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Headhunter (real name: Wendell) is a minor antagonist in the fourth season of DC-related TV series Gotham.

He was portrayed by Kyle Vincent Terry.


Wendell is a contract killer and mercenary and a good friend of Gotham-based hitman Victor Zsasz. When Zsasz (who was at time the Penguin's de facto Number One) took a leave of absence, he referred his employer to Headhunter who the crime lord hired as his "security consultant" until Victor returns. Headhunter would assist Penguin and to a lesser extent the GCPD in their search for the deranged criminal known as Professor Pyg. Thanks to a trap by Professor Pyg that had them accidentally shooting a captive Officer Patel that set off a machine gun trap, Headhunter got wounded as James Gordon uses one of Cobblepot's weapons to destroy the machine gun and save everyone.

After their plan failed, Penguin and Headhunter arrived back at The Iceburg Lounge. While still being weakened by his injured eye, Headhunter sat down to rest and told Cobblepot that Gordon was right about the trap. However, Cobblepot drew a knife hidden in his cane to stab Headhunter in his throat. Cobblepot then pulled the blade out only to ram it into Headhunter's chest, ironically telling his failed security consultant that the second one is his signature before heading to his office, leaving the badly injured Headhunter behind.

He later works for Penguin's usurper named Sofia Falcone, alongside Victor and now sports an eye-patch. The two try to kill Penguin and his former accountant Mr. Penn, resulting in running into Gordon and Bullock and chase them as they have Penn, but give up chase after seeing police in their view.

Powers and Abilities

  • Expert Marksman: Wendell is a skilled marksman who is capable of shooting with utmost accuracy. He almost never misses and is competent enough to gloat and brag about his abilities as a marksman.


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