Hayabusa (also known as Hayabusa the Falcon) is the secondary antagonist in Disney's 36th full-length animated feature film Mulan. He is Shan Yu's pet and henchman.

His vocal sound effects were provided by Frank Welker, who also did the vocal sound effects of Khan, Cri-Kee, and the other animals in the same film.


Being Shan Yu's sidekick, Hayabusa is very loyal and steadfast to his master, and happens to be as unpleasant, ruthless and strict as him. He latches onto his prey or whatever he needs to carry with his steely talons that can be suitable for his fellow Hun masters (just like when he retrieved Shan Yu's sword when Shang almost handed it to the Emperor). It is unknown if he is as evil as Shan Yu or if Shan raised him to be like him. Either way, he does have some moral agency over his actions.



Hayabusa is first seen at the film's opening, where he soars over the Great Wall of China, signaling his master and his army to attack. Though the Chinese soldiers manage to arrange a series of lit sentries to alert the Emperor of the Huns' presence, Hayabusa was more than thrilled to hear of it as Shan Yu was actually expecting the Emperor to learn of his army's arrival.

Hayabusa is later seen flying overhead as the Huns burn down a Chinese village, killing many people. There, Hayabusa collects a doll and gives it to Shan Yu, who analyzes the doll and realizes that the Imperial army awaits them in a small village located in the quickest passageway to the Imperial City.

The falcon joins Shan Yu and the Huns during the snowy mountain battle nearly stopping Mulan in her goal to defeat Shan Yu. However, Mulan sets a firework to create an avalanche, killing most of Shan Yu's warriors.

Mulan-disneyscreencaps com-8388

Hayabusa's defeat, after being roasted by Mushu.

Hayabusa escapes the avalanche and searches the snow for his master. Once found, Hayabusa settles down and joins the Huns in their trip to Imperial City, where Shan Yu holds the Emperor hostage. During a plan created by Mulan to stop Shan Yu, Hayabusa attempts to alert Shan Yu, but is burned by the red dragon named Mushu and used as a mode of transportation. It is unknown what happened to him after his master was killed by a firework explosion engineered by Mulan and Mushu.

Kingdom Hearts

Hayabusa also made an appearance in Kingdom Hearts II. Much like the first film, Hayabusa serves as Shan Yu's pet and one of his henchmen.


  • The name "Hayabusa" means "Peregrine Falcon" in Japanese.


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