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To... The... Beginning...
~ The Heart of Ender`s most famous quote.

The Heart of Ender is the main antagonist and final boss of Minecraft Dungeons, a story driven game canon to the lore of Minecraft.


The Heart of Ender is a demon affiliated with the End, though it is unknown how. Long before the events of Minecraft Dungeons, the Heart of Ender emerged from a portal that led from an "endless void between worlds" into the Overworld, where it wrecked havoc, it eventually lost it`s physical form but all that remained of it was an orb, which later became the Orb of Dominance. As the Orb of Dominance, it manipulated someone in the past and terrorized Ilagers and villagers alike, until it was finally locked away; imprisoned within a sanctuary hidden in the mountains, under the watchful gaze of six redstone golems, built to guard the sanctuary prison. For millennia, there it would fester, until its existence would be all but forgotten.Thousands of years later, an outcast illager named Archie, banished from his tribe, would come across the now crumbling sanctuary, seeking shelter. Sensing Archie’s troubled thoughts and despair, the orb called out to him, entrancing him with promises to solve his problems. At first, Archie tried to resist its beckoning, but soon gave in, releasing the malevolent orb from its pedestal, throwing Archie into a state of unconsciousness. Archie woke up to the orb telling him that they had to leave the sanctuary if he wanted to fix his problems. Before they left, Archie became distracted by the sight of the sanctuary’s redstone golems, which had fallen into disrepair like the ruins they guarded. Using its dark power, the orb reactivated the golems, giving them a new purpose, presenting them as a gift to Archie. Manipulating him with promises of power, the Orb made Archie become the Arch-Illager shortly after, setting up the plot of Minecraft Dungeons.

After the Arch-Illager was defeated at the Obsidian Pinnacle, the Orb transformed into the Heart of Ender, but was defeated by the Heroes and shattered into many pieces which landed on nearby islands, causing the island realm DLCs.

After four of the shards of the Orb of dominance were destroyed, the last shard was found by endermen and taken to The End where the heroes journeyed. There, the creature transformed into the Vengeful Heart of Ender to fight the heroes, but it was destroyed regardless.


The Heart of Ender is cruel, manipulative, sadistic, vile, ruthless, merciless and shows no remorse or guilt as shown when Archie was under it's control. Throughout the game and the prequel novel, the Heart of Ender appears to be intensely manipulative. This was made apparent in its corruption of Archie in how it warped Archie’s desire of being accepted within a society. The End demon`s corruption of Archie also showed that it was very intensely methodical in that the Heart of Ender was very specific in its many suggestions to Archie and it was not in any way at all concerned with the possibility of failing in corrupting Archie. The dark entity initially showed Archie the kindness that he so desperately desired, such as when it summoned a plate of food when he was hungry and being willing to listen and support Archie when he talks about his personal issues. The orb’s kinder side is also seen when it suggested to Archie that he should use the six redstone golems to clear a path for him rather than doing so on his own. However, this was all but a ruse, so that it could gain Archie`s trust to manipulate him. Upon gaining Archie’s trust, the orb then instilled into Archie a need for vengeance against the individuals who had ostracized him from society. It then convinced Archie that in order for him to get his revenge, they needed to build an army. The orb’s corruption gets to the point where the more Archie confides in and discusses with the orb, the more control the orb gains over its suggestions to Archie. This is seen in how it eventually causes Archie to become increasingly paranoid of betrayal. It uses Archie’s dislike and fear of Thord, and his distrust and suspicions of Walda’s attempted manipulations of him to instill in Archie a paranoia of betrayal. This is explicitly shown in how by the end of the novel, the orb had effectively eliminated every individual that could potentially stop its corruption of Archie, such as getting Archie to attack the village a second time to take prisoners, resulting in Archie’s only friend, Yumi, blaming the attack on him since she had no knowledge of the orb’s corruption. This paranoia of betrayal is also implied in the desert temple mission in the game itself with how the story description states that Archie was planning a raid on the desert temple to take the Nameless One’s staff, despite previously making an uneasy alliance with the Nameless One in the prequel novel. It is implied that the paranoia of betrayal that the orb had instilled within Archie led him believing that the only way to prevent the Nameless One from betraying him was to betray their uneasy alliance first. Just like how it only took a few non-genuine acts of kindness from the orb to ensnare Archie, all it took to free him from the orb was being spared by the heroes atop the Obsidian Pinnacle, allowing him to join their society. After returning from its wound, the Heart of Ender burst its rage towards everything that exists. The Heart of Ender always believed that free will should not exist, and that all beings serve to exist it. After its defeat over the Obsidian Pinnacle, the Heart of Ender thought that if it cannot control everything, than it will destroy everything. The dark entity proceeded to end all life in all dimensions, but was ultimately defeated by the heroes.


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