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The Heart of Ender is the main antagonist and final boss of Minecraft Dungeons.


The Heart of Ender as the Orb of Dominance manipulated someone in the past and ended up in a cave until it was found by Archie after he was banished from the village. Manipulating him with promises of power, this made Archie become the Arch-Illager shortly after, setting up the plot of Minecraft Dungeons.

After the Arch-Illager was defeated at the Obsidian Pinnacle, the Orb transformed into the Heart of Ender, but was defeated by the Heroes and shattered into many pieces which landed on nearby islands, causing the island realm DLCs.

After four of the shards of the Orb of dominance were destroyed, the last shard was found by endermen and taken to The End where the heroes journeyed. There, the creature transformed into the Vengeful Heart of Ender to fight the heroes, but it was destroyed regardless.


The Heart of Ender is cruel, manipulative, sadistic, vile, ruthless, merciless and shows no remorse or guilt as shown when Archie was under it's control.


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