Mr. Heath is the secondary antagonist of Disney's 1994 live action film White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf. He is Reverend Leland Drury's right-hand henchman.

He was portrayed by the late Geoffrey Lewis.


After Henry dreams about finding the caribou, he decides to go back to the village to help the Haida. After Leland realizes this, he orders Heath to assassinate Henry. As he tries to aim at Henry, his mule blocks his way and Heath flees.

After Leland's attempt to forbid Henry from finding the caribou, he orders Heath and his miners to set up the traps for Henry. When the time of the hunting came, Henry, White Fang and Peter go head off. Lily grabs her bow and secretly slips into the forest to join Henry hunt. Henry saw the path that blocks the animals. They went back and, they accidentally fell into a hole, which led them to the mining area. They quietly walked and hide from the miners. As one of the miners was guarding the dynamite, Lily distracts him and Henry knocks him unconscious. They steal the dynamite to clear the path, but along the way Henry spots Leland and Heath, and in anger over his betrayal shoots Leland. Lily stays behind to give Henry time to escape, and she is captured by Leland's men. Heath hands Leland Lily before he tries to escape. Henry escapes the mine, and White Fang defends him from the remaining miners while he sets the dynamite. The explosion clears the path and frees the animals. It is unknown what happened to Heath afterwards.

It is possible that Henry reported the incident to the Mounties and Heath was presumably arrested for his crimes, along with the miners.



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