Heather Crowley

Heather Crowley

Heather Crowley is the main antagonist from "Broken Home", episode 5.16 of CSI: Miami.

She was portrayed by Leighton Meester, who also played Jamie Martin in That's My Boy, and Rebecca Evans in The Roommate.


Heather Crowley is the daughter of Kimberly and Edward Crowley. She also works as a babysitter for the Montalvos, as she was sitting for their young son named Justin. The marriage of Heather's parents was not a perfect one, as it was revealed that Kimberly was having an affair with Zach Griffith, Heather's boyfriend. She witnessed a confrontation between Edward and Zach, with the former telling the latter that he knew he was sleeping with her and to stay away from her, with Heather believing that she was the "her" they were arguing about.

After Zach killed Edward with his motorcycle helmet, Heather also witnessed Kimberly running to him, realizing that the men were arguing over Kimberly. Heather angrily confronted her adulterous mother, which ended with Heather killing Kimberly with a grill fork in a fit of rage. After her parenticide, the evil Heather agreed to cover up for herself and Zack, and continued doing so by acting shocked when she found her parents' bodies during her babysitting job. In the episode's climax, a sexual examination of Kimberly's body revealed her affair with Zach, and it was Ryan Wolfe who interrogated Heather and revealed that she killed her mother. Heather confessed, stating that she could not believe that her mother would sleep with her boyfriend. And so, the episode's final scenes showed Zach and Heather arrested for the murders.


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