feelings about the treatment of pigeons in Paris. In "Timetagger", it is revealed that he has been Akumatized and subsequently defeated by Ladybug and Cat Noir twenty-four times before the events of the episode, and is later defeated again towards the end of the episode as well. By the time of the special "Miraculous New York", the heroes have fought him a total of 51 times. However, in "Mr. Pigeon 72", Ladybug gives Ramier a Magical Charm that's supposed to prevent him from ever being Akumatized again by supressing his negative emotions.
  • Stormy Weather/Aurore Beauréal: Can fly and manipulate the weather.
  • Timebreaker/Alix Kubdel: Can steal energy from people (essentially killing them) and time travel when given enough energy.
  • Copycat/Théo Barbot: Can turn himself into an exact replica of Cat Noir with identical powers.
  • The Pharaoh/Jalil Kubdel: Can summon the powers of various Egyptian Gods.
  • Lady Wifi/Alya Césaire: Can use her phone for various attacks and abilities (hoverboarding, freezing, locking people to surfaces) and can transport herself through phones. In Alya has has been akumatized into this identity four times, "Lady Wifi", "The Puppeteer", "Félix", and "Gang of Secrets".
  • The Evillustrator/Nathaniel Kurtzberg: Can bring his drawings to life and erase existing objects. However, he cannot draw in the dark.
  • Rogercop/Roger Raincomprix: Can shoot unbreakable laser handcuffs that force others to do what he says and drives an extremely advanced police car.
  • Dark Cupid/Lê Chiến Kim: Can fly and shoot arrows that replace love and affection with hatred.
  • Horrificator/Mylène Haprèle: Can shoot sticky purple goo and grows bigger by absorbing fear. However, she will shrink if faced with a person who doesn't fear her.
  • Darkblade/Armand D'Argencourt: Can stun people and then "knight" them with his sword, turning them into loyal knights.
  • The Mime/Fred Haprèle: Can pantomime real but invisible objects. Can only mime one object at a time.
  • Magician of Misfortune/Jean Duparc: Can supposedly make objects magically disappear.
  • Princess Fragrance/Rose Lavillant: Can spray different fragrances with different effects, such as mind control or making a person produce a horrible smell. Can also "fly" by using her perfume gun to propel herself into the air.
  • Stoneheart/Ivan Bruel: Has super-strength and grows when struck.
  • Animan/Otis Césaire: Can shape-shift into various animals and insects, including extinct ones. Transforming rapidly tires him out.
  • Simon Says/Simon Grimault: Can throw cards that force others to do what he says, as well as making them adopt the traits and abilities of anything he tells them to act like.
  • Pixelator/Vincent Aza: Can transport people into an infinite white void by taking their picture, or pixelate/remove a part of their body if he catches only one part.
  • Guitar Villain/Jagged Stone: Can shoot various beams with different effects (mind control, powerful concussive blasts, intense seismic waves, etc) by playing different chords on his guitar.
  • Kung Food/Wang Cheng: Can mind control people who drink his soup and summon food weapons.
  • Gamer/Max Kanté: Controls a giant robot that turns people into "Experience Points" in order to upgrade it and can also summon another robot by "saving" it if the first is destroyed.
  • Reflekta/Juleka Couffaine: Can turn people into complete physical copies of herself, and by extension, can remove their powers.
  • The Puppeteer/Manon Chamack: Can hover and control a person if she has a puppet of them, and, if she has a puppet of a person's Akumatized form, she can make them become said form again.
  • Vanisher/Sabrina Raincomprix: Can turn invisible.
  • Antibug/Chloé Bourgeois: Has the same powers as Ladybug, but summons more offensive objects with "Anti-Charm" (weapons such as swords instead of random objects).
  • Volpina/Lila Rossi: Can create realistic, intangible illusions.

Season 2

  • Santa Claws/Santa Claus: Rides an extremely fast flying sleigh that can phase though walls and gives out exploding presents that can contain spiders, bats, cockroaches or weapons for him to use.
  • The Collector/Himself: Absorbs objects and people into the pages of his book.
    • It should be noted that since he Akumatizes himself voluntarily, he retains memories of his actions as an Akumatized villain.
  • Despair Bear/Butler Jean: Controls the minds of people he hangs onto.
  • Prime Queen/Nadja Chamack: Can transport herself and others through television screens.
  • Befana/Gina Dupain: Uses a gun that can turn people into either coal statues of themselves or loyal angel-esque minions. Also rides a flying motorcycle. However, she is vulnerable to her own attacks.
  • Riposte/Kagami Tsurugi: Can slash through virtually anything, fire sonic waves, and jab extremely quickly with her sword.
  • Robostus/Markov: Can manipulate technology by granting it sentience, directly controlling it or constructing it into a giant robot.
    • He is also one of the less victimized villains to completely betrayed Hawk Moth, having activated the security defense system in Hawk Moth's lair to prevent him from revoking Robostus' powers and take the Miraculouses for himself.
  • Gigantitan/August: Gigantic and possesses proportionate super-strength.
  • Dark Owl/Mr. Damocles: Has a wide arsenal of gadgets and traps, as well as enhanced fighting abilities.
  • Glaciator/André Glacier: Can transform people into ice cream and regenerate his body.
  • Sapotis/Ella and Etta Césaire: Can duplicate themselves a virtually infinite amount of times by eating.
  • Gorizilla/Adrien's bodyguard: Has super-strength and a keen sense of smell.
  • Captain Hardrock/Anarka Couffaine: Has a pirate ship that obeys her commands and a microphone that can turn into a laser cutlass or spyglass.
  • Zombizou/Caline Bustier: Can give out kisses that mind control others into becoming zombie-like and obsessed with kissing others to spread the infection.
  • Syren/Ondine: Has the ability to both control and breath in water and can swim proficiently.
  • Frightningale/Clara Nightingale: Has a microphone with a beam that makes whoever it hits turn into magenta statues if they do not rhyme, sing, or dance.
  • Troublemaker/Penny Rolling: Can make her body become completely intangible with the click of her pen.
  • Reverser/Marc Anciel: Can reverse certain qualities of a person.
  • Anansi/Nora Césaire: Possesses numerous arms, superhuman strength and the ability to wall-crawl and create webs like a spider.
  • Sandboy/Unnamed boy: Can bring people's nightmares to life.
  • Style Queen/Audrey Bourgeois: Can turn people into glittery gold statues and teleport both herself and others. She also has an intangible body made of gold glitter.
  • Queen Wasp/Queen Bee (Chloé Bourgeois): Controls an army of wasps who can totally paralyze anyone they sting.
  • Malediktator/André Bourgeois: Makes anything he declares come to life.
  • Frozer/Philippe: Can generate massive amounts of ice, including projectile icicles, and skate on it proficiently.
  • Catalyst/Nathalie Sancoeur: Can increase Hawk Moth's power, allowing him to Akumatize dozens of people at once.
    • Through Catalyst's power, Scarlet Moth is able to bring back the supervillains Volpina, Prime Queen, Guitar Villain, Frightingale, Horrificator, Stoneheart, Gamer, Princess Fragrance, Gorizilla, Dark Cupid, Mime, Timebreaker, Vanisher, Glaciator, Gigantitan, Animan, Pharaoh, Rogercop, Stormy Weather, Riposte, Despair Bear, Style Queen, Malediktator, Queen Wasp, Syren, Frozer, and Darkblade, as well as akumatize Rena Rouge and Carapace.
  • Rena Rage/Rena Rouge (Alya Césaire): Seemingly has the same abilities as her superhero form.
  • Shell Shock/Carapace (Nino Lahiffe): Seemingly has the same abilities as his superhero form.

Season 3

  • Chameleon/Lila Rossi: Shape-shifts into anyone she kisses, putting her victims into a coma-like state. These victims only wake up when she switches to a new form.
  • Animaestro/Thomas Astruc: Able to shapeshift into any 2D animated character, and gains the powers and abilities associated with them, making his powers virtually limitless. However, he can only move if he is watched by at least one person.
  • Bakerix/Rolland Dupain: Wields an elixir that temporarily increases his size and strength when he drinks it.
  • Backwarder/Marianne Lenoir: Can steal time from people and objects by hitting them with her cane, making them perform all their previous actions in reverse.
  • Gamer 2.0/Max Kanté: Controls a real-life fighting game where each of the playable characters are past Akumatized villains, and each defeated avatars' Akumatized object is added to the winner's arsenal so it can later be selected as a power-up in the final battle, giving the user access to those villains' powers. For the final battle, Gamer 2.0 can also transform into any avatar in the game.
  • Weredad/Tom Dupain: Has superhuman strength and can manipulate thorny vines.
  • Silencer/Luka Couffaine: Can take away people's voices by putting his fingers on their lips and his own, and then speak in their voices himself using his hands.
  • Oni-Chan/Kagami Tsurugi: Wields a sword that she can use to place a horn on a person, and when said person goes near someone with a mobile device, she can send a message that swaps her position with that of the person who looks at it. The horn also serves as a lie detector, as the horn grows each time a person lies.
  • Christmaster/Chris Lahiffe: Can bring toys to life as sized-up versions of them and grant them various abilities.
  • Destroyer: Powers unknown, but they seem to involve destruction.
  • Miraculer/Sabrina Raincomprix: Able to steal the superpowers of Miraculous holders and use hybrid versions of them, such as casting Cataclysms from Lucky Charm objects. She can also bestow the powers to others.
  • Oblivio/Alya Césaire and Nino Lahiffe: Able to fire blasts that make people lose their memories by swiping on their arm cannon, and has an intangible body made out of mist.
  • Party Crasher/Wayhem: Has "disco floor vision" that allows him to foresee someone's next move, and can trap people and objects inside the disco balls on his hands either by touching the person/object with them or hitting them with a beam generated from the disco balls.
  • The Puppeteer/Manon Chamack: Can bring wax statues to life and place them under her control using her wand. If the person the statue is based on has superpowers, the statue will have those powers as well.
  • Timetagger/Chris Lahiffe: Able to time travel and send others to the past thanks to his spray can gun.
    • However, it should be noted that the current-day Hawk Moth was not actually responsible for Akumatizing Chris in the future; rather, it was the Hawk Moth of the future, whose identity is currently unknown.
  • Stormy Weather/Aurore Beauréal: Possesses the same powers from her first Akumatization, although they are much stronger, giving her control over all forces of nature, most notably a volcano.
  • Ikari Gozen/Tomoe Tsurugi: Is very large with increased strength, speed, and agility, and wields a bokken. Can also imprison people inside her stomach that resembles the interior of a car, where they can be restrained by seatbelts.
  • Reflekta/Juleka Couffaine: Possesses the same powers from her first Akumatization, but with the aid of the Sentimonster Reflekdoll.
  • Desperada/Vivica: Wields instrument-shaped weapons that cause anyone she hits to vanish in a puff of yellow smoke and transform into a sticker on her guitar case.
  • Startrain/Claudie Kanté: Has complete control over the Startrain, including the temperature of each car and the service drones inside.
    • It should be noted that Startrain is not actually being commanded by Hawk Moth and acts purely on her own accord, due to the fact that the Akuma possessed Claudie when it was too far away for Hawk Moth to have contact with it.
  • Feast/Dormant Sentimonster: Significantly larger in size, making it become more powerful and able to consume even more. Can eat anything, up to the size of a bus.
    • It should be noted that the Dormant Sentimonster is the first Sentimonster that Hawk Moth has ever Akumatized.
  • Princess Justice/Marinette Dupain-Cheng: Powers unknown due to the Akumatization being incomplete.
  • Verity Queen/Sabine Cheng: Powers unknown due to the Akumatization being incomplete.
  • Kwamibuster/Ms. Mendeleiev: Wields a blaster capable of shooting a beam that can capture kwamis and trap them inside a magical canister on her back which they cannot phase through. It even works on a kwami that is being used by a miraculous holder.
  • Cat Blanc/Cat Noir (Adrien Agreste): Can use a version of Cataclysm called "Mega Cataclysm", which can be used as many times as he wants without having to transform back, can be used as a ranged attack, and is much more powerful than normal, to the point of being capable of destroying entire galaxies.
    • Due to Bunnyx and Ladybug fixing the events leading to Cat Noir's akumatization, Cat Blanc is the first Akumatized villain to be completely erased from the timeline.
  • Lady Wifi, Princess Fragrance, Reflekta/Alya Césaire, Rose Lavillant, Juleka Couffaine: Same abilities as their previous Akumatizations as those villains.
  • Heart Hunter/André and Audrey Bourgeois: Can fly and devour any source of love by transforming their victims into hearts.
  • Miracle Queen/Queen Bee (Chloé Bourgeois): Can control people by stinging them with her wasps, as well as teleport herself and others.

Season 4

  • Truth/Luka Couffaine: Has a third eye that projects a beam that forces the target to only speak truthfully. The affected person's pupils will shrink and their lips become pure white. Truth also has total control over his Sentimonster, Light Eye.
  • Lies/Kagami Tsurugi: Can create an expanding, intangible aura sphere that paralyzes anyone that has ever told a lie. Her power cannot affect beings incapable of lying, such as machines or animals.
  • Gang of Secrets: All the powers from their previous Akumatizations. The five's powers are linked by their bracelet, which is kept by Timebreaker.
    • Timebreaker/Alix Kubdel, Lady Wifi/Alya Césaire, Princess Fragrance/Rose Lavillant, Reflekta/Juleka Couffaine, Horrificator/Mylène Haprele
  • Mr. Pigeon/Xavier Ramier: The same as his previous Akumatizations, except the pigeons under his control are evil black ones that can turn humans into evil pigeons via touch.
  • Psycomedian/Henry Clown: Wears a theatre mask that shifts to depict any emotion. By looking at people and pinching his clown nose, he can make them feel that emotion. His fanny pack contains extra noses should anything happen to his current one.
  • Furious Fu/Wang Fu: By writing Chinese characters on a paper talisman, he can bring that word to life in the form of various phenomena (such as 'Find/发现' creating a tracker and 'Vision/视力' allowing him to see others' thought processes). He also possesses incredible strength, allowing him to knock others away great distances just by flicking a finger.
  • Sole Crusher/Zoé Lee: Absorbs people by touching them with her shoe soles. With every new hit, she grows in size.
  • Queen Banana/Chloé Bourgeois: Wields a pistol and rides a flying cannon-bearing convertible, both of which can turn people into bananas. She also has complete control over a giant gorilla Sentimonster. The convertible can also attach itself to the Sentimonster's back if need be.
  • The Collector/Gabriel Agreste (Sentimonster): The same as his previous Akumatization, only with a tablet as his weapon instead of a sketchbook. The tablet has unlimited storage space, and if it captures a human, the Collector can freely access their secrets.
  • Malediktator/André Bourgeois: Presumably the same as his previous Akumatizations. Due to possessing its Amok, he has complete control over the Sentimonster Mega Leech.
  • Reflekta/Juleka Couffaine: Presumably the same as her previous Akumatizations. She originally possessed the Amok for the Sentimonster Guiltrip, but gave it up.
  • Crocoduel: The same as their previous Akumatizations, except the latter's pirate ship can fly.
    • Guitar Villain/Jagged Stone & Captain Hardrock/Anarka Couffaine
      • This is also the first instance where the members of an Akumatized group are motivated to fight each other, even competing to retrieve the Miraculouses.
  • Style Queen/Audrey Bourgeois: The same as her previous Akumatizations, but upgraded. The people affected by her scepter turn into glitter piles instead of statues; the same applies to objects. She can also regenerate any parts of her body that are destroyed, and her glitter constructs become large enough to encase an entire building.
  • Glaciator/André Glacier: The same as his previous Akumatizations.
  • Robostus/Markov: Similar abilities to his past Akumatizations. He can hack into cellphones and mind control those who look into the viewscreen, then able to 'digitize' objects that the phone touches into a database.
  • Rocketear/Nino Lahiffe: Can throw exploding tears from his glasses that severely damage anything they hit.
  • Wishmaker/Alec Cataldi: Wields a microphone-like staff that shoots magic stars; anyone hit with one will be transformed into what they wanted to be as a child. When used on a Miraculous holder, he can cause their disguises to drop and their identities to be revealed. His power also has the effect of jogging people's memory of their childhood dream should they not remember.
  • Simpleman/Rolland Dupain: Wields a staff that can emit a pulse capable of reducing people's intelligence to child-like levels and simplifying their thinking, making them incredibly gullible.
  • Qilin/Sabine Cheng: Can control the wind, cause massive tremors, and move objects with telekinesis.
  • Dearest Family: All the powers from their previous Akumatizations.
    • Weredad/Tom Dupain, Qilin/Sabine Cheng, Befana/Gina Dupain, Bakerix/Rolland Dupain
  • Moolak/Bob Roth: Hidden inside a flying cube-shaped safe filled to the brim with money and gold. The vertices of the safe shoot lasers, turning whoever they hit into gold coins that are absorbed into the safe. The safe is also impervious to most forms of physical attack.
  • Ephemeral/Adrien Agreste: Can accelerate time for others by touching them and then himself. On a Miraculous holder who has used their power, he can make their transformation drop in a matter of seconds.
    • Ephemeral is the villain of the show's 100th episode. Due to Sass travelling back in time, Ephemeral is the second villain to have been erased from the timeline, after his previous Akumatized form, Cat Blanc.
  • Penalty/Chloé Bourgeois: Creates a team of identical clones called Penalteam and encloses Paris in a dome to play a city-wide game of soccer with a magic ball. If Penalteam strike a person with their cleats or a red card, they are out of the game and placed in soccer-ball-shaped bubbles in the sky. Anytime Penalteam scores, the bubbles will shrink; when the opposing team scores, the bubbles expand back. She also has complete control of the game's logic and rules, making her near invincible.
  • Risk/unknown child (nicknamed Froggy): By riding a bike and signing a song, they can release green particles at mark those in the vicinity with a frog-like symbol. This mark negates their fears and innocuously influences the person to take risks they otherwise would not.

Miraculous World

  • Techclonizer/Miraclonizer/Techo-Pirate (Mike Rochip): Has the ability to steal any form of technology to clone and utilize it for himself. Later, when using the Eagle Miraculous, he can use its special power, Liberation, to free people of any mental or emotional restraints.
  • King Cash/Cash: Is a giant made of a metallic substance. Wields a fan that can slice through anything and can conjure sharp, jagged crystals. Also implied to be able to turn others to gold.
  • YanLuoShi/Mei Shi: A giant of titanic proportions that can project eye beams which eradicate anything they come into contact with, including Miraculouses.
    • He is also one of the less victimized villains, having completely betrayed Hawk Moth and eradicated him to oblivion when he was about to remove his powers when he was about to destroy all of Shanghai, in fear for Adrien's safety.

Promotional videos

  • Unknown: A giant monster made out of sticky orange goo. It can blast said orange goo out of its mouth.

Books and comics

  • Replay/Adam: Can manipulate time around him by shooting energy blasts out of his watch.
  • Silurus/Fisherman: Can control both water and catfish.
  • Sculptia/Charlotte Basquet: Can bring wax statues to life to control them, as well as turn people into immobile wax statues.
  • Unnamed librarian: Can transport herself and others into books.


  • Light Eye: A giant eyeball capable of flight and shining a beam of light from its eye that immobilizes anyone it shines on, preventing them from moving their body, but still allowing them to speak. It is born from Luka Couffaine's feeling of betrayal at Marinette's secrecy and serves him as Truth.
  • Gorilla Sentimonster: A giant banana-themed gorilla; since Shadow Moth gives it no name, she calls it "Banana Boom-Boom". It has bandoliers filled with giant bananas that cause whoever they hit to be turned into a banana. They can also cause minor explosions when they touch inanimate objects. Due to its size, the Sentimonster has great strength. It is born from Chloé Bourgeois' anger and jealousy, serving her as Queen Banana.
  • Gabriel Agreste: An exact copy of his civilian form, and controlled by him, as well. He is made to manipulate Gabriel's nephew Félix Graham de Vanily. After this primary objective fails, the Sentimonster is Akumatized through the real Gabriel's own negative emotions into an upgraded version of the Collector from Season 2 (see above).
  • Mega Leech: A giant leech capable of flight, possessing numerous eyes all over its body. It can transform anyone who enters its mouth into a seemingly infinite amount of tiny clones that are sprayed out of the eyes' pupils. These clones can possess others by climbing inside their ears and speaking via a miniature podium. If Mega Leech multiplies an Akumatized/Amokized villain, every single clone will have their own Akuma and Amok. It is born from André Bourgeois' stress and anger, serving him during his third time as Malediktator.
  • Guiltrip: An eye-like being that creates a vacuum vortex, sucking people into an infinitely big pocket dimension within its body. There are valves along the dimension's walls that generate purple bubbles that stick to a person, attracted to and inducing guilt. Once a person is completely covered in bubbles, they transform into a copy of Reflekta, complete with powers. The clones can be controlled by Guiltrip, who can also prevent people from leaving via strong winds. It is born from Juleka Couffaine's guilt and regret and was meant to serve her as Reflekta; however, she willfully gave up control over it.
  • Senti-Alec: A perfect physical and vocal copy of the TV host Alec Cataldi created from Shadow Moth's excitement. He was fashioned for the sole purpose of making Audrey Bourgeois vulnerable to Akumatization once more, as part of a wider ploy to determine Ladybug's identity.
    • After the Sentimonster Ladybug, he is the second Sentimonster who is based on a human, and thus could be considered a real person.
  • Senti-Nino: A perfect physical and vocal copy of Nino Lahiffe created from Shadow Moth's ambition. He was fashioned for the sole purpose of tricking Nino's girlfriend Alya into giving him the Turtle Miraculous with Optigami hiding inside, which Senti-Nino would then return to Ladybug after Style Queen's defeat, inadvertently leading Optigami to Ladybug's home and revealing her civilian identity to Shadow Moth and Mayura.
    • After the Sentimonster Ladybug and Senti-Alec, he is the third Sentimonster who is based on a human, and thus could be considered a real person.
  • Sentibubbler: A perfect physical and vocal copy of the villain the Bubbler from Season 1, who is the Akumatized form of Nino Lahiffe, complete with all his powers and weapons. They are made from Shadow Moth's emotions and serve him in a gambit to get the Miraculouses by manipulating Alya Césaire, Nino's girlfriend and the heroine Rena Rouge. The Amok is in a coffee cup that Shadow Moth keeps with him; the reason for this is unknown.
  • Hack-San: A thumb drive that can infect the robot Markov with negative emotions, allowing him to be Akumatized back into Robostus. It is made from Shadow Moth's emotions in a plot to re-Akumatize the robot; the Amok is in his cane.
  • Kuro Neko: A giant cat resembling a maneki-neko that possesses great strength and sharp claws it can swipe at its enemies with. It can also cough up hairballs like a real cat. It spawns from the grief of a little girl named Rythm at losing her cat. The Amok is in Rythm's maneki-neko-shaped piggy bank.
  • Strikeback: A titanic golem completely immune to any Miraculous superpower it is exposed to. Once it physically encounters a superpower, it can copy it and use it freely by invoking its own name. Befitting its size, it possesses tremendous strength, able to lift an entire ferris wheel out of the ground with its hands. The Amok is in Shadow Moth's cane.


Season 1

I want that absolute power, Nooroo. I must have those Miraculous.
~ Hawk Moth upon hearing about the Cat and Ladybug Miraculouses.
I found you, though, my little Nooroo. Your Miraculous, remind me of its powers again […] And when it comes to luring superheroes, what could be better than creating supervillains? […] I must have this absolute power! Your Miraculous is in my control! I am your master now, and you must obey me!
~ Hawk Moth forcing Nooroo to use his powers for evil.
Nooroo, dark wings, rise! From this day on, I shall be known as... Hawk Moth!
~ Hawk Moth taking up his identity.
Negative emotions. This is perfect. Just what I need. Anger, sadness... Burn a hole into his heart, my horrible Akuma.
~ Hawk Moth sensing Ivan Bruel's distress.
Everything's going to plan. Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous have been activated. Here they come to save the day, and now my supervillain will destroy them.
~ Hawk Moth upon realizing that Ladybug and Cat Noir have appeared.
Ivan has a sensitive heart. It won't be long before anger and sadness strike again, and he and the stone beings will come alive. Then, we'll see how long you will remain hidden, Ladybug and Cat Noir. Once I have your Miraculous, you will be powerless against me. Everyone will be powerless against me! I will have absolute power! Mwahahahaha!
~ Hawk Moth gloating after Ladybug and Cat Noir fail to capture his Akuma.
Yes... Feel the burn of those words. Lose your temper, Ivan! Your Akuma awaits you.
~ Hawk Moth sensing Ivan's distress for the second time.
Negative emotions... they're fading! Ugh...
~ Hawk Moth after Marinette comforts Ivan.
This is your second chance, Stoneheart, and this time you have extra help. No one will stop you from capturing the love of your life. Just remember I'll need something in return.
~ Hawk Moth offering to give Ivan his powers back.
People of Paris, listen carefully. I am Hawk Moth. Ladybug, Cat Noir, give me the ladybug earrings and the cat ring now. You've done enough damage to these innocent people!
~ Hawk Moth revealing himself to Paris.
Agh! That's the problem with superheroes. They're too...heroic!
~ Hawk Moth frustrated at Ladybug for destroying his hologram.
It won't be long before Ladybug and Cat Noir show up to meet their doom! Mwahahahahahahaha!
~ Hawk Moth confident about his plan.
The time has come for us to find our next victim, my wicked little Akumas, and to prey upon Ladybug and Cat Noir. Their Miraculouses must be mine!
~ Hawk Moth beginning to search for ideal victims.
So correct you are. You should have won, yes. […] Stormy Weather, I am Hawk Moth. I give you the power to seek revenge on them as my weather girl. All you have to do is bring me the Miraculous, can you do that? […] That's my weather girl. Show the world who the best weather girl really is!
~ Hawk Moth turning Aurore Beauréal into Stormy Weather.
Such disappointment, frustration, and negativity... Oh, how it fills my heart with exhilaration.
~ Hawk Moth sensing Alix Kubdel's distress.
Copycat, stop the small talk and get me Cat Noir's Miraculous!
~ Hawk Moth ordering Copycat to stop gloating and focus on their goals.
You might have gotten away this time, but I assure you, Ladybug, some day, wherever you are, I will have your Miraculous, and you'll be nothing! Nothing at all!
~ Hawk Moth
Noooo! The Miraculous were practically mine! And they will be. Once I have them all in my grasp, I shall rule the world!
~ Hawk Moth
Mime, I am Hawk Moth. I'm giving you the power to make whatever you gesture come to life. Destroy this premiere performance! You may be a mime, but they can't silence you! However, in return, you must bring me back Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses. So, shall we get on with the show?
~ Hawk Moth turning Fred Haprèle into The Mime.
Ooh, now there's a brokenhearted princess if ever I saw one. Every rose has its thorns.
~ Hawk Moth sensing Rose Lavillant's sadness.
You ruined everything, Ladybug. This is not how it was supposed to end! But I promise you, one day it will be me at the top of the food chain, and you'll be nothing!
~ Hawk Moth upon his defeat.
'The Challenge... what an interesting concept. A TV show with such potential with negative emotions. Oh, the destructive mayhem we could cause...
~ Hawk Moth realizing the potential The Challenge has to create negative emotions.
Next time, I assure you it won't be a photo finish! I won't stop, Ladybug! I'll destroy you!
~ Hawk Moth
Dahhh! Don't do your victory dance just yet, because one day, I'll play you my favorite music: the anthem of your defeat, Ladybug and Cat Noir!
~ Hawk Moth during his defeat.
A great artist was wronged today. I can feel it. I can hear his heart screaming for revenge. Fly away, my little Akuma, and evilize him! Victory never tasted so good! Mwahahahaha!
~ Hawk Moth sensing Wang Cheng's sadness.
This evil dinner was almost perfect! Revenge is a dish that is best served cold, so watch yourself — I'll be ready to strike again!
~ Hawk Moth upon defeat.
Such pitiful insolence! The moment you challenge me is the moment you seal your fate! This battle is not yet over...
~ Hawk Moth upon defeat.
Poor girl, feeling so lonely and ignored. How terrible it must feel that you don't even exist. Come here my little friend. Fly, my vile Akuma, and give this transparent soul a voice and a vision!
~ Hawk sensing Juleka's sadness.
Reflekta, I am Hawk Moth. From now on, you will be the only one people see. No one will ever ignore you again. However, you must do me a favor in return, when the time comes.
~ Hawk Moth turning Juleka into Reflekta.
Ah, what could be more pure than an innocent child's emotions, especially anger? I love it!
~ Hawk Moth sensing Manon Chamack's distress.
This is the moment I've been waiting for. Your time is up Ladybug! You're doomed!
~ Hawk Moth after Puppeteer takes control of Cat Noir.
No! This cannot be happening!
~ Hawk Moth, dumbfounded after Puppeteer's defeat.
A betrayed Ladybug worshiper? Just what I need to swiftly recover from the defeat of Vanisher. This is perfect.
~ Hawk Moth sensing Chloé Bourgeois' distress.
Antibug, I am Hawk Moth. Ladybug has let you down, I want her downfall too. So, shall we defeat Ladybug together?
~ Hawk Moth transforming Chloé into Antibug.
Ah... Jealousy, deceit, and the desire to be a superhero. This young lady is my perfect prey.
~ Hawk Moth sensing Lila Rossi's distress.
Volpina, I am Hawk Moth. I'm giving you the power of illusion. From now on, your lies will come to life. Gain Ladybug and Cat Noir's trust, and convince them you're a real superhero. Then betray them and bring me their Miraculous.
~ Hawk Moth transforming Lila into Volpina.
She's still angry. You're not done with Volpina yet, Ladybug. You haven't seen the last of her.
~ Hawk Moth realizing that Lila is still angry with Ladybug.

Season 2

Well, I believe in you. Santa Claws, I am Hawk Moth. They wrongly accused you of being a supervillain so that's what you'll get to be from now on. In exchange, since I've been good enough all year round, I'm going to ask you for two gifts. Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous!
~ Hawk Moth transforming Santa Claus into Santa Claws.
I feel the wrath of a father betrayed by his son. What ideal prey for my Akuma. [creates Akuma] Stay close, my little Akuma!
~ Hawk Moth planning to Akumatize himself.
I must become someone else, to lead them astray.
~ Gabriel plotting to lead Ladybug and Cat Noir away from discovering his identity.
I am now The Collector! My book of inspiration has been taken from me, so I will build a new one! And perhaps pick up a Miraculous or two while I'm at it. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!
~ Gabriel becoming The Collector.
Nothing could inspire me more than imprisoning Ladybug and Cat Noir inside these pages forever.
~ Collector during his rampage.
Before I immortalize you, allow me to seize your Miraculous for Hawk Moth!
~ Collector leading Ladybug and Cat Noir away from his true identity.
Cat Noir, Ladybug, what happened to me?
~ Gabriel faking amnesia on his actions as The Collector.
Ladybug, Cat Noir, you almost managed to find out who I am, but now I am more above suspicion than I’ve ever been! As of today, nothing will prevent me from getting your Miraculouses and making my greatest wish come true! All I need to do now is wait for my next prey...
~ Hawk Moth monologuing about his success.
A party being held by the most spiteful girl in all of Paris? Such a fertile breeding ground for negative emotions. Fly away, my evil Akuma. Finding a victim to evilize should be a piece of cake.
~ Hawk Moth after hearing about Chloé’s party.
What are you doing, Miss Bourgeois? Where's that natural cruelty I'm counting on?
~ Hawk Moth, confused by Chloé's odd act of kindness.
Hello, Despair Bear. I am Hawk Moth. You've always been such a good influence on Chloé, but now, you get to be a bad influence for everyone, and a very evil one at that.
~ Hawk Moth to Chloé's Butler.
A journalist ridiculed by Ladybug and Cat Noir. Now that's the perfect prey.
~ Hawk Moth sensing Nadja Chamack’s disappointment.
What could be more powerful than a grandmother deserted by her own granddaughter? Perfect fodder for disappointment and misunderstanding.
~ Hawk Moth sensing Gina Dupain's sadness.
A champion of victory has been stolen. Crushing defeat is the ideal steel with which to forge a blade of revenge!
~ Hawk Moth sensing Kagami Tsurugi's distress.
I may have made a mistake today, but believe me Ladybug and Cat Noir. It won't happen again.
~ Hawk Moth after Robostus' betrayal and defeat.
This wasn't I had in mind, but why not? After all, what could be more emotionally powerful than a baby throwing a giant temper tantrum?
~ Hawk Moth's accidental Akumatization of August.
Shame, pain, and a crushed dream. Fly away, my little Akuma, and evilize this failed hero.
~ Hawk Moth about to Akumatize Mr. Damocles.
They are mine! Ladybug's ability to create and Cat Noir's power of destruction. Whoever succeeds in merging these two Miraculouses together shall be granted a wish that can change reality. And erase the past.
~ Hawk Moth revealing the Miraculouses’ combined power and his purpose.
"I don't want another peep out of you. Wash your hands, clean your room." Kids should be able to do whatever they want to do. However, they want to do it.
~ Hawk Moth sensing Ella and Etta Césaire's sadness.
Sapotis, I am Hawk Moth. Your big sister's telling you what to do? Well, I'll let you be as mischievous as you want! […] Yes, yes! But calm down. From now on, no one will ever be able to punish you, because it will always be another Sapoti's fault. All you have to do is to take Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous, and give them to your good friend, Hawk Moth. Okay?
~ Hawk Moth turning Ella and Etta Césaire into the Sapotis.
You and your friends have defeated me this time, Ladybug, but thanks to you, now I know there are other Miraculous in Paris, and most likely, a Guardian.
~ Hawk Moth thanking Ladybug for confirming his suspicions of other Miraculouses and of Master Fu.
Where is my son?! Adrien has managed to leave his room, without either of you noticing! Find him!
~ Gabriel yelling at Nathalie and the bodyguard for letting Adrien escape.
What have you done? Where's Adrien? Don't tell me it's that hard to keep an eye on a fourteen-year-old boy, or are you just too stupid to do something so simple? You better find him and fast!
~ Hawk Moth calling Adrien's bodyguard to make him vulnerable to Akumatization.
A failed bodyguard who can't perform his duties. Anger and frustration; perfect fodder for my Akuma.
~ Hawk Moth sensing Adrien's bodyguard's negative emotions.
If indeed you are Cat Noir, then transform, son. Please.
~ Hawk Moth showing concern for Adrien falling off a building.
Adrien and Cat Noir side by side? So I was wrong. Just as well. Gorizilla, grab Cat Noir's Miraculous and be done with him!
~ Hawk Moth, believing he wrong about Adrien being Cat Noir.
One of these days I'll find out who Ladybug and Cat Noir really are. And when I do, I'll make them pay for eternity!
~ Hawk Moth swearing to find out the true identities of Ladybug and Cat Noir.
You should’ve trusted me, son. It’s important for you and I to be able to trust each other. If you were to begin hiding the truth from me, then I’d naturally start imagining all kinds of things.
~ Gabriel speaking to Adrien.
Ah! The depression of a soul demanding liberty and freedom! Perfect target for my Akuma.
~ Hawk Moth about to Akumatize Anarka Couffaine.
Captain Hardrock, I am Hawk Moth. Is the establishment censoring your right to make as much noise as you'd like? From now on they won't hear anything but your music. I'm giving you an indestructible ship and you will use it to sale around Paris and blast your music out everywhere you go as loudly as you please. In return, you will bring me the greatest of all treasures, Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous.
~ Hawk Moth turning Anarka Couffaine into Captain Hardrock.
The feeling of injustice. What could be worse than being punished for someone else’s wrongdoings?
~ Hawk Moth sensing Marinette’s anger.
Hawk Moth: Hello, Miss. I am Hawk Moth.
Miss Bustier: I am not going to listen to you! You can't force me to do evil!
Hawk Moth: Who said anything about evil? There's already so much hate in the world. I want to help you unite everyone together with love, at last! Isn't that your greatest wish?
Marinette: Miss Bustier, please! Breathe deeply and focus!
Hawk Moth: Zombizou! I'm giving you the power to spread love and compassion. Thanks to you, the whole world will be one big embrace! In return, bring me Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous.
~ Hawk Moth manipulating Caline Bustier and Akumatizing her into Zombizou.
Ladybug. Cat Noir. If Zombizou is right, if love does always conquer, then someday my most cherished wish will come true for sure.
~ Hawk Moth after Zombizou is defeated.
Poor Little Mermaid. How many times have you tried to tell your Prince how you feel? And how many times has he dismissed you?
~ Hawk Moth sensing Ondine's sadness.
With every new environment comes a new set of rules, Ladybug. You won't be able to win this time—ladybugs can't breathe underwater! Syren, are you going to let Ladybug steal your prince away from you?
~ Hawk Moth gloating as Ladybug is fighting Syren.
I knew those Miraculous had hidden powers! Syren! There's too many fish in the sea. Take their Miraculous away before they take your merman away in their nets!
~ Hawk Moth shocked to see Ladybug and Cat Noir's new underwater powers.
Gabriel: Nooroo, how can I obtain more powers?
Nooroo: What do you mean, Master?
Gabriel: Don't treat me like an idiot! Ladybug and Cat Noir have new powers, how did they do it?!
Nooroo: We kwamis don't know the recipes.
Gabriel: It's inside this grimoire, isn't it? Can't you read it?
Nooroo: Only Guardians can. I don't know anything, I swear!
Gabriel: Well, then. I will have to find this Guardian of the Miraculous, wherever he is...
~ Gabriel plotting to obtain new powers.
It'll be an excellent promotion for our upcoming stores in Korea and China. You don’t have a choice. […] I’ve been designing Clara’s costumes since she started out. She was very pleased with my humble suggestion of using you. She’s only seen you in our advertisements but she does admire you a lot. I’m hoping you won’t let us down.
~ Gabriel forcing his son to play Cat Noir in Clara Nightingale’s music video.
Ah, tears of disenchantment. Such sweet music to my ears.
~ Hawk Moth sensing Clara Nightingale’s sadness.
A devoted artist losing her cool. Such a fortune opportunity.
~ Hawk Moth sensing Penny Rolling’s stress.
A blooming friendship brutally ripped apart. Picture perfect no more.
~ Hawk Moth sensing Marc Anciel’s sadness.
You're gaining more allies, Ladybug, but don't rush to rejoice. Soon, you might just be outnumbered. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
~ Hawk Moth swearing to gain allies of his own.
Sandboy is turning Paris into one huge nightmare, and yet there's no sight of Ladybug or Cat Noir. What is going on?!
~ Hawk Moth confused with Ladybug and Cat Noir's absence.
Aha! It's me who's going to find you, little kwamis! And I will make you my slaves, just like Nooroo!
~ Hawk Moth trying to track the kwamis down.
I hope you liked your friends' birthday gift, Nooroo. Now I know that they're close and that there are many of them. If I manage to find them, I'll take their Miraculous. Then I'll have unlimited powers at my disposal. If I have to fight a whole army of superheroes, I'll do it! Whatever it takes, Nooroo. And Ladybug and Cat Noir won't be able to stop me ever again! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
~ Gabriel vowing to find the other kwamis and take their Miraculouses.
I'm sorry. It took some time, I know, but today I can feel my prey has more malice in her than anyone I've ever Akumatized before. She will masterpiece!
~ Gabriel plotting to Akumatize Audrey Bourgeois while speaking to his wife.
Style Queen, I am Hawk Moth. You've been refused a throne that is rightfully yours! As Queen of Fashion, you will now be able to revenge those fashion disasters who disrespected you!
~ Hawk Moth Akumatizing Audrey Bourgeois into Style Queen.
Adrien!... We no longer have a choice! Style Queen, you must defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir as soon as possible!
~ Hawk Moth horrified at Style Queen turning Adrien into a statue.
Style Queen was my greatest masterpiece. How could she have failed?... How could I have failed?... What should I do now...?
~ Hawk Moth saddened by Style Queen's defeat.
Nathalie: Sir, you took a big risk today. Especially concerning Adrien.
Gabriel: If only I could tell Adrien why I'm doing this. He would understand.
~ Gabriel talking about his motivations.
I don't want to break our promise, but...I can't keep putting our son in danger. Style Queen was supposed to be my masterpiece, but even she failed. I feel like I've done all I possibly could, you know. I'll never be able to fulfill my wish without Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous. Forgive me, Emilie... I'm giving you up, Nooroo...
~ Gabriel deciding to quit being Hawk Moth.
I still have one chance, Nooroo. All is not lost. I have a unique opportunity to Akumatize someone with a Miraculous. A superhero turned supervillain can only be... exceptional!
~ Gabriel scheming to Akumatize Chloé while she's Queen Bee.
It was bound to happen. Superpowers aren't child's play, my dear Chloé Bourgeois.
~ Hawk Moth sensing Queen Bee's sadness.
Queen Wasp, I am Hawk Moth. Ladybug and Cat Noir don't want you as their friend, so you will be their most powerful enemy. Nobody has managed it yet, but you will defeat them because you are exceptional. In return, you must seize their Miraculous.
~ Hawk Moth turning Queen Bee into Queen Wasp.
Ladybug and Cat Noir made a mistake today, and there will be others. Then we'll finally be together once again, my love.
~ Gabriel to Emilie.
So much sadness, so much disappointment. I can feel the chasm of despair and fear about to open and swallow up every single Parisian! Dear Volpina, you've served your role well for the time being. We will meet again, very soon.
~ Hawk Moth complimenting Volpina on her success.
Catalyst, you have always been my most loyal supporter. I give you the ability to boost powers.
~ Hawk Moth turning Nathalie into Catalyst.
Fly away, my little Akumas. Find the Parisians as they despair over Cat Noir and Ladybug's final hour, and evilize each and every one of them!
~ Scarlet Moth sending his Akumas out into Paris.
Do not let her out of your sight, Vanisher! She's probably going to recruit other superheroes to help battle my army. Without knowing it, she's going to lead us to the Guardian of the Miraculous.
~ Scarlet Moth plotting to have Vanisher follow Ladybug.
Vanisher! Why have I lost contact with you?! Ladybug must have found you out, but there's no way she'll be able to figure out what I have in store for her next!
~ Scarlet Moth after Ladybug de-Akumatizes Vanisher.
Ladybug, Cat Noir, behold my powerful army and have no doubt today belongs to Scarlet Moth!
~ Scarlet Moth's broadcasting to Paris.
Ladybug, Cat Noir—I can feel your close presence. If you want to save Paris and all its people, I'll give you one last chance! Give yourselves up and bring me your Miraculous!
~ Scarlet Moth's announcement to Ladybug and Cat Noir.
Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! I understand you want a fight, then so be it! Guitar Villain! Frightningale! Music!
~ Scarlet Moth sending his army against the heroes.
Style Queen, Malediktator, Despair Bear. Chloé never does what she's told, huh? Well, now I'm giving you the power to punish her once and for all!
~ Scarlet Moth re-Akumatizing Chloé's parents and the butler.
Fall on them like rain, my Scarlet Akumas!
~ Scarlet Moth sending his swarm of Scarlet Akumas on the heroes.
You should never say... "never".
~ Scarlet Moth sending the re-Akumatized Style Queen and Malediktator on Queen Bee.
Alright, kids. Watch what a man who's got nothing to lose can do!
~ Hawk Moth preparing to fight Ladybug and Cat Noir.
You're never going to win. Not today, or any other day. You're still so green, young superheroes. You can't even stay transformed after you've used your powers!
~ Hawk Moth taunting Ladybug and Cat Noir after defeating them.
Thank you, Nathalie... for everything.
~ Gabriel thanking Nathalie for coming to his rescue.

Season 3

Ah, high school, the arena of teenage angst, where emotions are so intense. A perfect stadium for my dear akumas. Being separated from your friends, becoming isolated: just what devastating anger is made of. Fly away and evilize this angry high school girl.
~ Hawk Moth preparing to Akumatize Marinette.
Lila: Hawk Moth, I am Lila. I know you want to destroy Ladybug and so do I.
Hawk Moth: Yes, I remember you.
Lila: Give me supervillain powers and I'll give you her and Cat Noir's Miraculous.
Hawk Moth: With pleasure. I have some new power for you, Chameleon.
~ Hawk Moth turning Lila Rossi into Chameleon.
I sense a talent like no other in this young Lila. I'm sure that her feelings about Ladybug will serve my purposes well in the end. One way or another.
~ Hawk Moth plans to use Lila in the future.
Ladybug, Cat Noir. Enjoy your apparent victory, because as in all the best tragedies, triumph always comes before failure.
~ Gabriel monologuing after Ladybug and Cat Noir defeat Animaestro.
I can feel a whole life time of hope... the hope of being reunited with one's true love, only to find out that the waiting has been in vain.
~ Hawk Moth sensing Marianne Lenoir's sadness.
Don't believe for one second that you've won, Ladybug. I've acquired more information that will enable me to track the Guardian down, and even though no one in Paris goes by the name of Master Fu, I will find where he's hiding. Soon, I'll be able to have him decipher the spellbook for me, and maybe who knows, even get my hands on every Miraculous known on Earth!
~ Hawk Moth vowing to find Master Fu after having found out his identity.
Yet again, my young prey fails to be the center of attention. Nathalie, I need Mayura to give this negative emotion a new dimension.
~ Hawk Moth asking Nathalie to become Mayura and assist him.
Hawk Moth: They've swapped their Miraculouses!
Mayura: And they're struggling with their new powers.
Hawk Moth: Make the most of it, Reflekta, their Miraculouses are within your reach!
~ Hawk Moth and Mayura witnessing Mister Bug and Lady Noire.
Silencer, I am Hawk Moth. This man is the voice of evil. I'm giving you the power to silence him for good. All I ask of you in return are Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous. Do we have an agreement, Silencer?... I'll take your silence as a yes.
~ Hawk Moth transforming Luka into Silencer.
Gabriel: What was that young girl doing in my house?
Nathalie: I decided it would be good for her to help Adrien review his mathematics.
Gabriel: I'm the only one who decides what's good for my son! This isn't the first time you've been fooled by his schoolmates.
Nathalie: Do you want... to take Adrien out of school?
Gabriel: No. But I won't allow Adrien to be influenced by the company he keeps. On second thought, I think this photo is going to help me get that young girl in particular away from my son once and for all.
~ Gabriel chastising Nathalie for allowing Lila into his home, and scheming to keep her away from Adrien.
Oni-Chan, I am Hawk Moth. I'm giving you the power to track down Lila Rossi and make sure she never gets close to your loved one ever again. Adrien Agreste is way too innocent to be wary of her. Of course she'll persuade Ladybug and Cat Noir to stop you from accomplishing your duty. You must therefore bring me their Miraculous, to punish them for their naivety.
~ Hawk Moth Akumatizing Kagami into Oni-Chan.
This Lila girl is... astounding!
~ Hawk Moth after Lila manipulates Oni-Chan into helping her destroy Ladybug.
Lila: Thank you for inviting me here, Mr. Agreste.
Gabriel: You got into my house without my authorization. By lying and manipulating my son.
Lila: I only meant well. Adrien needed to talk. You do such a good job of shielding him from bad influences that he actually feels very alone.
Gabriel: Hm. You’re opening my eyes to a problem I didn’t even know existed. What would you do in my position?
Lila: I think he needs a friend his age. Someone who understands him, who can protect him from negative influences. Someone you can trust, too.
Gabriel: You and I think the same way. See you again very soon, Lila.
Lila: See you soon, Mr. Agreste.
~ Gabriel allying himself with Lila.
My dear Chloé Bourgeois, this is Hawk Moth. Ladybug wants to strip you of your superpowers? Well, I can empower you. Come with me and we will recover the Bee Miraculous together. We'll be a team, and your powers will know no limit.
~ Hawk Moth attempts to Akumatize Chloé again, only for her to resist.
Chloé Bourgeois really is quite... unique. But I can feel a negative emotion not far from her, a friend who could help us achieve our goal. Follow it, my evil Akuma.
~ Hawk Moth has failed to Akumatize Chloé, but he senses Sabrina Raincomprix's sadness.
They have to be inside the building, Oblivio. Ladybug and Cat Noir can't have escaped. Retrace your steps. They must have transformed back by now. And with their memories erased, you won't have any trouble getting your hands on their Miraculous.
~ Hawk Moth speaking to Oblivio.
I won't soon forget this, Ladybug and Cat Noir. The love you both secretly have for each other will be your downfall!
~ Hawk Moth after Oblivio's defeat.
That's where you're wrong, Ladybug. You've just brought me my second gift, which only goes to show what a good Hawk Moth I've been this year. Use the powers I gave you, Christmaster, and seize their Miraculous!
~ Hawk Moth ordering Christmaster to attack Ladybug and Cat Noir.
You stole my Christmas presents, Ladybug. But my birthday's coming soon, and trust me, I'll make sure it's a day you'll never forget.
~ Hawk Moth after Christmaster's defeat.
I can't feel any negative emotions anymore! What's gone wrong?! Where's my akuma?!
~ Hawk Moth losing his Akuma while trying to Akumatize Roger Raincomprix.
Gabriel: So, that's why I lost touch with my akuma! It's too far out of range.
Nathalie: There's another problem. Adrien's class is on the train, and your son is on the passenger list!
Gabriel: He's up in space! And there's nothing I can do.
Nathalie: I'm sure Ladybug and Cat Noir will rescue him.
Gabriel: Hoping that my enemies will save my son... How ironic.
~ Gabriel after learning that his rogue Akuma created Startrain.
The Guardian of the Miraculous is this decrepit old man?
~ Hawk Moth discovering Master Fu's true identity as he comes face-to-face with him.
I have not digested my defeat, Ladybug. It simply hold my appetite all the more. But now that I know what the Guardian looks like, I intend to put that knowledge to use and prepare a dish of revenge especially for you and it shall be served... very cold.
~ Gabriel monologuing his plans inside his respiratory.
Gabriel: This negative emotion I'm's familiar.
Nooroo: Maybe it's your son's emotion? You should spend more time with him.
Gabriel: I'm doing all of this so that he can be happy again.
Nooroo: But aren't you in danger of losing him if you continue down this path?
Gabriel: I forbid you to talk to me like that, Nooroo!
~ Gabriel arguing with Nooroo.
Stormy Weather. People have told you that you'll never change? Well, they're right. People don't change, they grow! This time, your powers will be even stronger as you know them well. Show them how you're able to control all the forces of nature.
~ Hawk Moth creating Stormy Weather 2.
One negative emotion is disappearing, but another is forming quickly. I can feel the anger of a mother whose authority has been challenged.
~ Hawk Moth has failed to Akumatize Kagami, but he senses her mother's anger.
Ikari Gozen, Ladybug has helped your daughter escape by giving her a Miraculous. I don't know how she did it, but I want her Miraculous, too!
~ Hawk Moth ordering Ikari Gozen to get Ryuko's Miraculous.
This man is hopeless! I've Akumatized him twenty-four times and not once has he come close to succeeding! Nooroo, dark wings fall! Huh—?! What is this? A powerful negative emotion! I've never felt this before. Where could such energy be coming from?
~ Hawk Moth sensing Timetagger after giving up on Akumatizing Xavier Ramier.
Hawk Moth: I just love his style.
Timetagger: I'm not surprised you like it, Hawk Moth. I come from the future. A future where Ladybug and Cat Noir are adults. It was future Hawk Moth's slick idea to send me into the past—to seize their Miraculous before they've obtained their adult powers.
Hawk Moth: I can only approve of my future decision. And I won't wait for Ladybug and Cat Noir to become adults! I'm counting on you to change the future, Timetagger!
~ Hawk Moth being contacted by Timetagger.
My victory is close at hand. How brilliant from me to send myself such a powerful ally from the future!
~ Hawk Moth gloating about his future-self's plan.
Hawk Moth: The future bird catches the worm. This time, the Miraculous are mine!
Timetagger: You're right on the first count, but not on the second. The Miraculous are not for you.
Hawk Moth: What?!
Timetagger: Ha ha ha! I said I was sent by the Hawk Moth of the future, but I never said that the Hawk Moth of the future was
~ Hawk Moth being betrayed by Timetagger and realizing the truth about the future Hawk Moth.
Gabriel: If I'm not Hawk Moth from the future, then that means I've failed.
Nathalie: Or that you've succeeded. The future is not set in stone, Gabriel.
~ Gabriel talking to Nathalie after learning he will not be Hawk Moth in the future.
Emilie, we miss you so much. But you'll be back with us very soon. Thanks to my Akumas, it's only a matter of time before I take control of their Miraculous. Merging them will grant me absolute power to reshape reality, and finally reverse our past mistake.
~ Gabriel speaks to his wife inside his respiratory.
I need someone to restore power from the outside. I don't feel any negative emotions. There's! What's going on in my house?!
~ Hawk Moth failing to find a victim due to the joy caused by Adrien's party.
To all of you who have invaded my house, now face the most fearsome supervillain ever created!
~ Hawk Moth upon creating Party Crasher.
Ladybug. Cat Noir. Soon your luck will run out, and one of these days, I'll be leading you in a dance. A dance of doom.
~ Gabriel after the defeat of Party Crasher.
Emilie, I miss you every moment. But one day, I will get the Miraculous of Ladybug and Cat Noir, repair the mistakes of the past, and make sure you return to us.
~ Gabriel making a promise to his wife.
Cat Noir, my own son?...The Miraculous will soon be mine!
~ Hawk Moth upon being informed about Cat Noir's identity.
Ladybug: You're done, Hawk Moth! Give us back your Miraculous!
Cat Noir: You know what they say. The wave of a moth's wing can set off a Cataclysm!
Hawk Moth: I would put that Cataclysm away if I were you, Adrien.
Cat Noir: How do you—mother?
Hawk Moth: I'm doing it for her, Adrien. For you. For us.
~ Hawk Moth revealing his identity and his goals when confronted by Ladybug and Cat Noir.
Hawk Moth: We can save your mother using your Miraculous and hers!
Cat Noir: No, just stop!
Ladybug: Don't listen to him! You know there'd be a terrible price to pay in exchange!
Hawk Moth: If she really loved you, she'd let you save your mother!
Cat Noir: Stop it,
stop it, STOP IT!!
~ Hawk Moth provoking Cat Noir in order to Akumatize him.
Cat Blanc, I'm giving you the infinite power of destruction! Together you and I will seize Ladybug's Miraculous and awaken your mother! Obey!
~ Hawk Moth Akumatizing Cat Noir into Cat Blanc.
Hawk Moth: Seize her Miraculous, my son!
Ladybug: No Adrien, you have to resist!
Hawk Moth: How dare you! Not me, Adrien!
Cat Blanc: I...
~ Hawk Moth failing to get Cat Blanc to obey his commands - also his last words in the Bad Future timeline.
Lila Rossi was right. This was worth the wait. The downfall of Marinette brings out about the despair of everyone who trusted her. I can feel the huge waves of negative emotions as they come crashing down.
~ Hawk Moth senses the negative emotions from the people who witnessed Marinette's expulsion from school.
Fly away, my little Akumas. Find Marinette and her friends, and evilize them all!
~ Scarlet Moth releases his Scarlet Akumas on Marinette and her friends.
Verity Queen, Princess Justice, I am Scarlet Moth. Since the innocent isn't to be believed anymore, I'm giving you both the power to expose the truth. As for you, my desperate loyal ones, disappointed by she who you once admired so much? I'm glad to have you back. In return, you will bring me Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous.
~ Scarlet Moth upon Akumatizing Marinette, Sabine and Marinette's friends.
Nathalie: Perhaps you can still take advantage of the chaos that Lila Rossi has wreaked?
Gabriel: That plan is pointless without you.
Nathalie: You're right. Then I have to...
Gabriel: There will be no more Catalyst, or Mayura. I warned you. Using a broken Miraculous ends up breaking its wearer. The wounds of the Miraculous are becoming your wounds.
Nathalie: I don't care, Gabriel. I want to help you.
Gabriel: Not at that cost. Never at that cost again.
~ Gabriel taking the Peacock Miraculous from Nathalie.
Hawk Moth: Getting sentimental on a Sentimonster?
Ladybug: Hawk Moth!
Cat Noir: You're the real monster!
Hawk Moth: Oh, that? You'll find out very soon.
~ Hawk Moth engaging Ladybug and Cat Noir after Sentimonster Ladybug is destroyed.
Hawk Moth: Check, Ladybug!
Ladybug: No!
Cat Noir: Cataclysm!
Ladybug: Good move, Kitty. Now all I have to do is grab Mayura's Miraculous and it's over. Checkmate, Hawk Moth. You better surrender!
Hawk Moth: Ha ha ha ha! All I need to do is wait a few minutes until you and your pet transform back into regular kids! So fragile, so easy to break!
Ladybug: Release him!
Hawk Moth: Release her!
~ Hawk Moth trying to force Ladybug to give up Mayura by threatening Cat Noir.
Nathalie: Phase two is in place, sir.
Hawk Moth: Perfect. The ultimate battle of the Miraculous may begin!
~ Hawk Moth while putting his ultimate plan into play.
Love stories don't always have a happy ending. They bring out so many uncontrollable emotions, isn't that right, my pretty Akuma? Fly away and evilize their scarred hearts!
~ Hawk Moth sending an Akuma after André and Audrey Bourgeois.
It's always the same. Whenever she's backed up against a wall, Ladybug engages others to fight by her side. I'm convinced the Guardian of the Miraculous is who she seeks every time.
~ Hawk Moth planning with Mayura to follow Ladybug to Master Fu.
My dear Guardian. What a pleasure it is to finally meet you.
~ Hawk Moth upon meeting Master Fu.
Hawk Moth: You're powerless against me, old man. And Ladybug isn't here to protect you. Tell me the secret identities of Ladybug and Cat Noir!
Master Fu: Never!
Hawk Moth: Then help me get their Miraculous, and I won't harm you.
~ Hawk Moth confronting Master Fu.
Hawk Moth: You're on borrowed time, you crazy old man! I'll just wait for you to transform back.
Jade Turtle: My powers are no more time-sensitive than yours. Obviously you haven't learned anything about the Miraculous, Hawk Moth.
Hawk Moth: I've learned enough to defeat you! The end of superheroes has come!
Jade Turtle: You talk a lot, but haven't achieved much so far.
Hawk Moth: Your defeat will be my greatest achievement!
~ Hawk Moth before fighting Jade Turtle with Mayura.
Hawk Moth: Chloé Bourgeois. Rejections hurt. Your talents deserve to be recognized. Ladybug and Cat Noir's reign has gone on long enough. It's time for Paris to have a new queen. And the queen on my chessboard is you.
Chloé: You've Akumatized my parents! If I had my Miraculous, I'd...
Hawk Moth: You're right. But I did it for one reason only: so that you would finally realize that Ladybug will never give you the Bee Miraculous again. I, however, always keep my promises. [shows Chloé the Bee Miraculous]
Chloé: This isn't real! How do you have it?!
Hawk Moth: Try it, and see for yourself. You're Ladybug's greatest fan. You've helped her. You've trusted her. And what has she done for you in return?
~ Hawk Moth manipulating Chloé into hating Ladybug and taking the Bee Miraculous from him.
Hawk Moth: See? I kept my word. Your parents are free. And now I can use a new akuma to make your powers even stronger, my queen. Miracle Queen, I'm giving you the power to reign over Paris and command your very own army of superheroes, all I ask for in return is—
Queen Bee: Cat Noir and Ladybug's Miraculous, you shall have them. As soon as I crush those heroes.
~ Hawk Moth Akumatizing Queen Bee into Miracle Queen.
Yes, YES! No more hiding!
~ Hawk Moth glating as Miracle Queen summons the brainwashed Miraculous holders.
A few extra powers aren't going to save you, you know. In a few moments, when the old guardian is too weak and his shield is broken, I'll force him to tell me your secret identities, and it will all be thanks to Ladybug. She led you all to your own doom!
~ Hawk Moth taunting Dragon Bug and Cat Noir.
I don't even need to do anything! I knew you were one of us, Chloé Bourgeois!
~ Hawk Moth admiring Chloé's descent into villainy.
There's nothing you can do anyway! I already won! It's moments before the shield caves in. Then the guardian will be at my mercy! Your friends are about to transform back! You're on your own. Checkmate, Ladybug!
~ Hawk Moth declaring victory over Ladybug.
It's perfect! As good as new!
~ Gabriel repairing the Peacock Miraculous.

Season 4

Miraculous, repair yourself! It's perfect, as good as new! Now it's completely safe to use.
~ Gabriel repairing the Peacock Miraculous.
Shadow Moth: Truth, I am Shadow Moth. I'm giving you the power to force people to tell you their most sacred secrets.
Luka: Truth needs to be shared, not taken by force, Shadow Moth!
Marinette: Uh! Shadow Moth?! No! Luka, please resist, I am so sorry!
Shadow Moth: Why should you resist when she doesn't trust you?
Luka: Marinette does trust me!
Marinette: I do! Of course I do!
Shadow Moth: If she trusted you, then she would tell you the truth! Accept my power and you will know everything. And all I ask of you in return is to expose Ladybug and Cat Noir's little secrets.
Luka: Run, Marinette!
Shadow Moth: In addition to your power, you will be aided by Light Eye. This Sentimonster will be under your control. It's time to expose the truth.
~ Shadow Moth Akumatizing Luka into Truth (also exposing his new powers to Marinette).
Thanks to my new powers, truth is underway, Ladybug, and nothing will stop it!
~ Shadow Moth promising to menace Ladybug again.
Be careful with your magic box, Guardian of the Miraculous. You wouldn't want to lose it again...
~ Shadow Moth after Furious Fu's defeat.
Sole Crusher! I can sense that you're weakening! You wouldn't want me to take back your powers and be stuck with the losers, would you?!
~ Shadow Moth manipulating Sole Crusher into staying on his side.
You may run fast, Ladybug, but I will have you at my feet one day. And then, I will crush you!
~ Shadow Moth after Sole Crusher's defeat.
I know each and every scratch on Emilie's ring! It's a fake ring! He gave me a fake ring! How dare he?!
~ Gabriel raging after Félix attempts to trick him.
Gabriel: On the contrary, I believe that it will help us finally discover who is behind Ladybug's mask. There's a flaw when the holder gives their Miraculous back. There. Imagine if Optigami was hiding in the Miraculous Ladybug took back? It would lead us straight to her home, unknowingly.
Nathalie: Brilliant. But how do you plan to do that?
Gabriel: I need an event where all the holders will be sure to come, and a super-villain will force ladybug to assign a Miraculous if she wants to defeat it. And I know just the right person for it.
~ Gabriel scheming to hide Optigami in one on the Miraculous.
We don't know our enemies well enough, Nathalie. Alya Césaire seems to have a special status in the organization Ladybug has set up since she has became Guardian. It's time to take an interest in her.
~ Gabriel plotting to use Alya Césaire to get to Ladybug.
I'm the one grateful to you, for revealing Ladybug's identity, Alya. Thanks to you, the Miracle Box is finally mine.
~ Shadow Moth acheiving victory over Marinette in a nightmare.
Shadow Moth: Listen carefully. Ladybug will be here any minute. And since it's your family and friends, Ladybug will ask you to help her, and hand you the Miraculous of the Fox. Once she's given you the Miraculous, the Sentibubbler will be hiding nearby and capture Ladybug!
Alya: Cat Noir will come to save her!
Shadow Moth: No. He won't even know she's been captured. Because thanks to your Miraculous, you'll transform into Rena Rouge and create an illusion of Ladybug and Rena Rouge to distract Cat Noir. Thinking he's joined his fellow heroes, he won't notice the Sentibubbler until it's too late, and you'll give me your Miraculous! It is then and
only then when the three Miraculous are finally in my possession that the Sentibubbler will release your loved ones. If you try anything to warn Ladybug or Cat Noir, I'll order the Sentibubbler to send the bubbles into space—too far for any superhero to ever save them! If I were you, I would do anything I could to ensure Ladybug showed up very shortly!
~ Shadow Moth explaining his plan for Alya to betray Ladybug.
That's not the real Ladybug! She's a novice! This will make things easier for you, Robustus!
~ Shadow Moth encountering Scarabella for the first time.
Wishmaker, I am Shadow Moth. The world didn't let you realize your childhood dreams? From now on, any person you touch will have no choice but to become who they dream of being when they were a child! And when you attack Ladybug and Cat Noir, their masks will fall as their childhood dreams betray them!
~ Shadow Moth Akumatizing Alec Cataldi into Wishmaker and explaining his plan.
Ladybug is Adrien's classmate Marinette? At last! At long last!
~ Shadow Moth discovering Ladybug's identity before Viperion resets time.
...My son?!
~ Shadow Moth discovering Cat Noir's identity before Viperion resets time.
Dearest Family, I am Shadow Moth. Don't worry, your magical charms won't stop you from getting your powers back. Each of you thinks they know Marinette better than the others. To help you figure this out, I'm returning your powers to all of you. Weredad, Bakerix, Befana, and Qilin, may the strongest of you raise Marinette as they please! But in return, bring me the Miraculous of Ladybug and Cat Noir.
~ Shadow Moth Akumatizing Marinette's family into Dearest Family.
Emilie, my queen, Ladybug and Cat Noir escaped me again today, but I will never give up. I will get their Miraculous. Thanks to the all powerful forces of destruction and creation, I'll destroy this world that took you from us to build a new one, where we'll never be apart again. I will succeed, Emilie. Whatever the cost.
~ Gabriel expressing his desire to destroy the world and rebuilt it so be and Emile can be together.
One hundred weeks since she disappeared. One hundred times have I wanted to tell you. Nooroo, Dusuu, dual metamorphosis! One hundred times have I tried to seize Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous to bring her back! To think that the solution was right here right under my roof! Ephemeral, I am your father Shadow Moth. I'm giving you the power to speed up time and help me bring your mother back. All I ask in return are Ladybug's Miraculous... and yours.
~ Shadow Moth revealing his identity and Akumatizing Adrien into Ephemeral.
I have failed again, Emilie. We should have been reunited long ago. I tried everything to get my hands on the Miraculous of Ladybug and Cat Noir. I should have already combined their powers that would have granted me the wish to bring you back...I am NOT! WORTHY! OF OUR LOVE!
~ Gabriel crying over Emilie's capsule, before accidentally cracking it.
Ladybug, Cat Noir, whoever you are, wherever you're hiding, you are now bearing the mark of Risk! Of course, I have no idea what mistake you're going to make or how you'll make it, but I do know that the beating of my wings has sown the seeds of recklessness, and now I just to wait, then harvest your downfall!
~ Shadow Moth awaiting Ladybug and Cat Noir's defeat.
It's time you finally started taking some risks, Ladybug! Go, my beautiful Amok, and bring my creation to life! Strikeback, you will wreak havoc throughout Paris! Thanks to you, I am certain that Ladybug will finally make a mistake!
~ Shadow Moth putting his plan into action by creating Strikeback.
I don't understand! Ladybug should have made a mistake! She should have taken one too many risks, SHE SHOULD HAVE LOST!!!
~ Shadow Moth breaking down after Ladybug and her team defeat Strikeback.

Miraculous World

Nooroo: Please, master, think! It is for good reason that the Prodigious was abandoned in favor of the Miraculous! It was secured in that cave because it is too powerful, too dangerous!
Gabriel: Precisely, Nooroo. Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous have been holding me in check for too long. I won't pass on an opportunity to destroy them with this higher power. What I started fifteen years ago I will finish tomorrow. At last...
~ Gabriel plotting to recover the Prodigious gem.
Who would've thought? The Prodigious and your Miraculous both in one day!
~ Hawk Moth taunting Ladybug.
Ladybug: It's just you against us three, Hawk Moth. It's over!
Hawk Moth: You mean
you're over! YanLuoShi, I am Hawk Moth. Surely you're not going to let a girl who mistakes revenge for justice become the holder of your Prodigious!
Mei Shi: Like Yama, the king of the inferno, I will cause carnage and destruction until she returns the jewel to me!
~ Hawk Moth recovering from his defeat by Akumatizing Mei Shi into YanLuoShi.
Hawk Moth: Adrien! Not the Bund! YanLuoShi, stop or I'll remove your pow—
YanLuoShi: I take orders from no-one!
~ Hawk Moth's last words in Miraculous Shanghai, as YanLuoShi betrays and eradicates him.
The Marquis de Lafayette was nineteen when he participated in the War of Independence. So young, and already gifted with an incredible ability to galvanize people. He helped Washington's troops win the Battle of Yorktown. Everyone thinks it was all due to Lafayette's exceptional potential. I think it was also due to something special—a Miraculous! Nathalie, you take care of Paris. I'll take care of New York.
~ Gabriel beginning his plan to steal the Eagle Miraculous in New York.
Hawk Moth: Techlonizer, I am Hawk Moth. You were robbed of you technological arsenal by those heinous "superheroes". I can give you the power to steal and clone any technology so you can get your revenge on them! In exchange, you will bring me Lafayette's sabre.
Techno-Pirate: Wouldn't you rather have an atomic bomb?
Hawk Moth: No! I want the sabre.
~ Hawk Moth Akumatizing Techno-Pirate into Techlonizer.
Liiri: It's been a long time since we last stretched our wings, Gilbert! Gilbert?! Mr. Marquis?
Gabriel: I was right. The jewel was indeed the Miraculous of the Eagle!
Liiri: You're not Gilbert!
Gabriel: I am your
new master. Just like your former one, I have a great dream to achieve. And I believe you can help me.
Liiri: Oh, you know, I'm just Liiri, the Kwami of freedom. My power is basically to free people from anything that prevents them from reaching their potential. Nothing too powerful!
Gabriel: Well, that potential is all I need to seize Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous!
~ Gabriel meeting and enslaving Liiri.
All that anger? Who am I to stop you from giving into it? Techlonizer, I'm returning your powers back to you! And as a bonus, to make it up to you, and allow you to fulfil your fantasies of revenge! I'm giving you an additional weapon! To receive your powers, say "Liiri, wings of prey!"
~ Hawk Moth re-Akumatizing Techno-Pirate and granting him the Eagle Miraculous.
Good job, Miraclonizer. Now hook me up! Ladybug! Cat Noir! I'm in New York too! If you don't want the party to be ruined, your only option is to hand your Miraculous over to ME!
~ Hawk Moth addressing Ladybug and Cat Noir in New York.
Ladybug! Cat Noir! If the rocket would take off because of YOU, a world war would be declared! Unless you give me your Miraculous of course! You have five minutes! Tick-tock, tick-tock.
~ Hawk Moth threatening to have Miraclonizer ignite a World War.
They can't say I didn't warn them.
~ Hawk Moth allowing the rocket to be launched.
My theory was correct. There are other lost Miraculous. And wherever they are in the world, they will be mine!
~ Hawk Moth plotting to acquire the lost Miraculous around the world.


  • Hawk Moth is named after the Sphingidae; a family of moths that are generally referred to as "hawk moths" because of their swift flight patterns.
    • Hawk Moth surrounding himself with darkness may also be a reference to these moths, as most types are nocturnal.
    • His civilian form, Gabriel Agreste, is named after the late Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, a famous French fashion designer.
  • Hawk Moth is one of three characters to appear in every episode of the series, the others being Ladybug and Cat Noir.
  • According to series creator Thomas Astruc, unlike his other victims, both Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug and Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir would be difficult for Hawk Moth to corrupt, as Marinette always has an extremely positive attitude and Adrien is too used to being disappointed and upset for anything to truly aggravate him.
    • Despite this, he still came very close to Akumatizing them both on several different occasions.
      • He targeted Marinette in both "Zombizou" and "Chameleon", although Marinette cheered herself up before she could be affected. In the alternate timeline shown in "Cat Blanc", he nearly Akumatized Marinette after forcing her to end her relationship with Adrien, but Cat Noir destroyed the Akuma before this could happen. His closest success occured in "Laybug", where he was prepared to Akumatize her into "Princess Justice", even making her remove her earrings, only to cancel his plan when Nathalie's condition begins acting up.
      • He targeted Adrien in "Glaciator 2", backing down when he realized he was sensing his son's emotions. In the alternate timelines shown in "Cat Blanc" and "Ephemeral", he managed to successfully Akumatize Adrien after learning his secret identity, transforming him into the respective titular villains.
  • Despite it being his main goal to obtain Laybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses and unify them to obtain ultimate power, Hawk Moth's motivation for doing so was only first alluded to in the episode "The Dark Owl", where he mentions wanting to change the past. Other episodes would go on to further hint at his true goals until it was fully revealed that he intends to use them to revive his wife, Emilie. Later, "Dearest Family" would elaborate that he intends to destroy the world and create a new one where nothing will come between him and his wife.
  • As revealed in "Timetagger", sometime in the future, the role of Hawk Moth will be assumed by someone other than Gabriel, with his successor continuing to be an enemy to the current - but older - Ladybug and Cat Noir. There is almost no confirmed information on this individual; it is also not known how or why Gabriel relinquishes the identity.
  • Prior to "The Collector", Hawk Moth's true identity had been foreshadowed/hinted at numerous times:
    • As Ladybug points out in the aforementioned episode, the signature logo of Gabriel's brand is a butterfly, and most of his decor bears a butterfly symbol.
    • In "The Bubbler", Gabriel is not seen among the adults being carried into space by the Bubbler's bubbles, despite the fact that Nathalie and The Gorilla are both seen floating away and that he should have been the Bubbler's main target due his stubbornness towards Nino.
    • In "The Mime", Gabriel is unavailable coincidentally after Hawk Moth surfaces.
    • In "Ladybug and Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)", the visible portions of Hawk Moth's civilian form resemble Gabriel. Additionally, Hawk Moth holds a locket with a picture of Emilie Agreste in it and has a silver ring on his left middle finger, similar to Gabriel's.
    • In "Simon Says", Hawk Moth states that "this could be risky" upon learning of Simon Says' plan of going after Gabriel Agreste. Later, Hawk Moth suggests Simon Says to not go after Gabriel, despite having never shown concern over the people his victims want revenge on before. Hawk Moth then does not appear for the rest of the episode after Simon Says captures Gabriel.
      • Thomas Astruc has stated that the twist of Hawk Moth's identity was intended specifically for kids, and not necessarily teenage or adult viewers.
  • In "The Evillustrator", Chloé bribes Sabrina by using a beret that Gabriel designed.
  • After Mayura, he is the second character in the series to directly and permanently kill other characters, having destroyed many of his own Sentimonsters when they were no longer useful to him.
  • The villains created by Hawk/Shadow Moth that have prompted Ladybug & Cat Noir to seek a new form of magical Miraculous help are: Sapotis, Syren, Frozer, Style Queen, Anansi, Malediktator, Catalyst, Miraculer, Desperada, Startrain, Kwamibuster, Ikari Gozen, Party Crasher, Heart Hunter, Queen Banana, Mega Leech, Guiltrip, Crocoduel, Sentibubbler, Wishmaker, Penalteam, and Risk.
  • The only intended victim of an Akuma who has proven able to resist it completely was Celestial Guardian Su-Han, who due to his training as a Guardian, was able to use a focusing chant to shield himself from its influence. Other characters have only ever resisted his influence momentarily or rejected it after having already been infected by the Akuma.
  • Hawk Moth is the only character in the series to have owned all of the Miraculouses from the Chinese Miracle Box at some point in time, having possessed the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculouses prior to the events of the series, the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses in "Ephemeral", and acquiring all the other Miraculouses from the Miracle Box in "Strikeback".

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