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Headmistress Hyapathia is a minor antagonist in the SteamWorld series, appearing as a minor antagonist in SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech.


SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

Headmistress Hyapathia was originally a teacher for the alchemist's collage, however after the Deen left, she took over and joined the Void army. She may have also given Gilgamech some advice about the Necronomicog.

Back at the Alchemist's Collage, Headmistress Hyapathia sent the Brats to fight against the heroes, only to find out that one of her student's Copernica was fighting against the Brats and so fought against Copernica and her friends. After being defeated, she drank a potion and teleported possably to the Void Army's castle.

It is currently unknown what happened to Headmistress Hyapathia after this. However she was mentioned a few times by Gilgamech and Copernica. A Shadow version of her known as the Shadow Headmistress later went to fight against the heroes, only to be defeated.

Powers and Abilities

Cards: Headmistress Hyapathia and her shadow form uses elemental and shield magic in her battles, with cards such as: Time Stop, Conjure Ice, Conjure Fire, Conjure Lightning and Equilizer.


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