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Hawkes is the main antagonist in the last two episodes of the third season in Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. He is a mercenary who works for Eli Mills.

He is voiced by Dave B. Mitchell.


Hawkes arrives on Isla Nublar alongside Henry Wu, Reed, and an additional mercenary, to help Wu get his laptop back so he can continue his research on creating new dinosaurs. Following Reed's death, the three try to find Wu's laptop in his own lab where they discover that the Scorpios rex escaped, then other labs. Eventually, Hawkes captures Brooklynn as the latter gives Darius the laptop, and tells him and Yasmina that they won't let Brooklynn go if they don't give him the laptop. As he, Wu, Brooklynn, and the unnamed mercenary head for their chopper, the unnamed mercenary falls off the log above the river and is swept away by the current even though Hawkes tries to save his life.

Eventually, the sun rises, and Hawkes eventually reaches the helicopter alongside Wu and Brooklynn, and Kenji prepares to give the laptop to them in an attempt to save Brooklynn. At that moment, however, Ben arrives with Bumpy and her herd of Ankylosaurus to get the laptop back, and Brooklynn manages to escape with Kenji from Hawkes' grasp. When Hawkes tries to catch them, Kenji and Brooklynn pass on Wu's laptop to Sammy and Yasmina, and Sammy destroys the laptop. Despite this, Hawkes and Wu escape to their helicopter, with Hawkes plotting revenge on the camoers for what had just happened, and Wu disagreeing with him because having revenge against the campers is not beneficial to the mission. Hawkes reluctantly agrees, but not before intimidating the campers by hovering the copter close to them before flying away.


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