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I fell?
~ Russ after his night with Latrell
I said you'd regret it
~ Heath punching Marcus in Wilson kidnapping

Heath and Russel, the latter also known as Russ, are the two minor antagonists in White Chicks. They are Vandergeld Sisters's best friends and Heath is Heather Vandergeld's boyfriend.

Heath is portrayed by John Reardon, and Russ is portrayed by Steven Grayhm.


Not much is known about Heath and Russ' past life, however, Heath is likely to go through difficulties in life as mentioned in a conversation between Karen and the girls in bathroom after Marcus eats quiche, she says that his aunt died 3 years ago and he needs to renew photos of his model resume. It is also said by Tori that he lives in an apartment with other friend, and possibly Russ also lives with him. Tiffany mentions that Heath cheated on Heather with her twin sister Brittany at some point before the events of the film.

Role in film

Heath and Russ are seen at the lobby party at the Hamptons hotel, they spot Kevin and Marcus disguised as Brittany and Tiffany, Russ comments that they are looking like two basketball players, but that he would them the same way. Karen sees Heath and gives a flirty wave, Russ asks Heath if he is dating Karen and refers to her as "heiress to the soap". Heath reminds that he cheats on Heather by saying he has a friend, Russ said he better pray she doesn't find out, but Heath makes sure he doesn't even do business with her father. They see her father, Mr. Vandergeld and wave at him.

Later in the night of the dating auction, Karen goes to talk to Heath after having taken a "little bit of rice powder on her nose" by Marcus. Karen suggests that after the party they can hang out and do something until they are interrupted by Heather who furiously asks where he was and she questions why he's talking to her, Heather is sarcastic and insults that Karen's nose is dirty with cocaine powder and she cleans brave before walking away. Russell asks in a tone of irony if the merchandise is good, an angry Karen heads back at the table with Russ become even more ironic at this. Marcus takes the stage after hearing her name at the women's auction for a date, Heather asks who would like to start with the bidding. Heath ironically responds "$4" as Heather mocks even more with "$5".

The next day, Heath and Russ are seen on the beach when Heather calls for Russ to spoil the Wilsons and her friends' day as he flings an American football over some drinks nearby and soaking Marcus and friends. Marcus threatens him in his normal voice, but then pretending to begins to feign cry with Karen, Lisa and Tori console him and curse Russ for it. Suddenly, Kevin (disguised as Brittany) takes the football, Russ sends back and tells sarcastically to be careful not to get hurt which Kevin responds to him debauchery and flings the football heavily back over Russ's pectoral, causing him to fall to the ground and injuring him, shocking and scaring Heather and Megan. Kevin laughing.

They are seen at the nightclub during the night, Latrell gets there and greets them, Heath asks if Latrell is dating Marcus/Tiffany which Latrell says she's hard before Russ offers two drinks with drugs inside her and advises Latrell to drug Marcus, he has doubts about it. Russ claims he drank two and immediately thigh into a woman saying he's dying to have sex with someone. Kevin, Marcusand their friends go dancing while Latrell takes care of the wilsons' puppy. Karen and Lisa dance sensually and Heath is seduced by Karen's dance, Heather and Megan's jealously begins to sensualize even more that she kisses Heath sensually the Vandergelds dance on a table and annoys Karen and Lisa. After they all start a dance war, Heath and Russ cheer for Vandergeld and his dancers after their little victory over Karen, Tori and Lisa they celebrate, Russ and Heath also observe impressed by Kevin and Marcus' dance. Heath celebrates but Heather, Megan and Russ leave the club and drags him along, leaving Karen heartbroken by her loss of Heath. Meanwhile, Latrell is under the influence of drink and impatient with Bebe, gives the dog to Russ to take care of while going out to dance. A sad Russ kisses Bebe in mouth and Marcus, disgusted, picks up the dog back and asks for Latrell which that he says he's dancing on the dance floor.

The next morning, Latrell wakes up happily in bed and thinking it was Marcus, he gives a good day and calls it a "snowflake" strokes and kisses Russ's hair, Russ turns to Latrell where they both wake up screaming in horror. Later that time, Russ is walking in a wheelchair through the hotel reception, Heath and some friends approach him and ask him what happened to himself. When Russ gets confused, Latrell approaches and looks at him with a naughty look (indicating that Latrell beat him up presumably), Heath asks if he fell and Latrell responds with "yes" gesture before he leaves while Russ rolls away.

After Mr. Vandergeld is revealed to be the real man who wants to kidnap the Wilson sisters, he and Heath plan the kidnapping right after the night of the spring-summer fashion show.

At the final event night with minutes before the fashion show begins, Heath calls Karen out and said Heather leaves after the party and that they could do something together once and for all. Following the advice of her friends and realizing the callous and arrogant scoundrel that Heath truly is, Karen expresses that he finds her "too easy" and then wholeheartedly rejects him. Heath callously mocks her with pinch on her face, much to the girls' outrage. Disgusted at Heath's callousness, Marcus approaches and angrily punches him on the face, knocking Heath to the table with several glasses break in pieces. Heath threatens he and wants revenge for it, but Marcus sarcastically responds by mocking him about his threats.

At the time of the parade show with the confusion of Kevin and Marcus along with the real sisters Wilson, Warren, Heath and Russ puts into action of their kidnapping plan and mistakenly kidnaps Brittany and Marcus, thinking of being Tiffany by Russ under a paper dragon, but they are both rescued by Kevin and the gunfight begins. As revenge, Heath punches and gloats to Marcus about it until he scoffs Heath about his hits and fights before easily flips Heath to the ground, knocking him unconscious. While Russ is already seen fighting with Kevin as he agitatedly to try smashes him with a chair onto his head out of control which it was too insufficient, much to Russ' shock. This allows Kevin to upper cut punches strongly at Russ on his face that thrown him over a table with pile full of glasses, knocking him out unconscious. Afterwards, Heath regain conscious and tries to approaches the gun to pick it up to kill the Copelands, but he is immediately seized by Gomez and Harper both arriving on scene.

It is unknown what happened after Warren's arrest, it assumes that they go to prison with Vandergeld off-screen.



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