~ Spiro Agnew's body
Spiro agnew body

Spiro Agnew or Headless body of Agnew is the Vice President during Richard Nixon's U.S. presidency. Centuries later, returned to life but only his decapitated body, as the Earth vice-president and the secretary of Nixon, holding his head and moving it to where he orders.

Despite the fact that Agnew is headless, he is still capable of making growling noises, coming from the voice actor Maurice LaMarche.


The original in the charge

Nixon traded off Agnew to Wernstrom as a payment for the destruction of the robot party on the Galapagos Islands. However, as Wernstrom failed, he remained the Vice President.

At the golf course, Earth president Nixon and his vice-president, the Headless body of Agnew, are playing with Leo. They are interrupted by the Feministas (now joined by Leela), who have arrived to protest the construction of the golf course. As Agnew attempts to capture the protesters, was sealed during disrupted the play and accidentally killed with a run away golf cart.

Agnew's body was apparently cloned sometime between Into the Wild Green Yonder and "A Farewell to Arms". He was created between 3009 and 3012 after the Feministas accidentally killed the original Agnew with a runaway golf cart.

Cloning returned

The clone is identical to his predecessor, including being a body preserved without a head (instead of the other way around), and could make noises without any vocal cords.

Was first seen attempting to evacuate Earth with President Nixon in the presidential spaceship while a solar flare knocks out the Earth's electricity.

Agnew was killed by Omicronian leader Lrrr's son Jrrr in 3013. The third clone of Agnew was created between 3009 and 3013, became Vice President after his predecessor was killed by Jrrr in the fourth Omicronian invasion of Earth.



  • According to the commentary for "Crimes of the Hot", the Headless Body of Spiro Agnew was Eric Kaplan's idea.
  • He is probably inspired by the Frankenstein monster, played by Boris Karloff in the 1931 movie "Frankenstein", as his grunts are very similar to the monster.
  • He can be heard making noises, but it would seem he does not have vocal cords as almost all of his neck is missing.


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