Hawthorne pinching Sherman's tail. As if he needed a reason.

Hawthorne is a (currently shell-less) hermit crab and one of the main characters from Jim Toomey's comic strip Sherman's Lagoon, and despite being a crude, rude, unscrupulous individual who only cares about his ever-changing business ventures (legal or illegal), is probably Sherman's closest friend. He also acts as the lagoon's corrupt mayor, although that is a job he is seldom seen exerting, to the point that the only times we are reminded he is the mayor is when he tries to claim authority for something or when his utter incompetence is pointed out (usually by Fillmore). Most of the time he is seem sadistically pinching people's toes without reason, taking up dishonest jobs for which he lacks any qualification or scruples (for instance, as a lawyer he attempted to work for both the accused and the defendant at the same trial) and trying to turn practically anything into profit.

He recently had what might be considered a Moral Event Horizon when a rare bluefin tuna fish called Todd the Tuna asked for asylum from the fishermen who wanted him, only for Hawthorne to convince Sherman to help him kill Todd and sell him for money. It should be pointed out that weren't successful in any of the multiple attempts to catch him, and when Todd was finally killed in a completely unrelated accident involving Megan's cuisine, Hawthorne was unable to find a buyer in time and was left with nothing but tons of tuna which he used to make a sandwich for Sherman (who then complained about the lack of pickles).

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