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The Head Wolf is the main antagonist in Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave, a mysterious lupine spirit guards the titular location to protect a blind wolf named Daria. However, as the plot unfolds, the reason for both their situations is connected to the Head Wolf of their pack.

He was voiced by Dennis Cox.


As the plot develops, Runt returns to the Saw Tooth Cave to investigate a mysterious wolf he spotted within. He finds Daria after getting past the Ghost Wolf, and manages to help her get away from the pursuing wolves that believe they become heroes by chasing out the ghost. Daria's flashbacks reveal that she was targeted by the Head Wolf of their pack due to being blind. Her mother defied the Head Wolf, and then fled with Daria in tow. She hid her daughter in Shadow Forest, keeping her covered by the bushes (where she was found by her porcupine ally). But sadly, the Head Wolf nevertheless found her mother and killed her for defying his rules.

In the present day, Runt, now helped by his parents, leads Daria back towards her original home so she can see her mother, unaware of her fate. She learns from her sister, Lois, that her mother did not return, much to her sadness. However, the Head Wolf is still the leader of the pack and, upon seeing Daria, attempts to kill her once again. The Head Wolf pursues Daria into Shadow Forest and is led into the path of the Ghost Wolf, who by now has been revealed to be Daria's mother seeking to protect her from beyond the grave. Enraged that he would once again try to kill her daughter, Daria's mother lunges at the Head Wolf and, in a violent, albeit offscreen manner, eradicates him in a flash of light.


Despite being the least-developed of the four major antagonists of the series, thus far, the Head Wolf manages to be the darkest due to his actions and (comparatively) more serious portrayal. On the surface, his attempt on Daria's life in the past could be seen as only trying to ensure his pack's survival by killing any members that may not be as useful for gathering food. However, as Daria's mother acts to protect her child, it becomes clear that the Head Wolf's real motivation is anger that someone would defy him. This extends to the present day, where he tries to kill Daria despite her not staying or attempting to reintegrate into the pack, simply because her mother angered him.


  • Noticeably, he lacks a name, only being referred to as "Head Wolf" in the credits.
  • He and Daria's mother share the distinction of being the only two characters to die in the Alpha and Omega series.