Heady Metal is the main villain and final boss from Kid Chameleon.


Heady Metal is the final boss of Wild Side, a new virtual reality game which is the newest sensation in town. One day, however, the kids who play the game start disappearing. As it turns out, Heady Metal acquired sentience and went rogue, kidnapping the children and trapping them inside the game. One kid, a master of games who is undefeatable, decides to accept the challenge and enter Wild Side, assuming the alias of Kid Chameleon.

Heady Metal appears as a tall, floating disembodied head with lots of pairs of green eyes one over the other, attacking by spitting small homing floating skulls. It is a trick fight, as the player must attract him close to the ground and then climb up to jump over his head. Once he is defeated he explodes, releasing all the trapped children.