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Heather Parcell

Heather Parcell is the main antagonist from "Intent", episode 19.08 of Law & Order: SVU.

She was portrayed by Tenea Intriago.


Heather Parcell lived with her ailing mother in Mayville, West Virginia, and she tended to her daily. She was also a notorious catfisher, and before the episode's events, she catfished social media celebrity Katy Miller, and MMA fighter Andy "The Monster" McPherson, setting them up on a date. As revealed later on, Heather texted The Monster a photo of herself and stated--as Katy--that Katy's girlfriend wanted to join them. Heather was turned down, as The Monster only wanted time with Katy.

Heather became angry over being rejected (in her mind) by The Monster and Katy, though her jealousy was mainly towards Katy. She posted a scathing message about Katy's shampoo ad, and then continued posing as Katy and sent text to The Monster that she wanted a rape fantasy.

Heather's vengeful setup led to Katy being raped by The Monster in the beginning of the episode, which led to him being arrested and charged with first-degree rape. In addition, the evil Heather sent texts posing as famed lawyer Phillip Altschuler, threatening Katy to keep quiet about the rape. The Monster informed SVU that he received texts from Katy that she actually wanted to be raped; texts that Katy denied sending. Olivia Benson figures out that they were both being catfished, and after The Monster accepts a deal, Benson sent Carisi and Rollins to West Virginia after getting Heather's identity. The pair arrived at Heather's home with a local officer and placed Heather under arrest, while confiscating her laptop.

Back in NYC, Heather was interrogated by Benson and Rollins with her lawyer present, until Altschuler appeared and offered to represent her. During her trial, Heather acted innocent and mainly mentioned tending to her mother to gain sympathy, but after Rafael Barba obtained Heather's message blasting Katy, her true jealous colors came out. Barba asked Heather on two occasions about the amount of her Instagram followers, with Heather not answering either time. After revealing the vast number of followers that Katy and The Monster had, Barba revealed that Heather only had six followers. Heather hurled her jealousy towards Katy and stated that it was not fair that she got attention for posting (scantilly clad) photos of herself, while all she does is tend to her mother. She also stated that Katy deserved what she got, and following this, Heather was convicted of first-degree rape.