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Hayami is one of the minor antagonists in the manga/anime series Shiki.

He was voiced by Tobita Nobuo in the Japanese version, and by Sonny Strait in the English dubbed version.


Hayami is a particularly extravagant Shiki, self-described as "flamboyant", Hayami- in his few appearances manga demonstrates an outspoken, exuberant, and happy-go-lucky demeanor but he is actually deep inside a nasty sociopath.

He is shown to be rather eccentric through his mannerisms as well, such as his tendency to chuckle and use peculiar wording even in his normal speech, as well as juggling candy bars that he keeps in his hat. While hosting funerals, he is shown to joke a lot about the dead people, often causing the families of the dead person to get shocked.

He was acting so inappropriate that he had to be told off by the Kirishiki family that he is working for to calm down his sociopathic tendencies.

Hayami dies when the Kirishiki funeral home gets set on fire together with Sotoba.

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