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I can get a stain out of anything!
~ Hazel Evers

Hazel Evers is the laundress for the Hotel Cortez. She is a supporting antagonist in American Horror Story: Hotel.

She is portrayed by Mare Winningham who previously portrayed Rita Gayheart in Freak Show.



I can get a stain of of anything....

Hazel Evers is the Hotel Cortez laundress. She is usually seen cleaning up blood from the sheets.

She lost her child on Halloween in the 1920s when they went out for trick-or-treating. Her son, Albert, complained about his costume, as he found the other childrens' more impressive. Hazel began speaking with a friend, and with her back turned a man lured Albert into his car. By the time Hazel realized it, it was too late. Police later found children held on the killer's chicken ranch, and Albert's body was not found and presumed dead.

She is Mr. March's faithful minion that would do anything for him. The two have been a team since the late 1920s when she worked for him at the hotel. Even after the police chased him she died with him by even asking him to be his last victim.


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