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Harless Hocker, Philby, and Skeeter Norris are the secondary antagonists of the 1981 horror movie Dark Night of the Scarecrow. Along with Otis Hazelrigg, they murdered Bubba Ritter after thinking he had killed a little girl.

Hocker was portrayed by Lane Smith
Philby was portrayed by Claude Earl Jones
Morris was portrayed by Robert F. Lyons.


  • Harless Hocker:
  • Philby:
  • Skeeter Morris:


In a nameless Southern town, having already been lead to believe that Bubba Ritter is a dangerous man, the three Southerners get a reason to kill him one afternoon when Bubba's best friend, Marylee Williams gets attacked by a dog. Hocker informs Hazelrigg that Marylee is dead and now convinced that Bubba killed her, the group arms themselves with guns and dogs and go out into the fields to track Bubba down. After going to Bubba's house and pestering his mother, the group follows their dogs out into the fields and find a scarecrow. Hazelrigg inspects the scarecrow and sees Bubba's eyes, so he fires the first shot and the rest of the group start firing. After the execution, Harless gets a call from his friend on the radio informing him that Marylee was attacked by a dog and that Bubba had actually saved her, much to the shock and horror of the group. Wanting to avoid punishment, Hazelrigg put a pitchfork in Bubba's hand, making it look like Bubba was armed.

They are all killed as Bubba' spirit oshestrated their death from freak accidents.



  • In a sense of irony, both Hocker and Philby are killed by their work.
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